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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Burra din

I am too old to be on Facebook, or so my son informs me. Yet I have the uncontrollable urge to write down all that I can't write in my newspaper columns or say on the TV talk shows. The blog is, therefore, my act of self-indulgence. I don't see blogging as a "meaningful" act of democratic intervention.

I am inaugurating this blog on Christmas eve 2008. This has absolutely no religious significance but I grew up thinking of December 25 as burra din. It has remained by burra din always, a time for good European food and wine. This, as you may well have guessed, is a loaded statement. Like the erstwhile Cardinal Ratzinger I believe that Christianity is a load-bearing pillar of western civilisation. I don't buy all that talk of universalism.

Ever since I was introduced to them at the morning Assembly in school, I have loved the robust hymns that were prescribed by the CoE. The love grew in the long years I spent in England (it will always be England to me). To me there is nothing more appealing than listening to a choir on an overcast Sunday morning.

I have an incorrigibly romantic notion of Christmas and the Christmas lunch--does the Queen still make her mandatory TV appearance late in the afternoon? It's a very Anglophile view of an England that may not exist any longer, except perhaps in some enclaves in the 'Shires.

Tragically, there are few Anglophiles left in India. They are also an endangered specie in multicultural UK.


Chaitali said...

I think blogging is brilliant.
In an era, where paid news circulate around, I feel this is one true form of news.

It is an individual's experience. An honest personal diary. An insight of an individual's thought. Thoughts perhaps in it purest form.
An outlet for millions of creative minds.

Newspapers, television, radio etc all that is commercialised, but blogs are more honest.

mallikarjuna said...

Dear Swapan,

I started reading your articles recently.

I love the way, you present the facts.
Thru (Sorry, Queen's English prescribes Though) this blog, hope you would be able to write all you want to.

Awaiting more from you.


campaign said...

Facebook is for everyone Mr Dasgupta. If you do not have time I would love to host a page for you on facebook. I can surely spare weekly 1 hr for you on this leme know?