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Friday, December 26, 2008

The Good Pakistani

My article in The Telegraph drew some horrified responses from those liberals who imagine they have attained nirvana by consorting with sundry Pakistanis. Actually most of us have nothing against individual Pakistanis, particularly those who have the right accents, appreciate cricket and don't bore us to tears with their Urdu. They're quite kosher, except when they get shirty and patriotic. The worst are those Indians who still think Lahore is the epicentre of the world and have a shairi for every occasion. They get into an existential crisis each time a terror attack takes place in an Indian city. I wonder why?

Anyway, berating the professional bleeding hearts is as harmless as being a bleeding heart. What is a little more complex is evolving a considered response to those who are still dreaming of a war fought World War II-style with Panzers, infantry and air raids.

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