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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Pumpkin republic

Fr. Cedric Prakash, photographed here receiving the Chevalier de la Legion d’ Honneur Award from the French Ambassador in New Delhi on 14th July 2006, is well known in some circles as a resolute defender of "human rights" in Gujarat.

In June, a delegation from the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) is scheduled to visit India. The team will travel to Gujarat and Orissa. Fr Prakash had testified before USCIRF in June 2002 after the Gujarat riots.

The idea of a US body investigating religious freedom in India is a bit disturbing. Fr Prakash's take on the subject is, however, fascinating.

In the Mail Today of May 8, 2009, page 9, he is quoted as saying:

(Narendra) Modi cannot nurture prime ministerial dreams unless he is acceptable to the Western world.

Fr. Prakash does himself proud with such an honest articulation of his beliefs.

Postscript (May 10, 12noon) : I could not believe my ears but the indefatigable Mani Shankar Aiyar has just compared Priyanka Gandhi Vadra with Mahatma Gandhi and Jesus Christ on NDTV!


ramana said...

LOL. :-)

That is what all the NGO, Human rights types said about becoming the CM of Gujarati. Damn, the gujaratis don't seem to know nor care what the hell the West thought. Perhaps they should.

Delusion, I am told being leading psychologists is a form of mental ailment. Padre Prakash must be suffering from it. After all, Delusion is a very western disease !

Anonymous said...


Just curious to know. What is the number of hits ur blog is receiving? Is it increasing exponentially?

zoomindianmedia said...

Mr. Prakash should know the following:

Mahatma Modiji need not nurture PM ambitions. We native Indians will thrust the PM position on the Mahatma.

India is an independent democracy. Native Indians have deep pride in their independence. We stopped Antonia Maino from piling her churchist foreign self on the nation.

We native Indians believe church is no benign entity. Church is not acceptable to great many native Indians for the disservice it is doing to native cultures in India.

Anonymous said...

The key is rigging of EVMs, and control of the Dhimmi media. If UPA forms a government this time, there is no chance that the EVMs will not be rigged next time.

Anonymous said...

Just look at the almost total media black-out regarding the Teesta perjury issue. That shows how free the Dhimmedia is.

Anonymous said...

There is a saying in Hindi, roguhly transalting to - For a frog, the whole world is within a well. Fr Prakash is one such frog who thinks the West is the world and the world is the West. Mr Narendra Modi is unstoppable , thanks largely to the instution of democracy , ironically, a western concept.

Rightist Rashtravadi said...

Swapan Ji -

Slightly Off-Topic.Here at Chennai , LKA attended a decent gathering (considering BJP's infancy yet in TN ) and S.Swamy and actor Sartah Kumar were also present.

In TN, Nagercoil and Pudukkottai are the two constituencies where Pon.Radhakrishnan and Thirunavukkarasu are strong contenders and have every chance to win.

In South Chennai (for El.Ganesan,State BJP President an honorable leader
) , we have been fighting very hard ( with me and other BJP IT Cell colleagues, myself working as a manager in a leading IT Company ) working extra hard (Mass Mailers, Bike rallies, Door to door campaign etc) we find that there is a significant surge towards the saffron forces and if we can capitalize, a potential good start at Chennai(1 Seat atleast).

If we lose this Dharmayudh 2009, the chances are very remote for India to keep itself on a momentum and the realization has to dawn on a pan-Indian level .That alsone willhelp BJP 's tranisition from mere front-runners to clear-cut winners.

09600 007 008 Vijayashiv Chennai

Dhruv said...

Western acceptability ?? What acceptability ?

Its the other way round in west currently ... Obama is trying to gain acceptability of countries like Iran , Cuba and Venenzuela ....

If Modi remains India's PM for 15 yrs , the American President will be waiting for months to get his appointment !!

Anonymous said...

You should spell out why the USCIRF is bad news. 75% (6 out of 8 commissioners) of the commission is composed of Christians including people from the Christian far-right, and thus, is as communal as it gets. Further, the last time Christians meddled in religiopolitical affairs in the region, we ended up with the creation of Pakistan.

Who would have thought that an Indian government would forget their history so soon?

Anonymous said...

Further, with regards to the USCIRF, the US has not exactly been neutral when it comes to the religious dispute between India and Pakistan over Kashmir. At the very least the Indian government should have the USCIRF attest their support for India's territorial integrity including Kashmir on their visa application.

Harsh said...

I guess the church and the powers to be that run it dont like to be told that Bharat is not a open ground for proselytization.

Anonymous said...

Another Christian religious leader in politics selling out India. Scum like him are the reason why die hard secularists like me lost faith in the fraud secularism being practised in India.

Karan said...

Forget everything else, with Guantanamo bay and Abu Gharib, who consiers USA to be a champion in Human Rights ?? How ironic it is that even after all they did in Iraq, they are refusing Visa to Narendra Modi.

Anonymous said...

This is something curious for me. Why do we call some people 'father'? Isn't it just a religious conotation which all of us need not follow?

Do we refer all prist's in temple as 'pandit'?

ayush said...

now the govt of India will be formed by the approval of the West ... wah re mera bharatvarsh !!

Anonymous said...

vijayshiv,swapan and other bjp soldiers
media has blacked this "headlines today swiss account story "out

PLesae somehow get the bjp top ledaers via the bjp managers to speak about this in the meetings and in media.

THis should be brought before the public before the last phase.Could make a difference in close seats.BJp has raised this effective issue and most english media is bribed to black it out.

I do not know if bjp is using this swiss official revelation about congress complicity and inaction in this loot just like qautro case.
India not keen on black money: Swiss govt

The Swiss Justice Department on Friday said that the Government of India was dragging its feet on the black money issue.

In a Headlines Today exclusive, the department also said the Indian government had submitted forged documents to Swiss authorities in the $ 8-billion Hassan Ali money laundering case in January 2007. Stud farm owner Hassan Ali had illegally transferred $ 6 billion to UBS accounts and came under the Enforcement Directorate's radar.

Swiss government spokesman Folco Galli told Headlines Today that the Indian government was informed about the fake documents by Swiss authorities in January 2007 itself. Further, the Swiss claimed to have submitted certain queries to the Indian government in April 2007 but New Delhi has not bothered to file a reply even 24 months later.

Since the black money issue became a major election plank for the Lok Sabha polls, the Centre claimed in the Supreme Court that it has been doing what it can to bring back the black money stashed in Swiss banks. The Centre's affidavit in the SC however fails to mention that the Swiss have questioned the authenticity of the documents.

In fact, the Swiss spokesman's answer seems to suggest there has been little or no action from the government's side for the last two years in seriously pursuing the probe against Hassan Ali Khan.

The last sentence in the response of the Swiss is telling. Galli says, "India makes only few requests per year to Switzerland for legal aid in tracking down black money."

Given the black economy is considered much bigger than the Indian economy, the UPA government has a lot to answer for.

The Centre has been claiming that Swiss domestic laws don't allow them to access their bank accounts.

Anonymous said...

does Mr.Prakash know what is SWADESHABHIMAN? does he have his own selfrespect?

Anonymous said...

Fr Prakash will realise few months later that he is not able to get any more funding from the financially ailing west and then will learn to think about what he is saying. He is still in that world when the US/west was the supreme power.

Oldtimer said...

The "west" is "Christian" in Prakash's worldview, which is not entirely untrue if you accept the fact that Europe owes culturally much to Christianity though at present it maybe heading towards faithlessness. The United States is, of course, the world's epicenter of Christian fundamentalism. Prakash is being true to his belief; he declared effectively that his first loyalty is to his religion.

There's another guy, answering to the name of Kamal Mitra Chenoy, a prof at JNU, who presents a far more interesting case. He also "testified" before this evangelist kangaroo court in 2002, and he was flown all the way to Washington DC, I believe, for that purpose. It is rather bizarre for America-hating commies to collude with the hated imperialists to help in the latter's crusades, but that tells us that for the communists, the Hindu Right figures at the top in their list of visceral hates, and even the Imperialists are preferable to it.

As a side-note, the US administration successfully arm-twisted several small Asian nations on the strength of lobbying of the USCIRF. "Religious freedom" for this outfit means of course the freedom of Christian evangenlist operatives to function unhindered around the world and convert natives to their church. In Sri Lanka for example, where the church is suspected of aiding the LTTE and where tensions between the Church and the Buddhists are simmering, the government dropped a plan to introduce an anti-proselysim Bill (on the lines of conversion laws in India) in 2007 under "international" pressure.

Anonymous said...

People, please read this:

Siva said...

I think it is important to disabuse the notion that Naveen Patnaik called off the alliance with the BJP because of Kandhamal. He clearly did it as he is of the opinion that he can reach the half way mark in Orissa on his own without the BJP.

The sequence of events was very clear. The BJP and BJD had talks on seat sharing. The BJD offered the BJP a small number of seats, which the BJP couldn't accept. Naveen then called of the alliance.

The key issue here is this - NAVEEN WAS WILLING TO HAVE AN ALLIANCE WITH THE BJP-albeit with the BJP being a much smaller partner. If Kandhamal was the real reason, Naveen would have dumped the BJP 6 months back, if he is as morally upright as he is made out to be. At the very least, he would have dumped the BJP without entering into alliance talks at all. The sequence of events shows that he was willing to have an alliance, but couldn't resolve the numbers.

I don't know where the public perception of Naveen as an upright and clean politician comes from, but this incident is certainly not one which reinforces that belief. Strangely, this has left him as a shining star for secularists and has also let him escape any blame for Kandhamal, all the stain is on the BJP.

Even a normally astute and relatively unbiased journalist like Karan Thapar did not ask Naveen this. Everyone seems happy to accept Naveen's version of the story, that Kandhamal was the reason for the alliance break up.

Anonymous said...

Can't believe I missed Mani Shankar Aiyer saying that on NDTV!!

Mani is the one of the top contenders for the title of Gandhi-Family-Sycophant-in-Chief, close contest with Veerappa Moily. We all remember his reaction after Sonia Gandhi's "inner voice" and "renunciation" drama. A senior guy like him was literally begging Sonia to take the PM post, statements like we need you to save the Congress party etc.

So no surprise at the comparison of Priyanka Gandhi with the Mahatma and Jesus Christ. Half the votes the Congress gets is due to the belief of the illiterati that the Gandhi family are descendants of the Mahatma.

Anonymous said...

Prakash is being true to his belief; he declared effectively that his first loyalty is to his religion. More importantly, he's coming out as a member of the Christian Right instead of passing himself off as a "human rights" activist.

The USCIRF tops the list of the laws that the Christian Right lobbied for as soon as the Republicans got control of the United States Congress.

Hsotuhsa said...

If Mr Modi is to be PM, who can stop it! Certainly not the US and certainly not this two bit UN organization.Why bother!

Anonymous said...

"Even a normally astute and relatively unbiased journalist like Karan Thapar"

Funny that unbiased bit with KT. Read this bit and please disabuse your-honorable-self first.

its been a mystery to me why even senior bjp folks like Shourie will want to grace this Gent.

Anonymous said...

ya even i heard mani shankar aiyar commnents on NDTV .. good on you swapan to have highlighted this coz these congress chanels are only fixted as i write with the fact that nitish and modi shared space in punjab

Once before on these channels mani shankar aiyar had said that karnataka treats tamil nadu like flush toilet in the cavery issue !!i promise i heard this commnet from mani shnakar aiyar
Now i dont want to get into argument about who is right on this matter and i disclose that i am from karnataka yet there is no play back of these comments media simply ignored it

Typhoon said...

Swapan keep up the good work of highlighting the utter bias in media reporting. I am ok with groups having differences about higher planes of ideology, but our polity has been unable to get even basics like governance, security, food, health-care and unemployment. Do you foresee any convergence in next few years on these basics?

Rahul said...

Please do write an article on media bias. Its getting worse and worse, as the media is getting more and more desperate, as the Congress is slowly but surely losing the battle.

The Liberal media has dropped all the euphemisms they used to use, and now openly refer to the BJP as a communal party. Till now, that was restricted to the Congress Party Spokespersons. For e.g., in describing the meeting of Modi and Nitish in Ludhiana, CNNIBN called it the meeting of the 'communal and secular faces' of the NDA.

victimofprejudice said...

Dear friends,

“When the missionaries arrived, the Africans had the land and the missionaries had the Bible. They taught us to pray with our eyes closed. When we opened them, they had the land and we had the Bible.”

Who said the above?

"Missionaries are perfect nuisances and leave every place worse than they found it."

Who said the above?

My blog focuses on Christian Evangelical Terrorism Plague affecting India. Recently I have begun an awareness contest. Please participate and spread the word.

Thank you

Anonymous said...


Could u pls ask the BJP folks to start a Right Wing Channel. Also acquire newspapers like Indian Express Hindustan Times etc.



Can you get hold of the very first print edition of Tehelka newsmagazine. It had the best coverage I have seen on a long time on the "evangelical" duplicity of these Churches esp the adventurism of 7th Day Adventists etc.



Anonymous said...

Mani Shankar Aiyar has just compared Priyanka Gandhi Vadra with Mahatma Gandhi and Jesus Christ on NDTV! There is mileage to be gained out of this. Being the second coming of Christ, Muslims can be told a Gandhi government will hurt them similar to how the Christian armies are hurting them in Af-Pak.

victimofprejudice said...


Is this the one you are talking about? It has several articles I gathered few years ago.


Anonymous said...

Please read this article:

UNCIRF – will it visit convents where nuns are raped? - By Hilda Raja

Rajiv said...

I dont have anything against christians or muslims - but the shameful identity politics played by their leaders since independence and supported by the populace beggars belief. It is beyond ridiculous to have to put up with a secularism which sees muslims being carted off on my tax money to Hajj and christians sponsored for free junkets to jerusalem. And after all that, to hear them abuse my country, my faith, my beliefs in front of every foreign nation, because they hold their faith dearer than their motherland.
This shameful behaviour has made me realise that all the so called liberal platitudes which were force fed to me as a child, from my NCERT textbooks - were a fraud. Secularism in this country is just a means for some communities to abuse the nations setup and covet power and pelft whilst attacking the oldest living civilization of sanatan dharma which continues to abide these traitors.
If Muslims and Christians truly believe they are every bit the equal of their fellow citizens, let them kick out their corrupt, power mad clergy and commit to three things:

- Stop conversions
- Stop appealing for political power and pelft on the basis of religion
- Agree to a uniform civil code