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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

What is to be done NOW?

The debate over the election analysis and a medium-term strategy for the BJP's recovery has produced many interesting responses. I guess that debate needs to continue for we are nowhere near any broad conclusion.

In any case, who the party posits as its PM candidate in 2014 doesn't have to be settled. The Modi option, if it is viable, should be addressed around 2012. By then the Supreme Court threat would have been resolved.

There are, however, some immediate concerns. Going by what Manmohan Singh told the President, the UPA now has the support of 320 MPs in the Lok Sabha. This gives the government a comfortable working majority. More important, with both the SP and BSP declaring unditional support to the government, it means that the dominant Opposition space is now with the BJP and NDA. The Left is also there but it has become a marginal player.

How is the Opposition space going to be used?

It would have been best if the BJP had gone into the 15th Lok Sabha with a new leadership team. However, since, for whatever reasons, Advani has chosen to stay on as Leader of Opposition in the Lok Sabha, the party has to persist with him.

It would have set a good precedent if the BJP had polled its Lok Sabha MPs (by structured consultation if not a secret ballot) as to who they wanted as Opposition Leader. The private confabulations produced bizarre suggestions including the one purportedly from the RSS man who is "responsible" for RSS-BJP ties. The confusion this generated made people fall back on Advani.

In any case, there are two qualifications that any LOP must have.

  • He/she must be bilingual.
  • Must have a grasp of parliamentary procedures

The person has to be effective and not merely wallow in a Cabinet minister's status.

My own choice for LOP is Sushma Swaraj, with Yashwant Sinha as the deputy leader. Sushma is good for political interventions and has the social skills of the ceremonial duties the post entails. Yashwant would be good for solid interventions on the economy and foreign policy.

Ananth Kumar is another MP who can perform a deputy's role but I think he should remain general secretary in the party.

In the Rajya Sabha, there is some talk of appointing Shanta Kumar as Leader of Opposition. This would be tantamount to mocking the electorate's desire to see a generational shift.

Frankly speaking, there is only one choice for the Rajya Sabha post. Arun Jaitley fits the bill in all respects. He can lead the policy charge against the UPA.

As they say in legalese, none of the appointments should prejudice the selection of the next BJP president in December this year.

The BJP is crying out for radical change. If the entire issue can't be settled immediately, let us at least move one step at a time.

But it has to be one step forward, not backward.


BJP_supporter said...

An off-topic question - two really -
1. are most of us commenters here from the IT field
2. are most of us men, in the 28 to 35 age group?

ramana said...

BJP needs amputation, not band aid remedies. Time has passed for that.

I agree with you Sushma ji would be very nice choice. Unlike Sonia Gandhi, she would actually participate in the debates.

Srikumar said...

Mr. Dasgupta your efforts must be really appreciated. I have been visiting your blogs since past 2 weeks and I thought you would have shut shop once the drubbing was done. Really good to see continue with your interaction. It would be rally appreciable if you continue posting at least once in a week for the next five years. I don’t believe that it would be possible for you take all these points to high command of a party which you are not a part of. But it would be comforting if some suggestions reach important people like Arun Jaitley, who you seem to have good contacts with.

ghatotkacha said...

Well swapan da .. I am reposting my comment from the previous thread since that thread is now closed.

BJP need not get into minority appeasement in order to increase the tent.

BJP needs to create a wedge between the Congress and its minority voters not drive them closer. This is something the we saw the Congress do to the Left in Bengal through Sachar committee.

BJP needs to start raising questions about what Congress has given to the Minorities when it comes to development.

Secondly, it should cast Congress’s vote bank politics as a slap on the face of Muslims. For example, instead of pointing to Afzal Guru as an example of vote bank politics, it should point out that Congress is doing a disservice to the Muslims of the country if it feels that it will garner more votes by not hanging Afzal Guru. Raise questions like “Does the Congress think that Muslims are not patriotic that it should protect people like Afzal Guru etc. ?”

BJP_supporter said...

For the Rajya Sabha leader, my choice is Arun Shourie if he is in the RS. He matches Manmohan Singh's academic image, apolitical image, has an excellent record of administration. The only man in India to have implemented a disinvestment agenda and get GOI out of business of bread making.

I dont really share the enthusiasm for Jaitley much. Ofcourse I dont have an inside view and its all based on my perception from what I have seen. His media interactions have been more rhetorical and scoring points with the likes of Singhvi than substance..

rone said...

You are right .i vote for Sushma swaraj and Arun jaitley.

party should start making the moves, the changes in th organisation, in the states.
remember, maharastra elction is near.Congress flush with success may call that early and catch BJP completly by surprise.
I do agree change can be made only step by step.But what surprises me is the leadership's complete silence.why are they not communicating anything?."a thank you speech' or "we are anlysing things" and "will make necessary moves',any thing?.Will somebody talk?

Mimi said...

I'm glad the consensus on this blog atleast is converging on Sushma Swaraj. Hopefully the message will reach the top echelons of the party too. Some other ideas follow:

Moderate Re-positioning:
I also think Sushma would need to bring her own moderate persona to the fore and ensure that the party as a whole too presents a moderate / disciplined image. How about for a change, taking a moderate stance on Gujarat riots by partly owning up and apologizing for inefficiencies in state machinery, instead of getting all defensive and aggressive about it. That way they can atleast put this ghost to sleep, much like how the Congress has put '84 behind it to a large extent. After all, every BJP voter too knows that those riots were a blot on the BJP. Accept it and move on.

There is no need to shriek hindutva from the rooftops like Mr. Modi - hindutva can, and by definition should be practiced in a subtle way too.

Continued Communication:
And the entire Web/blog strategy that the BJP used must be continued through the next five years to continuously communicate with young voters.

Toned down rhetoric:
Please tone down your public rhetoric. The BJP leaders right from the top including Advani tend to repeatedly make uncharitable / unparliamentary remarks about people. Right from the attacks on Manmohan, to Rahul, Priyanka etc. This applies particularly to Mr. Modi who needs to get over his persecution complex, and stop turning every little issue into a combat.

Ashwin said...

I believe that LK Advani staying on as the leader of the opposition for a few more months is important.

It is important because the electorate's attention is now focussed on the shape the cabinet is going to take. Any radical change that the BJP may take regarding the composition of its top ranks may go unnoticed.

It is best to make changes when everyone is noticing. 3 months from now would be good. The current euphoria would have died down and the BJP's actions may get more coverage than they do now..

Any change or upheaval must be noticed and talked about, that plays a major role in deciding whether the purpose for which the change was introduced is achieved.

Lets wait and watch....

Anonymous said...

"The BJP is crying out for radical change."


Why don't u tell these things to Arun ? After all he's a heavyweight and can bring some changes.

Regarding next BJP president I'd say party should somehow stop Rajnath from becoming president again. If he becomes president again then it'd the end of the road. AJ despite all his shortcomings should be the party president. Only thing I don't like him is that he's media friendly. I don't like media friendly party or leaders. Only Sonia and Rahul knows how to behave with media.

Anonymous said...

In LS, Sushma and Yashwant would be very good choice.

For RS, as somebody suggested Arun Shourie would be good instead of Jaitley.

Balaji said...

Go Sushmaji Go!!

Swapan Da,

I agree that Sushmaji and Jaitley are excellent choices for leader of the opposition in LS and RS respectively.

Yashwant Sinha is a good choice for deputy leader in LS. And Arun Shourie fits the bill perfectly to be the deputy in the Rajya Sabha.

I hope you'll also come around to support Shri Bal Apte for BJP president at the end of this year. Rajnath and Venkaiahji experiment has shown that appointing ambitious men who don't get along with other leaders of the same seniority level, is gonna end in disaster.

We have to return to the Kushabauji Thakre experiment. Even Jana Krishnamurthyji was doing well before he was unnecessarily removed. So now it has got to be Bal Apte. He is a very senior leader, who doesn't get involved in the ugly power struggle, an organization man who understands and identifies himself with the karyakartas. Infact I would suggest firing Rajnath immediately and appointing Bal Apte right away. He is a Maharashtrian and will be more useful campaigning for the assembly election as Party president.

Besides, I know you are a fan of Modi. If Modi wants to have any future in the party (not government) he needs someone less ambitious and more senior like Bal Apte as president.

You may also want to suggest Modi to quit electoral politics after the Gujarat golden jubilee year gets over. He cannot and will not become Prime Minister. Trying and failing to become one will destroy him emotionally. Instead he can be something like a Sarsanghachalak in the BJP. Handover Gujarat to Anantiben Patel, strengthen the party across the country, help Sushmaji become Prime Minister in 2014 and leave the BJP eternally in debt to him. Swapan da, imagine how a sound suggestion from you to Modi can change the destiny of BJP and this country. Please do your part.

Anonymous said...

Swapan-Why dont you use your contacts in BJP-to impress on them the need Arun jaitley or Sushma Swaraj as party president.

Anonymous said...

It would be a pity if this party doesn't come out of this poll debacle. I haven't seen any other party to have such a passionate bunch of supporters/criticizers, atleast on the web.

Vinay said...

To BJP_supporter, yes i am 29 and in IT field and a man... :)

BJP_supporter said...

We are expressing our preferences based on our own reasoning. Ultimately, it will be the best for the party to elect one among themselves in a democratic way (structured consultation if not a secret ballot, like Swapan says). Even if that democratic process throws up a candidate that we are not rooting for here, just the process that the party goes through in arriving there will strengthen it.

campaign speaks said...

I believe Sushma Swaraj and Arun Shourie will be a good combination for LoP position in lower and upper house respectively.

Adhitya said...

I'd just like to make a few observations and hopefully ask a few questions.

1. While Sushma Swaraj has phenomenal enthusiasm, I wonder how well she would 1) silence the media clamour for the "young, urbane, leader" and 2) persuade the swing voters across the country to vote for the BJP in the elections that follow.
(The media clamour is unfortunate ofcourse, but an effort must be made to divert the media's attention away from the failing within the BJP so as to give ourselves time to regroup.)

2. While Dr. Murli Manohar Joshi is associated with hardline Hindutva politics, I see merit in allowing him time (2 - 3 years) as Leader of Opposition so as to discipline, revitalize, expand the BJP cadre. I agree with all the characteristics you feel the LOP should possess but I think the BJP can afford Dr. Joshi some time to restore confidence among the educated, middle-class.
(Since the BJP is a cadre-based party, there is a definite need to discipline the cadre. Further, Dr. Joshi's views with regards to the nuke deal and some others appear to resonate with the views of the middle-class. Perhaps Dr. Joshi as LOP and Sushma as Dy. LOP till about 2011-12 and then Sushma can take over.)


1. I wonder if you could convey to the party if you are a part of any of the post-poll analysis discussions, that it is imperative to expand the party in a big way in the states of Tamil Nadu, Andhra, Kerala and West Bengal. Putting ourselves in comeptition in all these states would logically give us a much better chance. There appears to be a consensus on this suggestion on most centre-right Indian blogs. All that remains to be done is the communication of this consensus to the Parliamentary Board.

2. Democratize the entire organization of the BJP from the block and district levels right up to the National level. Let the cadre at least have a chance to choose their leaders.

3. If it isn't too much to ask, convince Arun Jaitley to contest a Lok Sabha seat should a fairly favourable seat fall vacant. The BJP needs Mr. Jaitley to back Dr.Joshi/Sushma/Jaswant Singh et. al. in the Lower House.

I'd be really obliged if you could communicate some of this to the party headquarters. I think the entire party would stand to benefit.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the comment on polling the MP's for who should be leader of opposition.

Going one step further, what about an open debate for the next leader in BJP. Something parallel to the primaries in the US. A modified version of this for the Indian setup, might force the media to cover it....this will also generate some buzz, it might also get people involved...will be able to clarify the issues as they will come out during the debate.

NR said...

There may be not an agreement on ideology aspect,but I see some broad agreement on following issues on most areana where BJP supporters comment.I have personal comments towards the ned of each point.

1. Rajnath must no longer continue to be BJP president.( I dont agree such a opinion. But I am quoting this to show the image that a party president now has among the parties supporters. He better repair his image first before aspiring for something more. One of my friends told me that pioneer report on rajnath was wondering why he got muslims vote in ghaziabad while elsewhere it was aginst BJP, but he opined that they voted for rajnath because they beleive in his abilities to destroy BJP and want to empower him). If he now resigns by owning moral responsibility for country wide debacle and UP his home state debacle, he will atleast recover the image.

2. Sushma Swaraj as LoOp in LS.

3. Arun jaitley name is being tossed around for both president and RS LoOp. I have come across vews that as LoOpin RS his image will not be made full use while some are skeptial as to whether, he will be able to spend a lot of time as president to build the party in many places. BUt there is agreement, that he now needs to be elevated to higher positions and he needs to occupy either of these two posts.

It is in his issue it is feared RSS will play its bad game.

I personally feel here That choice of president then becomes crucial and that is why i too support Rajnath resigning now as that will help effect the generational change in much easier way and present the three faces of party.

4 The fourth and most important face Modi, needs to quit Gujarat and for nest three years after quitting tour the country and build its organisation and improve the morale and his own image and profile esp in zero zones of wb, orissa, tn, ap.

I personally feel that sample villagers must now be taken on tour to gujarat to witness the change there.

5. RSS-BJp leadership needs to evolve broad guidelines on all issues and only on when either feels one is moving away from these guidelines should there be consulation and interference. Interference must only happpen at top level even then. RSS needs to stop micromanaging and involving in everyday affairs and backing one person or other.

6. Hope among hope that BJP, RSS will see the mood of its supporters and change accordingly.

ramana said...

Arun Shourie would be very good for interventions on economy, national security and cultural issues. But floor coordination and issue management require different skill set.

Arun Jaitley will fit just fine.

Mimi : Say BJP owns up to the riots, will the media allow us to let it sleep? I don't think so. We don't have to be defensive. We have to be aggressive in arguing about how since the riots, there has not been a single riot. Historically, every year since independence there was a riot in Gujarat (if my memory serves me right). In almost all riots, it is the Muslims who start it. There is compelling evidence to show that is the case. Since 2002 there has not been a single riot.

This goes to the credit of Narendra Modi and BJP. The majority of people are happy there are no riots. There are no riots because of Modiji and BJP.

Another point, Hindus no longer do business with many Muslims in the state, because it is not ake economic sense and moreover it is not profitable.

This last 7 years the Muslims have had adequate time for introspection. It is their behavior that requires modification. Since last 7 years, Hindus despite being in majority and with a govt supposedly standing by them, they have not indulged in rioting.

Why are you shy of encouraging Muslims to modify their behavior and to participate in the modern economy with a cosmopolitan outlook?

That is exactly how I would argue.

Anonymous said...

Hello Dada,

With respect to your observation on NDTV re Mayawati building her own statues being unprecendented, I would like to bring to your notice the fact that the Congress govt. in Delhi has had a Sonia Vihar project operationalised since a very long time.

Maya has done something wrong, but who has been behind in this race....?

pradeep said...

Hi Swapan, Since I came to know about your blog I have been a daily visitor. Your blog really gives some insight about the things happening in BJP. I would request you to keep blogging and 4-5 years down the line we would be able to penetrate much into the young blood. I would also request you to take active part in bridging gap between BJP and RSS. I think you have good connection with Mr. Bhagwat and he is aware of the change in generation needs change in BJP and RSS. What do you say?

spri said...

Sushma Swaraj is a good Choice for LOP, she can take the government head on. Somebody much younger should be the deputy leader.

Arun Shourie will be a wrong choice, Even though this is Rajya Sabha we should not turn it into a intellectual debate. BJP should find more ways to talk to common man.

Balaji said...

hmm, how nice it would be if there was any semblance of internal democracy in the BJP? Imagine BJP electing the leader of the opposition by secret ballot!!!

But alas, we all know that its not going to happen. Lets atleast celebrate Sushmaji's unofficial election in Swapanda's blog!

Here's the Unofficial Page of a BJP Mother!

Arjun said...

Dear Swapan,

Your suggestions on who should lead the BJP are very good. I think the BJP has good options in the Lok Sabha this time and must exercise it soon.

I have another suggestion for the party to consider:

The BJP lost massively in the metros. Why not conduct a massive survey in Delhi where BJP workers go into each and every house with a voting member and ask them why they voted for/not for the BJP? Let the public that is making the decision provide the BJP with the feedback it currently needs. oes the party consider such options and if so, what goes wrong?

Anonymous said...

Arun Jaitley is the right choice for Leader of Opposition in Rajya Sabha.

And Sushma Swaraj for leader of Oppostion in Lok Sabha.

Sanjay said...

Advaniji was persuaded to continue for whatever reasons, but what makes us sure that the same reasons would be absent when he finally decides to hand over the mantle. The resistance to change will always be there, and that precisely will be the first test that the new leader must pass.
Let's look at it this way, leadership change is a major and turbulent course correction, do BJP want's to do it with just few years left for next election or get over with this turbulent phase at the beginning of the tenure itself.
Arun Shourie is perfect choice for leader of opposition in RS. Sushma Swaraj is a good choice for LS.

iamfordemocracy said...

I guess you mean what we (each one) should do now. At the moment, I doubt netizens have any influence on BJP's working. To begin with, we must find out whether BJP cares about the views of the netizens. If it does, we also need to find out if there is a way BJP can interact with its supporters in the cyberspace. You could be the channel for that process. That must be the first thing to do.

The only view on the leadership that I have is that the leader should be 35-55, one who understands technology and the modern world, and also understands the mind of the poor Indian who first has to worry about his roji-roti, rather than his religion or morality. Once again, I believe my view is irrelevant at the moment, as is the view of almost anyone who is posting comments here.

praveen said...


I agree with you, sushma is ideal for LOP, though i am an ardent supporter of modi his perceived combativeness may not go down well with all sections, he ahould concentrate on gujarat and win 2012 assembly elections. If the political situation demands he can come to national stage after 2012.
Sushma is a good communicator, she can articulate well without being aggressive, besides she as a self made elderly woman will have advantage over congress pm choices (Rahul or Priyanka)in 2014. she is capable of giving that soft touch to majority of indian voters.
Also projecting an woman by Bjp will send positive signals to the people and will also check internal fighting among second rung leaders and seniors as well.

Vik said...

I agree with the suggestion of Sushma Swaraj and Yashwant Sinha for the leader and deputy leader of the party in the Lok Sabha...As far as the Rajya Sabha is concerned, my choice would be Arun Shourie as the leader of the party and Venkiah Naidu/Ravi Shankar Prasad as his deputy...I also agree that Rajnath Singh should not be given the post of the BJP president again...Instead he should be asked to focus on improving the party organization in UP and possibly be projected as the CM candidate in the 2012 elections.

Bharath said...

To BJP_Supporter, yes I am 33 and in the IT field :)

I had an interesting experience. In Bangalore almost everyone I had spoken to was voting for BJP. I was boasting that I dont know anyone who's not voting for BJP. The people I meet are all relatives, friends and colleagues. Just to go to a distant network, I started asking our housemaid, a mason worker etc who they vote for. They were all pro-congress. Our housemaid said everyone is corrupt, but she votes for "Hand" because she's been doing so always. For the mason worker it was a caste equation.

People convince each other who they must vote for, and voting patterns show "locality of behavior" (IT guys will understand) in social circles.

However it was a challenge to tell people that the media can be biased. A cousin of mine said she wont vote for BJP since it is against girls wearing jeans. Media somehow was successful in creating a fear hysteria by equating SRS to BJP.

Anonymous said...

"You may also want to suggest Modi to quit electoral politics after the Gujarat golden jubilee year gets over. He cannot and will not become Prime Minister. Trying and failing to become one will destroy him emotionally. Instead he can be something like a Sarsanghachalak in the BJP. Handover Gujarat to Anantiben Patel, strengthen the party across the country, help Sushmaji become Prime Minister in 2014 and leave the BJP eternally in debt to him. Swapan da, imagine how a sound suggestion from you to Modi can change the destiny of BJP and this country. Please do your part."

I haven't heard or read as ridiculous comment as this. I'm a pragmatic soul, I'm not a fan of anybody so without any partiality I'd say ur views regarding Modi is wrong. The 2012 Gujarat assembly polls most probably will be Modi vs Rahul and if he wins for the 3rd time continuously then he'll shatter the myth of Rahul effect and emerge as the most strong PM candidate in the party. Remember in Dec 2007 just before the Gujarat election result day BJP declared Advani as official PM candidate of the party b'coz it fears BJP workers will root for Modi if he wins this election. So if he wins battle 2012 then same thing will happen again but the only difference this time would be he'll be the official PM candidate of the party.

PS : We want good discussion not naive comment like these.

Anonymous said...

Hi Swapan Dada,

What if Aurn Jaitley had agreed to run for CM Post of Delhi and won the day ?

gaurav said...

To BJP_supporter, yes I am 29 but non IT engineer! & I do agree that Arun Shourie fits the bill in Rajya Sabha as some have suggested, infact Yashwant Sinha surely can be LOP IMHO..i mean no one has got anything against him & Swaraj has been guilty of goofing up during Agra summit & suggesting sometime back that bomb blasts could have been handiwork of the incumbent government. You can't afford such slips of tongue in these positions.But still if she emerges afterdue process, i guess its long as we don't have to bear Rajnath, Jaswant & Joshi..time for Advaniji to finally play his long awaited last masterstroke ..i.e, leaving the party in hands of capable, happy & confident people. No one needs to sulk !

Arjun said...

Dear Swapan,

As an aside, I heard you on the telly the other day on the NDTV show hosted by Barkha Dutt. I was shocked by " Lord Desai's" assertion about Mayawati and BJP cabinet meetings. Is this how one liners are slipped into TV shows to malign a political party that people don't support?!! It was absolutely shocking! who was that guy and why is he getting air time. Is this another example of the nonsense the BJP has been subjected to?

Arvind said...

Wow a unanilmous support from people blogging over here. If the BJP does this it will be an ENORMOUS shift NOT ONLY for BJP but entire politics in India. Good luck to the BJP in managing this transition. They should manage this transition and come out much stronger when they compete next time.

Unknown Indian said...

Unknown to many even within the BJP and specially RSS, Swapan Dasgupta has done yeoman service to the nation.

State BJP units have to be handed over to leaders like Swapan (WB), Rudy (Bihar/Jharkhand), Kishen Reddy(Andhra, Kiren Rijju(Arunachal), Jual Oram (Orissa)....

M. Patil said...


Do you think EVMs are an issue?

EVMs are not fraud proof, why is no one here on the blog concerned?


Anonymous said...

I am 53-yr, man from Rajasthan; work in finance.

Anonymous said...

Swapan da, it is heartening to read that BJP will have organisation elctions culminating in election of the party president. That is the right way to proceed and looks like BJP is taking some corrective actions.

svindia said...

Swapanda, you bring a good point about slecting LOP by polling elected MPs. Can something be done on a larger scale to elect PM candidate? just like primaries in US?? That can instantly set BJP apart from other parties. said...

An excellent analysis of the BJP has been posted on the friends of BJP site. Here is the URL

Sawapan, since you moderate these posts, you are reading these comments. Take five minutes to read that post, written by Jason Fernandes.

Jason's main theme is empowerment. How is the BJP empowering Indians? Now readers, ask yourself: all of us here are the chosen people. Has the BJP provided some means to empower us to spread its message? With all its IT savvy(rubbish!) can you express your view and expect to be heard in the party? With the IT resources in India, that should be possible for any IT pro to setup, provided you have the desire to do so. (I will be working on this, so more later)

The solution to these problems is not acceptance of dynastic succession. It is to change the party. Luckily, we have five years to do so.

My Blog:

Anonymous said...

Democratic election in BJP - you certianly know better than that; RSS will never allow such a horror thing in BJP. Because of his standing with public, only Vajpayee could get away with them, no one else, not even a founding memebr like Madhok. This is another example of ugly side of BJP-RSS; they claim to be democratic but they are not. Now contrast this with what happened when Mrs Thatcher stepped down. They held secret ballot to find a new leader. I am sure not many will argue that her standing and contributoin to Torries was not less than LKA's for BJP. This is how "true" democratic parties behave. A simple solution is to hold a secret ballot; the winner becomes leader with right to appoint his / her own team. This will also show the likes of Joshi, Rajnath, etc their proper place.
Rajnath has been a curse on BJP in UP / Delhi. He has brought UP-style gandh to national BJP. They need a popular leader as LoP (Sushama) and a party person as president who has no ambition to be PM one day. Arun Jaitley is unfit to be a leader. I was amused by charade of principles in his fight over Mittal. The guy is a fake (like M Singh). By the way, he used to hog all credits for wins - he was incharge of UP and national campaign manager - so why not take responsibilty for defeat (like Mahajan did in 2004) and not hide behind "collective failure"?
Finally, I agree; despite the hoopla by you and Shourie etc, unless he is able to transform himself completely, Modi will never become PM of a diverse nation like India. And, in my humble opinion, he has so far shown he is unfit to be PM. Someone who can not carry even his own party with him, is always boiling to score points or get into petty fights, cheap shots, is unfit to be India's leader! I don't question his admin skills so if BJP forms a govt, let him be incharge of privatisation + infra dev. But PM, this life-long BJP supporter's vote is NO. I still believe, but for Gujarat riots and arrogance of BJP-RSS-VHP (RSS said, the post-Godhra killings were jusifiable righteous anger and response, or something like that - how can killings of innocents - Goghra or elsewhere - can be righteous is beyond me), NDA would have scrapped thru. Gujarat riots and threats by the likes of Singhal, Togadia, etc have turned off a large section of middle class Hindus who now either vote for Cong or stay home. As advised by one earlier, BJP need to publicly apologise for the failure to protect both in Godhra and Gujarat, express deepest regerts to all those hurt by riots, speedily help them rehabilitate and wait for court verdict. It should similarly have Varun express regret for cuasing any pain or offence by his remarks and close these sad and ugly/unpelasant chapters! Will they do that is million rupee question as when was the last time you heard any BJP leader apologise for any worng or mistake or offence~ Whatever we say but reality is BJP/RSS/VHP/BD are like banks' toxic assets for cause of pro-Hindu polity.
- Gopi Maliwal

Anonymous said...

Lalu Prasad said in his interview to CNN IBN that Muslims have come out and voted in large numbers for Congress and made it victorious.

If that is what has happened, there is no need for BJP to make Modi the face of BJP at the national level.That would be unwise. Unless of course there is a Hindu wave which is highly unlikely.

MVR said...

Swapan da..If Congress loses an election, it isnt talked about much. The family loses or gains. But the loss of BJP hurts alot of people across the country.All my friends, who are BJP sympathizers, are feeling down and out. I am not able to understand, why arent the leaders coming out with some statement?? Why isnt the party leadership active?? Lakhs of supporters across the country are waiting for their statements. I think a only a SUPPORTER COUP at the leadership is going to change this. I dont want Right wing ideology to be highjacked by an inactive and lazy party leadership.

Why isnt the Party leadership toning down its rhetoric. BJP is a national political party, not something like MIM or Muslim league. The party has to talk about Nationalism not hinduism. Ram Mandir has to be shed from the manifesto. BJP should talk about Bhartiya Asmita. not ram mandir or hate campaigns. It has to be more inclusive. It has to be Right of center, not Hindu Right. Please answer this. Btw, THANKS for all your patience to write this blog. Also, Please convey it to the party top brass that there are millions of supporters waiting for a change.

Anonymous said...

An interesting critique by RJ, someone who can not be accused of being a BJP-baiter:

Key question is: Does BJP really want to change or it is like a Lemming on a sucide mission?

Karan said...

Hey Swapanda,
I think it is necessary for LK Advani to stay in administrative capacity for some time, to prevent the breaking of NDA and to clear BJP of infighting. However, he should retire from active politics once he has dont the damage control. I think BJP has got fabolous rung of next gen leaders, who have made it to the top, by the din of their hard work. I would also like to re-affirm the point at the risk of repeating myslef, the increase of Right-wing or nationalist Media is necessary. English media was projecting Rahul Gandhi as last ray of hope for Indian Politics when he gave the dud press conference. English media is the reson behing his increasing popularity. BJP leaders are ill treated at the talk shows of this media.

Ghost Writer said...

Dr. Dasgupta,

I would agree on Sushma S as leader of opposition. In addition to the factors you mentioned - she has one big added advantage. The congress has figured out a way for the Gandhi's to have power without responsibility. As the "weak PM" theme did not cut ice with voter - the BJP needs a new mechanism to undo the wholesome goodness of Manmohan. Sushma S is perfect for the job. She can attack the government and they cannot attack back - cannot be seen to be attacking a lady. She may not get the youth excited, but will be great with the woman vote

Instead of Jaitley - I would go with Arun Shourie in Rajya Sabha. Shourie may not be perfectly bilingual - but he will bring an intellectual hardness to BJP interventions on every conceivable issue, especially economic reforms. If anyone should be starting a blog it is him. Granted – he is not the greatest at savvy, political maneuvering – but with a big majority it is not like UPA fears any back-office deal making on the NDA’s part. Better to go with someone who can expertly address a range of issues.

I would keep Jaitley where he is the best - election management and organization renewal.

zoomindianmedia said...


Arun Jaitley has to do more work on the ground. Shourie may be better for RS. Let him deliver UP, Delhi for the BJP.

Mr. BJP Supporter

Jaitley is more than rhetoric, and has helped deliver significant victories for the BJP.

My only two concerns about him pertain to

1. He should have internally pushed for ownership and delivered Delhi Assembly to BJP
2. I am yet to see transparent analysis on why BJP did not perform much better in UP despite Jaitley being in-charge since 2007.

PS: For election analysis perspective check out

Anonymous said...

Another interesting column - not to gloat over the loss of BJP/CPM but also show that it is just a partial win of Congress, not a "massive mandate (M Singh)", a "landslide win (NYT)" or "unpredented win (Gangadhar" - to cite just few illiterate headlines:

This does NOT mean BJP does not face serious questions. It does but omens so far are BAD!!!

I, Me, Myself ! said...

"In any case, there are two qualifications that any LOP must have.

He/she must be bilingual.
Must have a grasp of parliamentary procedures "

I couldn't help but recollect that Sonia Gandhi did not have both these qualities when she became LOP in 1999 !!! Well... now that's all past anyway.

I am not sure if Sushma Swaraj has the intellect to appeal to the next generation voter. Having said that, I do not see a better option than her to lead the opposition in the Parliament. Advani will go, if not this year, next year.

I think the BJP is buying some time to put everything in place. They have no reason to hurry :D

Anonymous said...

If Sushma Swaraj is the choice then she should be given a brief- no more of the theaterics- I will sleep on floor, wear white dhoti, eat chana etc. if Sonia Gandhi becomes PM(in 2004).
The real problem in BJP is there is no final command as in Congress(Gandhi family). If someone is sidelined(because of poor performance) he would say "BJP tere baap ki hai kya?", which would be true in case of Congress.

No Mist said...

the question not is who now would be the leader of opposition ... rather how to pull BJP out of the dumps ... I am increasingly having a conviction that Rajnath singh is playing spoiler. He is a lackey of RSS and RSS has its own lackluster agenda. BJP must throw away the crutches of RSS ... granted that they brought up BJP ... but if a healthy man walks with crutches, he will reach nowhere ..

Being the party president, he should at least take a moral responsibility ... but it seems he is the quintessential UP-wallah like mulayam, amar, etc. so probably we will have to persisit with him till december ...

after that we should make modi as party president, sushma as LOP, and jaitley as RS-LOP. Yashwant sinha should be an important interlocutor of the party with govt ... call it whatever post you desire.

but there must be a suave public face of BJP who will interact with media. for this we must have a team comprising of one member from west, north, south, east and north-east. from south ananth kumar fits the bill. from west gujju finanace minster can be taken. from east take somebody from jharkhand who is also fluent in bengali. from north take somebody totally new (but not varun phuleeeezzzee). from NE, i do not know anybody.

No Mist said...

what BJP_supporter says is true ...

a democratic process will energize the party tremendously. it is not just a good medicine ... it is actually a tonic ... will revitalize the party.

but who is listening ... i think advani must initiate this process ... only he can pull it off despite BJP's inertia ...

No Mist said...


why must every move of BJP be exposed in public ??? you are behaving like a failed movie star ... is BJP is teenage girl that it wants a vain attention ???

rone said...

Why is sp and BSP supporting the government?
1.They are aiming at Muslim vote bank by showing that they have supported the secular government and helped BJP kept at bay.If they do not do this now muslim vote will move enmasse to congress.
2.SP,BSP leaders have cases on which they hope congress will go soft.
3.Now as you suggest opposition space is vacant.It is time to rebulid,not by hate speeches and rabble rousing,but by hardwork projecting an umbrella of young leaders of all castes guided by a team of present senior leaders who will move to a mentor's role.

Anonymous said...

Two more interesting critiques but first one is in Hindi:

None of them is a habitual anti-BJP ranter. The Lakh Takka's question is: First, will warlords of BJP-RSS listen to any of this? Second, will they actually do anything? I am willing to make a bet - nothing but cosmetic will happen.

Kannan,Kerala said...

+1 IT(computer) guy
I think there is enough time for leadership selection since election is a good 5 years away..I think it is necessary for BJP to "really" accept defeat unlike in 2004 and introspect. If we take the same army with same weapons to next elections we will be beaten back in the same fashion. L K Advani like Vajpayee dont have the balls to take tough decisions and takes safe route..Therefore a fearless leader with convictions of a mountain like Narendra Modi is the only solution.Factional fightings should be brutally put down and careerists expelled,if at end of the day..BJP goes back to 2 seats in Lokha Sabha..FINE..But dharma yuddha is not about "winning"..its about righteous war without concern for fruits of action(Nishkama Karma).
Lets go back to drawing board and make BJP - A PARTY WITH A DIFFERENCE..

Anonymous said...

Today Arun Jaitley did say that BJP is gearing up for the battles ahead.
He also said that the third and front are dead and the polity is truly bipolar.

Jaitley has to become LOP is RS and concentrate on election management.

Sanjay said...

Advaniji was persuaded to continue for whatever reasons, but what makes us sure that the same reasons would be absent when he finally decides to hand over the mantle. The resistance to change will always be there, and that precisely will be the first test that the new leader must pass.
Let's look at it this way, leadership change is a major and turbulent course correction, does BJP want to do it with just few years left for next election or get over with this phase at the beginning of the tenure itself.
Arun Shourie is perfect choice for leader of opposition in RS. Sushma Swaraj is a good choice for LS.

Deepak said...

There is lot of talk of rigged EVM's. I dont think it is true. If Sonia rigged EVM's she would have rigged 272, why stop at 200. Also, if Andhra was rigged, why Renuka lost? If TN was rigged, why did Gandhi family's poodle Mani Aiyar lose. If it was rigged, then they would have rigged Karnataka too! Lets accept that the Congress won handsomely. And most importantly, let the BJP leadership stop sulking and come out in public and make some graceful statements. It would have been nice if Advaniji had come out and accepted defeat and pledged to co-operate with the new Govt. on economic reforms. That would have made him a statesman.
Immediate agenda of BJP:
1) Top leadership should offer co-operation to Govt and should stop stalling parliament - allow unanimous election of Speaker as goodwill gesture
2) Stop sulking and start introspecting
3) Get rid of the joker Rajnath Singh

Sundararaman said...

Most of the comments look like the war games played by Military intelligence. In my view this war games strategy that BJP adopted post 2004 is the primary reason for its defeat. Set out your ideology for governance, social cultural milieu and work for it, election victory is incidental. As they say for Test matches, Stay at the crease run will flow. Parliamentary democracy is a Test match, I think BJP post 2004 understood it as a ODI or worse as 20-20 and lost the match. You pursue your policy and ideology in a disciplined manner with good team spirit, Victory in elections will follow.

Anonymous said...

Nowadays if anyone writes on blogs, it has become a fashion to drub them saying as IT professionals seating in AC with no idea of ground realities. I do not agree with this.

Though working in IT, we do interact with our family members, our neighbours, vegetable vendors, rickshaw pullers. We do visit our native villages, visit different place, talk to people. I do not think that my idea differs from somebody working in other fields. Its all same.

In fact today's middle class is IT professionals.

Anonymous said...

There is lot of Bhajanwali (incl you) of Modi but his handpicked Congress turncoats all (or all but one) lost elections, costing BJP at least 4 winnable seats, and more imp, psycho boost. Another example of his unfitness to be leader of a diverse alliance / nation.

BJP_supporter said...

Thanks for the few who responded. I was trying to figure out who makes the most passionate BJP supporter and what makes them so.

My feeling is that, most of us were teens in 1992, Ayodhya movement. I have only 3-4 responses so I could be wrong, but it is still a hunch.

This would question the theory that youth can not be attracted to BJP or Hindutva.

Did the 1992 ayodhya movement impress teens of those years into committed BJP supporters for life long?

Anonymous said...

Swapanda, A big blunder by BJP psephologists.

If you notice NDTV, their exit polls was fairly accurate. How come BJP guys are not able to get their poll correct.

Anonymous said...

I believe, that Modi ji should be made the party president, because of the following reasons.

1. He has the capability to command and control.
2. HE will be having the full power to restructure the party, based on performance and other criteria, rather than the sickening recommendation.
3. He will be able to get the media attention in his own terms, which is an essential characteristics of a leader..

4. There are many assemble elections round on the pipelines, like Maharashtra, for which the party needs to be strengthened, which only Modi would be able to do it.

I hope, the Godhra issue would be cleared with the SIT submitting its report in the next two months.. and after that he should take the charge..

For now, the leader of Opposition can be sushma ji, and we can see how she performs in the mean time..

Anonymous said...

Sushma Swaraj lacks decency. She has said many things in the past that is laughable. Plus she being a women may not be attractive option as India is still not an ideal country. She certainly cannot be compared to Indira Gandhi. Lets be real.

The things to do is

1> Start the background work. RSS continue to operate in background. All BJP partyworkers to work behind the scene must be identified and given tasks.

2> Create a pool of next generation leaders and nurture them. These leaders should be from various parts of India and represent almost all communities. Bring a democratic procedure to identify the leaders.

3> It is the front end leaders that are hard to choose. Given the lot, Yashwant Sinha, ArunShourie, Arun Jaitley are good choice. But Modi must be given the hot seat once SC ruling is over. He is undoubtedly the best minus a tag of Gujrat. But I have spoken to many people nobody cares about that. Whether he is guilty or not, minorites not going to vote for BJP.

Anonymous said...

Congress led by rahul gandhi is already plotting its next step. How to win gujarat. While we all talked of early distribution of tickets and bjp too wanted, but flunked in doing that in lok sabha.

now congress is going ahead, while bjp is still sleeping after the defeat.

And rebels who worked against BJP igujarat are being encouraged by leadership like rajnath now, to get back at Modi. The central leadrship should not meet them.

How BJP goes about will have a direct say on the moral of its supporters. Already enough indiactions have come in last two elections of disillusioned bjp supporters stay away. Any more retrograde activies will only turn more off.

No Mist said...

please see this economic times article ... it has some good suggestions ... it is time for BJP to learn ... and it must be willing to learn from everybody

zoomindianmedia said...


u have to fight to win.

Nishkamya karma is focssing on the objective and the process.

Krishna Neethi was always about winning, not whining.

No Mist said...

There is one thing that we must desist from ...

please stop painting the current govt as bootlicker of mullahs+missionaries ... it is just another one of the negative things that we have to avoid ... so please do not keep lamenting till your goats come home that UPA has destroyed the nation/sold it to missionaries/buckled under terrorists/is 'napunsak'/every minister and his goat is corrupt to its teeth/election was rigged/EC compromised the EVMs/etc/etc ...

it is also something that BJP also has to follow ... specially any raised finger at EC/EVM will cause a loud exploding sound within the party from which it will never bounce back ...

so ignore rajeev srinivasan .. he is a NRI ranter and a rank fool ... i have observed him since 8-9 years ... 99% of the time he talks bullshit ... i mean if you produce 15-20 blog articles in a day you must be crazy ... rest 1% is very sensible but not worth listening the rest of crap

parasuram81 said...

ur spot on abt Sushma n Arun for LS n Rs resply.But my concern is for the post of president.I think Modi will be a good fit atleast to rejuvenate the cadre just b4 elections,say in 2013.But for him to be PM,he has to seriously deliver in loksabha.How can he fail two times in a row,that too after getting full authoirty to select the candidates.Something really wrong with his attitude at times,he has get out of self-imposed invincibility syndrome.I know he's won big thrice.But this time he should be careful given that everybody,including his own partymen r after him.Then he would be on a juggernaut for the race of PM.Cheers!!
P.S:I think u deserve a Rajyasabha seat for ur selfless service to and honest criticism of BJP.I really do.

Anonymous said...

Here is a summary of names discussed in last few posts, ranked by number of reactions each name drew. Take for what it is worth.

1. Modi - most reactions. very few negative, and negative reactions inconsequential compared to the total reactions. Best is Swapan's line - 'Shed frivolity and acquire gravitas'.
2. Jaitley - some number of negative, not overwhelmingly positive like Modi. Message could be 'to be seen as more than a campaign manager, take up and deliver Delhi or some such serious challenge'
3. Sushma Swaraj - only one negative (recalling 2004 Sanyas type comments). Others positive.
4. Shourie - only few comments, but all positive.
5. Yashwant Sinha - only few comments, but all positive.

others seem to have generated mostly negative reactions.

Congress voter said...

I voted Congress but I do believe in a robust opposition, so here are some suggestions.

Sushma Swaraj seems to be the most credible of the lot, although her histrionics over Sonia Gandhi in 2004 were not a high point (and her tenure in I&B was undistinguished). But she seems like a normal leader who actually wins elections (not counting the walkover this time perhaps!). She would most closely approximate the Vajpayee appeal if she can prove herself. But Swapan da will have a better idea of whether she has what it takes. From the outside, she seems to have the right balance.

Arun Jaitley is very bright but seems untrustworthy and quite willing to support anyone who he can ride up to the top (e.g. Narendra Modi). He is always claiming credit for successes and disappearing when there are failures.

I have grave doubts as to Narendra Modi's ability to win a national victory for the BJP. Too bad about the riots because he is obviously a good and intelligent administrator. But that's not good enough: Indians prefer their leaders not to be mass murderers (or facilitators of the above).

The others are barely worth mentioning. I think the party had better look to its youth wings or state leadership for fresh blood. But it cannot be done overnight. Varun Gandhi is a loser and everyone - including the BJP - probably knows this.

So good luck BJP. At this rate you will lose in 2014 too - especially since the party seems to be moving in the NaMo direction - unless the Congress screws up (quite possible) or the Taliban nukes India (also quite possible). But the Congress needs a countervailing force for healthy democracy and I guess BJP is all we got. So pick some decent leaders and have a shot at 2014. There are surely capable people further down the organisation (and please don't rely on the RSS who wouldn't know modern India if it it put on khaki shorts and did surya namaskar).

Anonymous said...

Where your taxes go

Today, on Rajiv Gandhi's death anniversary, tax payer money was used to put multiple half and full page ads in leading newspapers on behalf of various govt ministries. All of these ads were excuses to portray large images of Rajiv Gandhi with sycophantic praises about his achievements.

Hang on. Rajiv Gandhi? The one time prime minister who stepped into office because Indira died? Is he really one of our great leaders as those ads claim???

Meanwhile CNN IBN jumped into the bandwagon - apparently RG's death anniv is Anti Terrorism Day! Visit the link below and note carefully the caption on the image that accompanies the article.

"PAYING TRIBUTE: It has been 18 years since India lost a gem of a leader in a suicide bomber attack."

Now CNN IBN calls him a 'GEM OF A LEADER'!! If it was any other leader they would have surely just said 'its 18 yrs since was killed in a attack.'

Anonymous said...

Some friends suggest that we should drop hindutva. I thought that we suppport bjp because it is different from congress. It stands for non-appeasement and is the only party which cares about this country. If bjp is going to be like congress, why don't we support congress?
Christians or muslims are not going to support bjp, even if bjp drops hindutva. We have seen that in all elections including 2004.
Lot of people blame Modi and Varun for the debacle. Remember, they did not lose elections. Even Advani is dependent upon Modi for becoming MP. Only way bjp can get back into the hearts of people is fulfilling their promise of Ram mandir. Start the agitation to build Ram mandir again. Ask for complete majority from people of india. Start now. If people cared only about food, India would not have fought for freedom. This is one fight Rahul will definitely lose.

BJP_Sympathizer said...

This is not the time to sit back in gloom, instead plans should be developed to rebuild & revitalize the party. Here are some thoughts:

1. Grow new, younger local leaders:

The party should encourage newer and younger leaders to come up in areas where the party is not strong. Here care should be taken to identify those who can benifit from local caste, religion & language factors. Identify them now and ask them to work for the next 5 years before giving them a party ticket in the next elections. In states where BJP is not the ruling party, they should be asked to undertake activities that highlight non-governance & corruption. They should be mentored during this period and their performance monitored.

2. Weed out or Demote 'leaders' with no followers:

The party has some leaders who have no base. Such leaders should be made to go to their respective states and asked to grow the party there. Exceptions to this should be intellectuals like Arun Shourie.

3. Strengthen the party where it is in power:

Populist measures should accompany good governance in states where the party is in power. Communicate and highlight all achievements to people. Break or win over smaller local parties and local leaders of other parties & independents.

4. Keep the party in 'news':

National leaders and state leaders should develop the habit of regularly writing articles in newspapers. All major newspapers should be requested to carry such articles. Local language newspapers should be given translations of such articles by National leaders and State leaders should write separately in local language newspapers.

Once every few days or once a month, take short, pointed advertisements in TV, highlighting non-governance & corruption. Such advertisements should pointedly ask questions on security, price-rise, promises made by Congress, but not kept etc.

Ram Srinivasan said...

BJP, needs to build itself in important states, for that it needs to build a strong team in each of the major states & to build itself.

Till it revives itself in the important states, where it has lost its way (UP, Orissa, Delhi) or does not exist (AP, TN, WB etc.) it will not have a chance at the National level, nor will it find Alliance partners.

It needs to figure out why it is losing the Urban/middle class voters & improve its message, find leaders who are more in tune with the youth & middle class voters.

Also find the right message, leaders, etc to reach out to different social groups i.e. urban & rural poor, OBCs, Dalits / Tribals, Muslims etc.


Anonymous said...

--What is to be done NOW?
You got to take a break man! Enough of chintan.

There is ample time to post-mortem the verdict. We all wanted LKA to be shown door, but the old man might still be hanging around for next election.

Wait for LKA's departure, then you could think about what next.

MVR said...

Today I have read two beautifully articulated articles in TOI and ET. one titled "Rebooting BJP" and other being "12 ways to resurrect BJP". Both were right to the point. Their suggestions were really simple and well conceived ones. I hope party's top brass is going through all these things. Swapan Da I am really curious to know what the leadership is thinking. It would be great if you can throw some light on it. Why isn't any party leader coming out and saying something??!!
What are they hiding from???

Swapan Dasgupta said...

By an inadvertent error, some 12 comments got deleted. My apologies but I assure you this wasn't deliberate.

Anonymous said...

In reply to BJP_supporter - I can't speak for the rest but I certianly don't fit into any of your categories. I'm 25,female and a linguist. cheers!

Anonymous said...

I don't believe comments got deleted "inadvertedntly because no person in his right mind can select my comment for deletion! I'm sure because I always speak politely. U rarely delete comments, u r such a good moderator and person that u allow almost every comments. So the deletion of "tweleve" comments at one go raises doubts.

BTW why you've turned off the option of copy,cut and paste ? Pls turned it on again.

Know the verity said...

"Nowadays if anyone writes on blogs, it has become a fashion to drub them saying as IT professionals seating in AC with no idea of ground realities. I do not agree with this."

You are spot on. Barring few naive commentators I think most of us know the ground realities and understand the politics very well.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Swapan,
It is absolutely important that BJP does NOT divert from it's right-of-center ideology. The ideology is nationalistic ans so is the intent.

It is only the perception that is continuously being degraded due to relentless lies and half-truths provided by a biased media.

Most Indians continue to be a product of our stifling education system that discourages any independent thaught or reading, hence cannot look beyong what is "taught" to them by "idiot box".

The curious thing is why BJP does not have any friendly electronic media, actually an unbiased channel would suffice as well.
A channel that will ask MMS what he was doing when north indians were driven out of Mumbai ?
Or, it will ask the GOI what are it's policies w.r.t naxals when so many innocent policement are being gunned down.

Or, what does it think of the one-rank-one pension ? Why againt it ?

Currently channels have no hard-hitting questions for government and just look like saas-bahu drama featuring sonia and family.

And though being a woman myself, I hate to say that the many half-westernised Indian females, who so easily relate to the TV serials , unfortunately get swayed by this subtle TV campaign.

Ankan said...

Swapan da, I think one of the most important things that is probably ignored by the party is media management. Of course, if your ideas are not attractive people are not going to support you. But what if your ideas cannot reach the people? What if your legitimate concerns are deliberatly twisted in a negative manner by the media?

I am absolutely convinced that the BJP needs a very careful and smart media strategy. This strategy has to be grounded on the reality that the media is basically there to get them. Any illusions that the media will come around and give them a fair deal is going to lead to the same or worse result in the future.

First, avoid self goals. Secondly, have message discipline. Formulate what you have to say. When asked a question, you bring things back to what you want to say. I know it will lead to boring TV, but it also helps you hammer the points that you want to make over and over again. Channels will hate you for that, but they hate you now anyways. Have very very few spokesmen and heavily ration their appearance on the english channels. Maybe pick ONE channel that is least biased and give them the exclusives, hence creating a somewhat symbiotic relationship.

In essence, if the BJP cannot reach the people with its ideas, and on largely its own terms, it is not going to gain their support.

Indian Nationalist said...

what is to be done now?

give 2 inches to the BJP and everyone has a free for all on national television.

Save for LKA continuing as Party chief, we would have had a live WWE match between Sushma swaraj(congress vacated a seat to make her win--wonder why?), arun jaitley,venkiah naidu and jaswant singh.....All of whom do not have
a. Public support
b. Public popularity.
c. Intelligence.
But have plenty of ambition and greed.

All want to head the party in the next elections.

I say get rid of the 4 and 50% of the partys trouble will be solved.

In the meanwhile they can take Bhairaon singh shekawat too with them.

The rest of the problems can be managed by Modi and Varun Gandhi with the support of Rajnath Singh.

rone said...

can 'party with a difference" become 'opposition with a difference".
can BJP publicly pledge they will not stall paliment proceedings,no walkouts,no wastage of time and taxpayers money.
it will be a good begining.

n said...

malavika great qs.deepak dont jump to conclusions.keep open mind.

If you analyze the voting statistics of many constituencies in AP and Tamilnadu, it is clear that something impossible has occurred. This was most probably due to massive fraud by rigging/manipulating the Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs). We all know that any kind of fraud is possible in India. Ask any expert, who spent some years in the high-tech world, he would tell how easy it is to break the EVMs’s embedded code and manipulate the voting. This needs serious investigation

the comment below about subramiam swamy alleging evm tampering shudl be pursued in court with the evidence he has made available

EVM hacked in 50 centers

Subramaniam Swamy’s press release for 4/4/2009

The Congress Party President Ms.Sonia Gandhi seeing the imminent collapse of the UPA has set-up a seven member ‘crisis management’ team of foreigners based in a five star hotel in Delhi. This is a serious threat India’s national security.

While the names of all seven members are available with me, I am gathering the detailed antecedents of these dirty seven. The first member identified for me is an obscure UK-based journalist called Mr.David Green who has written for London tabloids on “snack foods”. He was easy to identify because he is often seen-by SPG at the residence of Ms.Sonia Gandhi reading secret files being made available to her by some Ministers and bureaucrats. Indian intelligence is being blocked by the Home Minister P.Chidambaram from investigating whether Ms.Green is an operative for British Intelligence, the MI-6.

One of the tasks assigned to this nefarious team is how to doctor the electronic voting machines in about 50 constituencies by using dual passwords technique and by hacking via wireless cyber techniques.

can someone please explain why the upa ruled states had no anti-incumbency,unlike the nda and left ruled states.
Can the central ec under congress picked nominees collude with upa state cms in rigging seats especially the close seats.Delhi,haryana and maharashtra congress actually gained
and there was a surge in tamil nadu in the last hour
even thou allianec math was higher than dmk and vijaykanth could cut into bothe dmk and admk.

I have not seen any article that explains exactly how the evm’s software work,who guards them before counting and whether they are tamper proof.All inid has a right to know
but english media are owned by congress

n said...

remember jharkand,bihar,goa,ntr 1984 emergency.Congress has no compunctions and in fact chose cec,2 ecs,prez with 2009 in mind and see how the cec,governors cbi,media are their slaves instead of being institutions.

This election exit polls never showed this result.Only congress ibn and ndtv cahged their predictiosn at the last moment.Close seats in collsion with upa cms by cec can not be ruled out especially with congress past record and choosing chawla and patil with motives.

parasuram81 said...

Here's a fantastic,must-read and thoughtful critique of Mr.Advani,who I think single-handedly destroyed his party's chances this time and ironicaly, had catapulted it to power in 90s.Hope he learns this time n passes the baton to his younger colleagues before he comes a joke.

Anonymous said...

Did the 1992 ayodhya movement impress teens of those years into committed BJP supporters for life long?I was 14 back then and living in Maharashtra. That movement did not mean much to me. What made me a BJP voter was Gandhi family rule. I feel the youth of today need a similar spell of Gandhi rule to become BJP voters.

Also, the current generation will turn 30 soon enough and become BJP voters. The party should be ready for this and actively court the 25+ age group.

Anonymous said...

It appears that many BJP leaders opposed to Jaitley Modi have started attacking them in the media. Sign of things to come.

The only silver lining is that BJP will have a new leadership by the end of the year.

Sanjay said...

Modi should resign and pull himself from all contests for any kursi, and go back to selfless service. With one masterstroke he will checkmate all his bete noirs and will achieve what he may never achieve from his present position.

Sanjay said...

Modi should resign and pull himself from all contests for any kursi, and go back to selfless service. With one masterstroke he will checkmate all his bete noirs and will achieve what he may never achieve from his present position.

zoomindianmedia said...


Pls read the link above.

Internet is a segment where BJP wallows congis by s significant margin.

Congi, will project even factual information as incitement, try and censor Internet.

While national security is paramount, congress party, vote bank interests are not and both are different.

Corrupt media will probably acquiesce.

This is one of the issues where, if necessary, road can and should be hit with protests till offending clauses are removed.

More than the curbs on media, I am more worried, about the impact on personal liberty and blogs like yours.

Except when there is serious violence, calls for violence and/or undermining of national security, clauses advocating censorship should never be present.

While efforts to police the net are likely to fail, one can still not allow the government to implement big brother rules.

Vinay said...

Sushma Swaraj and Arun Jaitley would be excellent choice for LOP in Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha.

In addition, BJP should do something about its image with the MTV generation. TV media has successfully linked and portraged BJP as being regressive with over the board coverage of few incidents like in Mangalooru which are not directly connected to BJP.

Anonymous said...

I can't fathom why our leaders still feel compelled to oblige channels like NDTV with interview/soundbytes. I am having serious doubts over our collective wisdom, Yashwant Sinha for Dy LOP in LS? This man can't even think Inside the box. You should have seen barkha dutts expressions throughout the interview with Sinha, even on mute you will get the gist of the interview. Congress has more meritocracy, the dynasty appears only in elections.
First it was Murli Manohar Joshi then Yashwant Sinha...only one couplet comes to mind, har daal pe ullu baitha hai anjaam-e-gulistaan kya hoga

Sachin said...

Another thing is that top bjp leadership should avoid direct media exposure. They should only address rallied but keep direct interviews / tv appearances to the minimum. Think how many times MMS/Sonia/Rahul have talked to the media recently?

venkatesh said...

BJP Supporter,

I am 38 and a CA. Yes I am a BJP supporter because of the Ram Janmabhoomi movement and I would think that movement has resulted in a lot of our generation turning for or against the BJP. Thanks for all your hard work and dedication, without guys like you, 120 would have been a dream.

No Mist said...

On BJP's sulking -- As such vote is a decision by the voters, not by the contestants. So if after losing the contestant sulks it means he/she considers the voter's decision as wrong and probably thinks too highly of himself. This is utter chauvinism. The need of the hour is to accept defeat, thank the voters and get going for the next election.

I would cite the example of Chiranjeevi. He is the Amitabh Bachchan and Rajini combined in Telugu world. And he lost massively. He should have been crushed by the defeat. On the contrary he is raring to go at the assembly and play a constructive role. He is willing to learn from everybody. He even asks frank questions to journalists if he does not know something. Now this is what I call a positive attitude ... to mind his actions are already convincing the voters to entrust him more next time.

BJP should sometimes try to learn from southies too !!

Disclaimer : I am not a southie but belong to hard core hindi belt.

No Mist said...

Let me talk of something which BJP had little control over. And they worked to increase the congi tally from 130 to 206 ... not directly but indirectly.

This factor is the role played by three individuals. They are (in order of decreasing importance) - Chiranjeevi, Varun, Raj Thakre, Vijaykanth. Out of these only Varun is not blameless.

Anonymous said...

It would be very to consider the advise of Shekhar Gupta that BJP needs to postion itself as Center Right and not Hindu right. It can look towards the idelogy of Swatantra Party of Rajaji which keeps the Hindu civilization in highest regard but never goes on a negitive campaign againt other communities.

In this view Modi can never outgrow the tag of being communal. It will be better if Ms. Sushma Swaraj be given the chance for PM candidateship. She to some extent carriers the mantle of Mr. Vajpayee and is a good mass leader too.

Also it is interesting to note that Congress considers only Sena and BJP as communal. What about SAD and IUML? Well to be fair I think it is not conceeded as communal to praise about your own culture and feel proud about it, simmilar to what Vajpayee stood for. But it is quite communal if you go on a bashing spree about other religions and even if you shun democratic practices and start shoving your ideas forcefully down our throat( the Valentine day specials by the parivar for an example).