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Friday, August 21, 2009

How to create a hostile "martyr" by refusing to think

My apologies for not writing about the Jaswant Singh episode earlier--there were professional calls that I had to attend first.

I have spelt out my disquiet in an article published this morning in The Telegraph (Calcutta). Here I would like to reiterate a few points:

  • I do not subscribe to everything Jaswant Singh has written in his book. However, it is a sad day for the country if participation in public life through mainstream political parties is regulated by intellectual regimentation. His book was an honest scholastic exercise. He should not be punished for it.
  • Political parties must not become arbiters of historical interpretation. Their involvement can only shrink the boundaries of honest appraisal--just as it has done in the academic world where Marxists call the shots.
  • Criticism of towering Indian leaders should not be equated with disrespect. There are many facets of Mahatma Gandhi's political life the BJP may be wary of--his endorsement of pan-Islamism in the Khilafat Movement. That does not count as disrespect. The Gujarat Government's decision to ban Jaswant Singh's book can open the floodgates of intellectual intolerance. This is a problem that both the BJP and Congress faces.
  • The claim that Jaswant Singh assaulted a "core ideological belief" of the BJP, as claimed by Arun Jaitley in his press conference on Thursday afternoon, is untenable. If Advani hadn't assaulted that belief in June 2005, Jaswant's offence is far less. At least he has rubbished the two-nation theory. There is nothing "core" about beliefs that are introduced into the party four years ago.
  • The BJP is in favour of creating a broad church--what it calls inclusive Hindutva. Can you be inclusive if you cannot be accommodative towards an attempt to write history? Far from being a broad church, the BJP gives the impression of being a sect. Its factional wars are resembling battles for the control of a mutt (seminary).
  • There were very good reasons for displacing Jaswant Singh from a leadership role. He has embarrassed the party on numerous occasions. The BJP chose to ignore his real transgressions (the charge of a "mole" in the PMO, his resurrection of the Kandahar hijack controversy and his involvement in dissident activity in Rajasthan). They hanged him for thinking and writing. As a political move it was a public relations disaster. He has emerged as a martyr, enjoying full public sympathy.
  • Jaswant Singh has no profound political base but the disquiet resulting from his graceless expulsion will hinder the party's attempt to recover its middle class base. The BJP was, unfortunately, always derided by the intellectual elite; that derision, unfortunately, looks like getting a new lease of life.
  • The Jaswant episode may not have scarred the BJP so deeply if the chintan baithak had given some evidence of innovative thinking. As of now it would seem that it is more baithak and less chintan.
I had the occasion to read through the document the media is presenting as the Bal Apte report. Either Mr Apte did an extremely shoddy job and is unsuited to the task of inquiring into the 2009 election defeat or this document is a clear forgery. The document is a collection of homilies, supplemented with obvious statistics to make it look impressive. Even some tentwalla retainer could have written it based on press clippings.


Anonymous said...

Bal Apte Committee Report

Anonymous said...

BJP is dead - get on with the life.

Anonymous said...

Dear Swapanda,

There are few points that comes out of all this.

First, whatever be the logics presented in Jaswant't book, one cannot argue the fact that a sizeable number of Indian believe that there was something more than what meet the eyes as far as partition was concerned. I have grown up hearing tales that how Nehru's lust for being PM was one of the main reasons for the deadlock that eventually led to partition and several other tales like that. Thus on the whole it is not just Jaswant or his book but good percentage of right tilted people of this country believe that partition could be avoided if few people who matter acted more wisely. Don't know what new theme Jaswant brought in his book apart form this. Hence why a controversy.

On the contrary, we must have several such different opinions on subjects like this. After all whatever crap that we have been read as part of history also was tilted on view of Left of centre historians. Surely it can be one way. Above all as none of the historians or acadamecians were present at the time of events. ALl such work are eventually interpretations on the basis of research. The point that they are eventually interpretations leave enough room for different opinions so why Halla ballu. If you don't believe i one view either prove it wrong or simply learn to respect other view even if you don't endorse it.

Secondly, regarding the mess that BJP is in today. I think it has become a favorite pass time of media. Whenever ther is nothing breaking on news front for few days some how BJP's mess reappear on TV sets. Wonderfully it appears intermittently.

All parties go through post election defeat turmoil and they come on there own or fizzle out depending on there core fundamentals and ofcourse the size itself. BJP is where congress was from 1996 to 2004 till the time a fluke unexpected Congress victory ( if you may call it with 140 odd seats ). Surely I don't remember what good congress did in those 6-7 years and even later for its revival. How much ever we try to bring strategy and rational to our arguments we often forget that there is some thing called as eveolution, time, circumstances, playing field, competition so on and so forth that works.

Thirdly, About the so called confidential report of BJP appearing media. Well all reasonably educated people this country, irrespective of political, religious or caste affiliation, know how sacrosanct and non partisan and satyavadi harishchandra our media is. Has the authencity of that report being established? If now why don't the media be questioned for spreading the FUD. If yes why not the source and its veracity be disclosed at the time of revealing the report.

SO much for ther virtues of transparency and honesty and above all consistency. Of the late media sounds as if they are holy cow and above suspicion. They are all good that they profess to be. They are more like " Caesar's wife is above suspicion" !

When no to long along come slang used to be that Jholawalas were just worth a bottle!

Ofcourse with affluence bottle might have been replaced by something else.

I am not casting aspersions. My argument is agains thou shall be hold cow and above any questionable actions.


Dinesh PC said...

Indeed! Jaswant singh should have been expelled long ago. He was a liability for quite some time. In any case, good riddance of the 'trash' in the party.

Anonymous said...

We Used to respect Jaitley earlier as a possible future moderate enlightened face of the BJP. However his conduct for at least 2 years now has seemed that of a small man with no political base trying to clutch to power. Sad because one actually thought earlier that if he was given a leadership role (as he has been given) then the BJP would actually start taking citizen politics seriously. As of now it seems clear that he would placate the RSS to any extent to save his sorry ass. Swapan, I have noticed that you are usually quite lenient with Jaitley in your general analysis of the BJP. Please do not forego your responsibilities as a leading journalist on the right by trying to defend someone only because they are your friend. Your cause is India. Not Jaitley (Whom I also used to admire earlier, but no more).

Siva said...

I sincerely hope the report allegedly prepared by Bal Apte (which can be found on the India Today website for example) is a fabrication. For the simple reason that it is way too simplistic. I could have prepared the entire report without talking to a single BJP worker in any constituency, sitting with my laptop at my home. All the data can be easily got from the results on the election commission website. There isn't a single point of interest in that 'report', nothing that we did not know already.

And how can a report supposed to go into the voting patterns of about 600 million people in 543 constituencies be a total of 6 pages long, in large font?

Bal Apte is a well respected leader of the party. I refuse to believe that this report has come from him. It really looks like something some media person has written.

At best the report is a very brief summary of what we already know was wrong with the BJP's campaign this year, atleast in the eyes of the media. And at worst, assuming it really is the report of Bal Apte, it is an attempt by the party to try and not hold a serious discussion on the poll loss, skirting the issue and handing over the entire advantage to the Congress.

Anonymous said...

I think u are reading too much into the power of Jaswant Singh. Granted he has been a major leader of the party for 3 decades. But there is no evidence to suggest that he has a great following among the middle class / intellectual class. He is (unforunately) seen as a discredited leader for Kandahar. Now I believe that was one of the best things he has done for the country, but a vast majority would disagree.

Secondly, there is no evidence to suggest that he is now a 'martyr, enjoying full public sympathy'. Ever since the "mole" episode, his books too have lost respect. Most people today see him as a guy confused about his history, confused about his identity. The only consolation for him is that to the popuulace he seems less confused than the BJP itself is at the moment.

Anonymous said...

Dear Swapan Da,

Righ/Left wings are more of ideology while centre is more of practicality at that moment.

Normally once a right wing you are always a right wing. Well Left wings are also likely that but you will always fine some people tilting towards left to right but not from right to Left ( They say in US once a republican always a republican ).

I mentioned the obvious above to drive a point that is completely ignored by now famous/ or not so famous, as the case may be, political analysts, psephologist, "We know everything" type journalist.

"Once right wing always a right wing". This states that People forming part of this wing will either support a right wing formation or will stay neutral they will never deviate towards left or centre or anything else. There are a substantial number of these kind of people in India perhaps in 35 percentage range ( 22-23% vote BJP got this time)

Surely the right wing people didn't vote either for Cong or its affiliate or Third front or it affiliates. This suggest that major chunk simply abstain from voting

Question is Why? And this is the fundamental point that BJP needs to do chinta about in its chintan baithak. Lets leave the statistics, voter profiles etc etc. for the moment and focus on this.

I for one has been always a right wing guy. Supported BJP many times but I was simply disillusioned this time. I simply didn't have any option but to vote for BJp which I was not to happy about and hence didn't vote.

There are millions right wing people who will support right wing or stay neutral. This time the failure of BJP was predominantly because of cold shoulder of this chunk. Right wing people normally don't care wether they are represented by BJP or XYZ. What they want is whether this formation represents their feelings. That is where BJP was a complete failure.

By no means I am talking about right wing Fanatics here. I am talking about educated , normal people like Swapan you and me who are tilted towards right but certainly not the religious bigot types.

I can assure if there was some other credible right wing option for people to vote for they would have vopted whole heartedly.

This is what BJP should be worried about. Classical being the case of Delhi. Forget about voter profile, Shiela' magic ( where was shiela's magic in MCD election that happend just a year earlier to Assembly election. What magic shiela created in that one year ?) Delhi was once a bastion of Jan Sangh and later BJP. They lost and lost heavily in all the areas of Delhi in Lok sabha and also earlier in Vidhan Sabha.

Vijay goel after his defeat in Lok sabha rightly pointed out that the malaise of this wipe-out is deeper. As it is just not simple election victory for congress. BJP los heavily in the bjp bastion and that too after a good voting percentages.

The BJP need to do chinta on this and regain the confidence of right wing of India. Right wing ideology is about nationalism. honesty, transparency, nation above everything else, and many such other things.

Unfortunately BJP since last few years looks more like B team of Congress than any thing else for all the malaise that has been discussed and reported in press extensively.

Hence UPA with all its failure again won. Simply because People didn't find any other credible alternative. UPA got the government formed by default while BJP lost. No body won.

How else can you explain the delhi assembly election loss that to immediately after Bombay bomb blast. Simple people don't find BJP doing any thing special or different from what COngress might be doing. Thus came the definition of from Media that Terrorism has been treated above politics by people. I am sorry sir this is not case. People have simply given it up to faith. As they not neithe option presents any viable soltion than why change.


Rightist Rashtravadi said...

Swapan Ji -

The BJP has once again been bitten by the Jinnah Bug.Its indeed surprising that two leading lights of BJP parliamentarains, one the LOP of the Lok Sabha, LKA and the other ex-LOP of Rajya sAbha, were at varying times enamoured with Jinnah, cold, calaculted sectarian-separatist.

While the bedrock of BJP, the ordinary swayamsevaks look up to the virtues of Rashtraguru Swmai Vivekanand,Swantraveer Savarkar, Mahsrishi Aurobindo, Bala Gangadhar Tilak, Hedgewar, Golwalkar, Nethaji etc, the leaders of the so-called saffron party shower encomiums on Jinnah, MK Gandhi and even Nehru.

Its not that they are lesser mortals, but their anglicized-embracing nationalism or vision may appeal only to the Left-liberal classes but the ordinary swayamsevak is inspired by the rustic earthy nationalism of a Kattabomman or a virulent Nethaji.

But, the manner in which Jaswant has been thrown is far from savoury.The BJP is acquiring lots of Congress-like attributes.

All said and done, the Chintan Baithak got hijacked by a stray book on Jinnah and Jinnah has succeeded in deflecting the real introspection by the so-called Hindu Nationalist Party for a second time, first time in 2005, following uproar over Advani's remarks on him.

Jinnah mmust be a happy man , that even in his death, he has put a check on Hindu interests by putting a roadblock on hindu re-assertion.

Best Regards
Rightist Rashtravadi

Anonymous said...

One of the best analyses. But, there appears no solution to BJP's woes, mostly self inflicted, in sight.
Most people may not agree with Jaswant Singh but the way he was expelled - as Swapan said, lack of grace - I doubt many people except the hard-core appreciate or find appealing. That is not how a mature party should treat such a long-time leader / worker of the party. If nothing else, show respect to his age and past services. We now hear about all the past bad things but if so, why was he made PAC chair by the leadership few weeks ago? This whole drama seems to such a fake facade to hide so many other agendas and Jaswant became their fall guy. I doubt if it fooled many people. One final point: many here have written about his being a rootless leader. So have been many others (Dr Fake Singh aka MMS, Shourie, Jaitley, etc) - actually Advani was also such a leader until 1990 Rathyatra - but they still bring many marginal / intangible benefits to the organization. There were many from RSS-VHP etc mouthing sma ethings for years but it was LKA (not a mass leader then) whose sober /reasoned arguments swayed a vast number of non-BJP hardcore base and thus started the process of swinging perhaps 5% of voters towards BJP's way! The same things said by RSS-VHP leaders over many years did not convince that very segment. And, views of media, opinion leaders, etc do count and affect at margin how public views issues (MMS, Rahul vs Varun, Muthalik Affairs - they can change the perception)! And, it is where likes of Jaswant, Shourie, Sinha, Jaitley, Dasgupta etc bring help to party / movement. Anyways, it is now bridge under water until another self-inflicted crisis hits BJP, sooner rather than later, I guess. So sad! Even sadder aspect is that the vast numbers of workers / supporters are left totally helpless about thsse regualr shenanigans at top - something that rarely happened in the past when the likes of Kushabhau, SS Bhandari, Nananji, Mathur etc formed the crucial link between workers and frontline leaders! That is now totally missing in the eara of Jaitley & Co. Their feedback is from their pals in media most of whom are opely anti-BJP and many play role of Naradmuni / Shakuni (eg, Vir Sanghavi)!

Agnostic said...

Is Sardar Patel's image is so fragile that a book can dent it. Why the book is banned in Gujarat? In the past BJP was critical of the Karunanidhi's government for banning the movie "The Da Vinci Code".

But the same BJP has banned movies like Parzania and Firaq, now it has banned the book by Jaswant Singh. Is the BJP's ideology so hollow that it has to ban the movies and books.

Even if they feel that the book or movie is against their principle they have to counter it in a democratic way (by demonstrating or convincing people to avoid it)not in a autocratic way of banning those materials.

Arun Narendhranath said...

Chitan in 21st century without data is foolishness. In the age of Information Technology we have to acknowledge the power of Data. If tentwallas are to plant stories and the whole of BJP are to run like headless chickens it is a sorry state of affairs.

I had the opportunity of looking at BJP in close quarters over the last six months and I have come to the conclusion that - In BJP

Insiders have no capability!
Outsiders have no credibility!

bjp_supporter said...

I think about 90% of the bjp supporters will agree with this post. Some folks here whine about media taking after BJP. On this issue, it is entirely BJP to blame. They could have refused to comment on his book. and let it be.

There is a saying in Tamil that goes like 'why insert a monitor lizard into your dhoti and then complain when it twists?' Ever since Advaniji's pakistan-jinnah-secular discovery trip, BJP has been in this mode.

Anonymous said...

I fully agree with BJP Supporter. If it was only about the book, all BJP had to do (which they initially did) was tosay the party did not agree with the views or even strip him from top positions. Or if they wanted to remove him do in a proper / graceful manner. But, as someone here said, it was NOT about the book but other agendas of many players. Sad but time to face the truth: BJP era is over and we need a new party with new leaders for por-Hindu polity. BJP is no more that party. If die-hards do not see the writing on the wall, will only see more disappointment. There is no sense in blaming media or other usual suspects - this self goal was made by an arrogant, out of touch, selfish, power hungry leadership. The only one laughing all the way to the vote bank are Congis.

Ankan said...

Jaswant Singh was quite good as external affairs minister, but he has been a liability as a politician. There is no evidence that he has brought middle class votes, although he has embarrased the BJP at multiple ocassions by coming out with very controversial statements. Having said that, I fully agree with the view that he has been sacked for the wrong reason. The sad fact is that the only people in India who seem to care so much about Jinnah are the hardcore RSS ideologues. A party that gets so worked up about someone who died 62 years ago is truly not looking forward.

Here is my message to the BJP leadership, if they have any intention of listening. Stop thinking about the stuff that is written in the RSS codebook; most people of the country are not swayamsevaks. Talk about people's issues for a change.

Dinesh PC said...

Jaswant Singh in an interview with Barkha Dutt of NDTV proved he symbolized what was wrong with the BJP. At one point, he said he does not understand what Hindutva is, and that the RSS was semitising the noble tradition of Hinduism.

This is a man who allegedly spent 30 years in the BJP - he did not have the time and the scholarly inclination to read 30 ideological books on Hindutva? How about the Integral Humanism series of Deen Dayal Upadhyay? Or Bunch of Thought by Shri Guru Golwalkar? Or Hindutva of Veer Savarkar? Or numerous books by Dattopant Thengadi ji, Sheshadri ji, Ranga Hari ji and so many other Hindutva ideologues?

And to provide evidence of his irrelevance he comes up with a so-called "academic" work on Jinnah?

What was he doing in the BJP in the first place? By washing his dirty linen in public with Barkha Dutt for company, would anyone have a doubt on the 'mole' in the party?

Dinesh PC said...

Let's hope more BJP trash-bags such as Sudheendra Kulkarni, Arun Jaitley, Sushma Swaraj, dalal Venkaiah Naidu are comprehensively kicked out before the 2014 elections.

KR said...

Why the book is banned in Gujarat?

Both India Today and Hindustan Times reported that this was done to preempt the agitation Congress was planning on the issue. Looks like Mr. Modi does not want to deal with this distraction right now. Liquor is also 'banned' in Gujarat, so it's not as if people won't get to read the book ;-).

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately it appears the BJP is going to fade into irrelevance if things continue in this vein, unless it manages to completely extricate itself from the RSS+Sangh Parivar clutches.

I dont forsee that happening any time soon- hence one may forecast confidently that 2014 will be an even cleaner Congress sweep, and the BJP will join the ranks of the Left as an irrelevant party in numbers and ideology, one that will only raise its ugly head in the form of unstable and opportunistic Third and Fourth front formations.


Anonymous said...

Dear Swapanda,
I do hope some hacks from the BJP read this blog as well.
Jaswant singh is one of the finest leaders of the BJP ,ableit the polished face.
Not engaging in a intellectual exercise and summarily expelling Mr.Singh will cost them votes.Maybe its time for a new right wing party.
The BJP isnt what it used to be .
Nationalist(something wrong with openid)

Arun said...

Only confirms that the erosion of BJP will continue for another decade.

This blog had high quality post election analysis. Bal Apte could have simply copied it. Expect double digits for BJP in next Lok Sabha election. 79 LS seats? The only way out is by coming up with new regional parties that are BJP friendly and with some level of RSS influence

mpanj said...

BJP and the Sangh needs to take a step back. Its heartening to see the new RSS chief do just that.

What is of primary importance is taking a 10,000 feet view.

One of the unintended, but positive fallouts of JS' expulsion is that it will allow him to play the outsider with an insider's knowledge of the goings on over the past 10 years.

He now has the freedom with the credibility to start the process of cleansing.

BJP cant put a 'band-aid' on its deep wounds.

JS may just be godsent.

p.s. There seems to be a method to this madness. NaMo is too intelligent a politician to score a minor point at the cost of giving more ammunition to his opponents to prevent his entry to the national scene. I wouldnt be surprised if MB (with NaMo's help) is orchestrating the downfall of LKA's coterie by creating a situation where all their dirty linen is washed in public – Khandahar, corruption, etc.

JS was the victim but LKA may be the target.

JS may have been cherry picked for the job, unbeknownst to him.

Vineet said...

Swapan, it seems you have lost your moral compass in trying to reinvent yourself. I have deep appreciation for you since the India Today times, knowing fully well the sacrifices you made in professional/ personal life because of your centre right ideology.
I belive Jaswant Singh's sacking was absolutely right & was done at right time without lingering it on. Your fondness of Arun Jaitley has clouded your thinking, I have never heard word Hindu from him, but anyway respect him as he never indulges in cheap talk & is not seen as power hungry. Rajnath Singh is not as evil as made out to be. And the language you have started using, traces of secular gigolo Vir Sanghvi, it seems.

Anonymous said...

In a very significant development AIADMK - one of the most prominent political party boycotted the bypolls in TN and the ruling DMK Cong won all five seats. Surprisingly media coldn't find anything newsworthy in it for even a passing reference let alone a prime-time-televised-debate. Shahrukh Khan's security check in America is more important for them.

mpanj said...


Lets reflect on this for a moment. What if like JS, Arun Jaitley, Sushma Swaraj and Rajnath singh are shown the door.

Will BJP or the nation miss them. Will it make an iota of difference to India’s future. Modi has proven his worth. This man can shape the nation future. Most importantly he’s a brilliant politician – rivaled perhaps in the BJP by the late Pramod Mahajan.

But others in the second rung are mere bureaucrats, whose only qualification is their talent with darbari intrigue.

They cant win a municipal election – let alone shape India’s destiny.

If that is the case where is the question of debate.

Ye log nahi ke barabar hain.

Are we splitting hairs, about how SS wants LKA to continue so as to keep RNS out of the L of O chair and how Jaitley has the national press in his back pocket.

Who cares. Their presence – as Elections ’09 have demonstrated - is meaningless. Their absence may be (at best) of nuisance value.

I get the feeling MB has come to the same conclusion.

He has used the classic RSS language to crack the whip. If BJP doesn’t jump and get on the stool this second rung may find themselves in the wilderness waiting in line at Sonia’s darbar in a year or two.

p.s. Rajasthan, calculated media leaks about MB asking LKA to resign (subsequent denials), JS expulsion, book ban etc. - don’t seem to be random acts of god. They seem more like a multi-pronged strategy to unseat LKA. Every move seems to head right back to his door step.

Once he’s gone, this house of cards manned by incompetent court jesters will collapse on itself. It would be surprising if LKA is still L of O in February next year.

Prasanna said...


Excellent summary

While manner of Jaswant Singh's expulsion smacked of gracelessness and made the party board look more like those mad apparatchiks of CPM ,i am beginning to think that BJP is realising that foot-in-mouth affliction of its top leaders(Advani/Jaswant/Joshi etc) is providing fodder for hostile media i.e breathless TV anchors and the Padma Shri/Bhushan journos to ceaslessely indulge in their favourite past time of BJP bashing

Imagine if Jaswant would not have been expelled .Would not the same media whores, who are now on a overdrive to over-glorify Jaswant, would have used his book to embarass BJP day in and day out for next 50 yrs.Probably when Rahul Baba'son would be leading the Congress,BJP spokesperson would still be hard pressed to defend Jaswant's utterances.Classic example of this is media's Kandahaar obsession .Contrast this with how Nehru-Gandhi dynasty could easily outlive Sikh genocide and humiliating loss in 62 war .That disgusting and slimey spinmaster Shekhar Gupta is already playing his games

I am beginning to rethink on this entire subject after my initial reaction of anger- Why should BJP as a party be boxed in to a corner because of the revivalist attempt at history making by a maverick individual?With a subserviant media that is intimidatingly hostile what is the incentive for BJP to stand up to a member whose deviant tendencies have repetedely embarssed the party under the garb of free speech?

To that extent ruthless purging of bygone generation of BJP is very much in order.They have done a yeoman service but temperamentally they are ill-suited to lead the party now

If axe now falls on Advani and Rajnath,i guess BJP can definitely hope for a better future
It can focus on aspirational issues and look like a normal political formation rather Jinnah fan club that Advani and Jaswant reduced it to

PS-Jaswant has written a imminenntly readable book and parts of its makes for riveting reading.I fully respect the intellectual calibre of this soldier .His exit would have more measured and claibrated

Samudra said...

Most people don't care about Jaswant Singh. Even if people know about Jaswant Singh: they will remember him for Kandahar and Jinnah praise.

It is only these bloggers and political analysts who are making too much of this. These bloggers and political analysts change their positions after the fact.

Jaswant is acting like a baby trying to show LKA in bad light. But the point is tha LKA has already lost the election and still going to have control over the party. There will be a new leader for the next elections. So his rants will have no effect on Advani or BJP.

The anger in the BJP cadre was enormous and the LKA has said anything less would not have satisfied them. Isn;t the lack of enthusiasm of the cadre one of the reasons for losing the 2009 polls.

So, people should be happy that they are taking action already. If Arun Shourie wants to join Jaswant Singh, he is welcome to go.

Swabhimaan said...

Get over the Jaswant Jinnah love story BJP. You are wasting your time. Interact with the media but on your own terms. Why do you always have to rush provide explanations? Take your time, prepare and then go.

Anonymous said...


We need a fiscally right party who is technologically driven,
and doesn't really give a * about pre-Independence India,
or the events that led to it's current state.

We need a one that is ready to play with the cards on the table,
is proud to be Hinduistic even though it neither cares for homogeneity
or the "flaunt" of Hindutva.

Anonymous said...

LOL: Sardar Patel banned RSS under pressure from Nehru: Advani

I wonder which is a greater blasphemy: Sardar Patel was also a party to decision to accept partition (a fact)or Iron Man (Original) buckeled under pressure from Nehru on RSS ban. Someone who did not do that on the matter of new Cong President (Aside: Nehru had threatened to resign if PD Tandon was elected; after Sardar defeated Nehru's choice - Kripalani - he had mockingly asked Rajaji if he had come with Nehru's resignation letter - of course, Nehru only threatened, never did) or new presidnet (Rajendra Prasad vs Rajaji) will do so for RSS ban - that is real insult to the Sardar.

mpanj said...

The glee on Barkha Dutt's face when she interviews JS - the smirk - WTH.

I remember the frown, the sorrow in her eyes when NaMo trounced Sonia in 2007.

Cant wait for NaMo to take the reins and wipe that smirk off their collective faces.

Infact the anti-Gujarat, anti-Namo tirade will only force the larger Sangh parivar to coalesce around NaMo.

That is exactly what happened back in 2002.

Can MB disown NaMo when ELM is gunning for him and he comes to epitomise the heart of Hindutva.

Common Hindu said...

Hello Blogger Friend,

Your excellent post has been back-linked in

- a blog for Daily Posts, News, Views Compilation by a Common Hindu
- Hindu Online.

srinivas said...

Have people forgotten how S.Gandhi became the congress president. She got the elected president Sitaram Kesri locked up in the bathroom, and went and sat in his chair. I do not remember the media talking about "graceless"ness and what not then. Maybe the BJP spokesmen should remind the public, about which party is most graceless

Anonymous said...

Being member of a party is a privilege not a right. Any intelligent person would know that if you start to trash party's basic ideological roots, you would have to pay the price.

Is 71 years old Mr. Jaswant Singh so naive as not to know that his book would create ruckus for BJP that he has to be told by others not publish it before assembly or Lok Sabha election?

You can't ride two horses at the same time. You must decide whether you want to be a politician or an academician. If you seriously want to discuss the issue and you think it deserves serious academic rethink, fine, you are more than welcome to do it, but first have a good sense of resigning from the party and then join a thinktank or a college then do it.
Even in academia or journalism, if your thinking strikes at the roots of conventional wisdom, you pay a price, any right of center thinker will vouch for that.
If you ever wondered why Indians fail at team sports here is infinite +1th example.

Anonymous said...

//Whatever it was, it is affecting people's voting decisions. If the party cannot come out with an explanation, they have to drop the people involved in that affair.

anon on previous blog divined about kandahar going against bjp

thiss commenter must be god.i want to do his pooja.

he can read minds of not one person but millions of voters.

i agrree with the kid who siad the muslim vote made congress get 206.and congress and other seculars like osama look alikes laloo and paswan know how important that vote is.

no wonder congress mafia media do their election prestunts like varun,modi for pm,ugly hindu etc to mobilize the muslim vote in opposition to bjp.

how much brains do people nedd to know that in india in a multicornered contest 28 % vote got congress 206 and every vote counts and tmuslims had no choice but upa to defeat bjp.

but this commenter is god even if he has no brains

bullseye said...

In one of the prime-time-debates, Arnab Goswami had no reply to Nalini Singh's call for the media for a scrutiny into its bias-ness with respect to BJP, he ended up blurting "media is plural, if some of the channels are anti-BJP some others are pro BJP as well!" I wonder how different we are from the Absurdistans we love to mock at.

Anonymous said...

Swapan Da,

The point to take into account is the kind of petty politics the Congress party was going to play over the Sardar Patel issue. It was planning to attack BJP in Gujrat blaming it for naming Sardar - quite ridiculous move of congress(who does nothing except playing politics over all the issues).

Here comes the real cliche - BJP had to protect itself from the unjustified congress onslaught. Hence it had to expel Jaswant.

See the irony - Had BJP not expelled the same biased media & pseudo-secular parties would come running for the BJP's throat. Eitherways, it was double-edged sword for BJP, no doubt created by the dirty politics of Congress party.

KR said...

how much brains do people nedd to know that in india in a multicornered contest 28 % vote got congress 206 and every vote counts and tmuslims had no choice but upa to defeat bjp.

And BJP got 19% of the vote. Which means that it was an EPIC FAIL in not getting the other 53% of voters who did not vote for the two main national parties. And this is when more Muslims are voting for the BJP these days than they did in the 1990s at the peak of the Ayodhya agitation.

Talk about brains indeed.

Vineet said...

For those who are saying Jaswant Singh should not have been expelled, if the daily noises he is making, if it still hasn't opened your eyes nothing will. If I were a true BJP supporter, and if the party had wronged me, I would have retreated into my own shell rather than trash everything in public.
BJP is all about ideology unlike Congress which is about family. If some one trashes the ideology, he does not belong to the party. Can a Congress person say anything bad about Nehru or Indira? He would be expelled & made a pauper in no time.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Swapan Dasgupta:
Often I marvel at your analytical essays, products of a profound intellect, creative energy and critical thinking. Having failed all these days to get your mail Id, at last, I’m glad I have a means to contact you to grind my own axe, but about that later. It is apparent from your demeanour (courtesy TV channels) that BJP’s cussedness towards Jaswantji’s chintan has pained you no end. Hope your sane advice that it is one thing to placate the karyakarta and another to attract the voters would not be lost on those who matter in the party. While it took over five decades for it to make it to the Delhi gaddi, in less than a decade thereafter it seems to be losing its voter ground. If the powers that be in the party delude themselves that the anti-incumbency vote is bound to herald them back into the portals of power at the next turn, they might realize that even those sympathetic to the party are becoming increasingly apathetic towards it. And it does not bode well for that would ensure, though by default, that the country’s political destiny is tied to the apron strings of the imposters of the family.
It is a sad to note that even after six decades of its happening, the Indian fiction as well as non-fiction tends to be partition centric sans foresight out of the hindsight. The ideological dogma of Akhand Bharat is as much about RSS’s cultural nationalism as it is about its agenda of political domination of the sub-continent for which reason the subject remains its raw nerve. Consider this. In the, say, seven-hundred member parliament of undivided subcontinent, the Muslim League with three-hundred members or so could be expected to stall every reform citing one Islamic religious belief or the other. Ironically, that would have not only helped the RSS to further its cultural agenda by cementing the Hindu orthodoxy but also helped it squeeze out the Congress from the political arena through the consolidation of the majority franchise. And together, the RSS and the Muslim League could have managed forever tied the Bharatiyas to their respective cultural millstones shaped by their religions ethos, thus keeping India perennially backward. In that sense, partition saved that fate to the majority of the majority community and a minority in the minority community in India.
While Jinnah gave Musalmans of Hindustan their Pakistan, India remained a habitat of varied interest groups the Musalmans included! Wonder why our researchers and historians fail to probe the proclivities of Gandhi and Nehru that turned India into that state.
Given that the Hindus are a minority in the Muslim majority Kashmir, could have the minority complex in any way shaped Nehru’s political ethos when it came to the country’s Muslim minority? Was Nehru’s sophistry responsible for the failure of the majority of the minor community in India to march forward with the changing times? Why our nation builders thought it fit to let the Muslims nurse the Islamic ethos of separateness instead of creating an environment conducive to inculcate in them a sense of oneness with the majority? These and such questions should boggle our intellectuals than flogging the dead horse of partition for no avail.
If you like to try my little known narrative non-fiction Puppets of Faith: theory of communal strife, I wish to forward it to you.
BS Murthy

Srinivas said...

Swapanda. Can you comment on the communist-plant, Sudheendra Kulkarni quitting the BJP. Advani must be a bad judge of character to let a snake like this get close to him, and formulate campaign strategy. Seriously, if the BJP had won the elections, would this snake have quit the BJP. He would have been enjoying life lording over the PMO. No wonder the BJP is in its present state. It has let rootless wonders take over.

Samudra said...

Jaswant Singh antics show what he really is. He wants to do whatever he pleases and wants the party to put up with that.

How many common people will distinguish between a man's personal nature and his politics. And why should they. People know enough about Jinnah.
Right when the party is reeling after the elections, this guy wants to create more controversy and wants the party to put up with that.

Samudra said...

The man keeps saying the BJP has not read the book. Dude, people don;t have to read your book. Your utterances on the TV is ground enough to remove you.

99% of the electorate will not read your book and will form opinions based on what you talk on TV.

Since you keep repeating the same things about Jinnah, you confirm that the decision to throw you out was correct.

Why does he not write a book on Dawwod Ibrahim as a person and not about his criminal and terrorist activities. said...

Men and women of letters, be warned. Do not write a book. Shed all pretensions of being an author!
The BJP has expelled Mr Jaswant Singh for writing a book on MA Jinnah. The book was against the core values of the BJP, says its spokeperson.
What are the core values? Here is a list:
1. Elections are horrible. All elected persons are nominated. Those who were actually elected (lIke Vasundhara Raje) must be removed because they enjoy majority support in the party.
2. There is responsibility without accountability. If the President and the LOP lose elections, that is fine. No reason to take blame.
3. Nature's law of old order giving way to the new, does not apply to the leadership. RNS is quoted in the Times of India as saying "Why 5 years, why not 50 or 100 years"? This was in response to a question if LKA will remain LOP for 5 years. So the succession in the BJP is settled, LKA as LOP for next 100 years.

I feel betrayed. Having given unstinted support to the BJP since my voting age, I find that these people have feet of clay, probably worse than the Congress leaders. Is it so difficult to be just and honest?

To paraphrase a saying "Hell hath no fury than the faithful scorned".

Anonymous said...

Sack all Non RSS people from BJP.
And BJP will bounce back like never before.
Those who vote for BJP want action otherwise they would have joined congress.
Sack all secularists!

Maverick said...

Kanchan on Twitter

KanchanGupta: Swapan will take off like a rocket when I tell him his thoughts have been found to be in common with those of Kulkarni on Twitter by a twit.

Indian Nationalist said...

A revolution is created on the following grounds

a. A need for selfless, sacrificing and brave men.
b. These men obviously cannot be an opportunist since opportunism and selflessness and spirit of sacrifice cannot go hand in hand.

During the 80, early 90s and till late 90s, The BJP was made up of such people. The people who were rock solid in ideology, unwavering in thought and action, sacrificing and selfless.

In short, as Mohan Bhagawat points out "IT WAS A PARTY WITH A DIFFERENCE", differentiating it from the opportunist Congress party.

The people of India recognized these things in the party and rewarded it accordingly.

From 2 seats when the party was formed in 1983 to gaining power in 1999 the people of India gave it power and the party had an ample opportunity to implement its ideology.

Alas what happened is what Hitler once said -POWER CORRUPTS.

Power stuck into the mind of the party and in its quench for power it forgot its promises and goals. The already wavering men like Vajpayee and his brand of people totally betrayed the original ideology with which the party was originally built on.

The result was for everyone to see. A defeat in the 2004 general elections. Vajpayee went into retirement but alas he left behind an army of people within the BJP with that same opportunist ideology.

Advani latched onto that considering that he could have lost his senses in his ripe old age and promoted the same culture of corruption and opportunism started by Vajpayee.

The result?....A humiliating 2009 general election defeat where the party got fewer seats than in 1992.

So now has come a time when Mohan Bhagawat and RSS should be given a free hand in purging out the opportunists and bringing about a return to its core ideology so that the people can once identify with its intentions.

A need of the hour is what Mr. Mohan Bhagawat point out "A return to being what it originally was - A PARTY WITH A DIFFERENCE".

I am confidant that Mohan Bhagawat will bring out that Change and save BJP.

charuvak said...

Kulkarni quits BJP. Atlast BJP is making sense to me....

Samudra said...

It is incorrect to say that Jaswant Singh did not a flout a core BJP belief.

After LKA's Jinnah episode there was a resolution which clearly stated the party's position on Jinnah to which both LKA and Jaswant Singh were party to.

Hence, to flout that position is breach of discipline.

Again to compare Jaswant Singh assertions to LKA statements is self serving.

Now Jaswant Singh says that he does not subsribe to the BJP resolution on Jinnah passed in 2005. Well, then please get out of the party. The party is not his private jagir.

Anonymous said...

KR SAYS // And BJP got 19% of the vote. Which means that it was an EPIC FAIL in not getting the other 53% of voters who did not vote for the two main national parties.

SO WHY IS THAT 53 % EPIC FAIL only bjp's while congress gets to be victor with just 28 % due to muslim vote.

idiot a game is played as per the rules.the rules are 28 % wins,19 % loses .In USA 50 % PLUS WINS.GET IT geniass.this is a congress created rule from 1947.

the 53 % other is hypothetical because of vote splitting by many parties and the hindu vote is divided .that is why every vote counts and a solid bloc like muslims r mobilized by congress and their media by hype over varun gujarat,modi as pm ,muthalik .the seculars know it.idiots like u dont.

that is why pm says first claim for muslims,natural allies says sonia about mulims because that bloc is enough to win and does not need performance just u get it geniass.

islam ha s a pasion about religion taht hindus dont.

no u wont because you are ignorant .u r still living in ayodhya days.

so take the statement below do a comic for the donkeys.and make the donkeys laugh at you

yu say "And this is when more Muslims are voting for the BJP these days than they did in the 1990s at the peak of the Ayodhya agitation".

says who? you the great god who KNOWS HOW MUSLIMS VOTED, just makes up crap . Even donkeys will scoff at u.
Make wild assertions thru ur rear end
not that there is any difference between top and bottom

idiot, ayodhya has been replaced by varun,modi as pm,muthalik,gujarat 2002 which surfaces before evry election an d even idiotic seculars in media know it and hence use it along with pal tehelka's stunts everytime like pink chaddi this time and varun tape hyped 24-7

when it is congress who has been appeasing muslims for votebank and succeeding for 6o yrs.shows how ignorant and stupid you are.

congress and media know about muslims and religion an dhereafter with virgins.

so they dont have to do work just cash in on gujarat and modi and varun and afzal delay..

looks like these secular grassroot politicians dont agree with you.osama look alikes and modi,varungujarat are the issues for them and muslims. now geniass. not ayodhya so much.

just making empty raer end claims about muslims voting for bjp shows what a brainless ignorant twit ur.

go make the donkeys laugh and tell them another theory about whom muslims vote for.

when media and congress know how to target them and win with varun,modi as pm,gujarat.

idiot,the point is very vote counts and the muslims consolidated against bjp.

Talk about brains indeed.

mpanj said...

More proof on NaMo - the drumbeats have begun.

Anonymous said...

"Even some tentwalla retainer could have written it (Bal Apte reprot) based on press clippings".
One hopes it is NOT because some of your favorites are allegedly shwon in poor light in the report.

Anonymous said...

Clinton in 1992 and Bush in 2000 did NOT get 50% of the votes - only electoral votes (same as seats in India)!

1992: Clinton (43.3%)
2000: G Bush (48.4%)

Bush got even less (50.5m) than Gore (51m) in 2000.

Same in England where neither party gets a majority in votes (due to split by Lib-Dems) but still forms the govt.

Anonymous said...

When RSS had full control of old Jansangh, it never crossed even 40 (33 was the best perf in 1967) in LS. As Swapan Dasgupta has mentioned several times, the last assembly election was totally run by RSS people and BJP got 50+ seats in UP!

Anonymous said...

They expelled an ex-president and one of founders, Balraj Madhok, also for writing a book (even though the theme of that book - Indianization - was closer to RSS ideology)! He was expelled for criticizing views of leaders! It is Stalinist party - very much like its ideological pals on the other side - CPM!

Anonymous said...

To a large extent, you are right about Congis but there is also the fact that Tharoor wrote a lot worse about Nehru-Gandhis than Jaswant allegedly did on Sardar Patel. Still, Shahsi is a LS MP and minister in a Congress-led Govt. So tiny but there is a small difference between the two.

Anonymous said...

BJP should invite Raja Bhaiyas, Tiwaris, Surajdev Singhs, Taslims etc. to join it; unlike Jaswant, Shourie, Jaitley (though not Sinha - he has won many times), they can all win seats and get a few extra! And, there should not be any ideological or policy hang-up either: party already has precedent of fielding a convicted drug peddler from Cong as its LS candidate in 2009 elections (although stupid voters, perhaps under jehadi influence/money, did not elect him).

Samudra said...

I do not think one should make it a RSS vs non RSS battle. RSS brings something to the table and non RSS people bring something to the table.

What one needs is leadership which can maximize gains from the two things.

For example, Modi has succeeded in retaining Hindu vote as well development oriented vote at least in Gujarat.

Though he belives in Hindutva, his administration as imbibed modern themes and that's the ideal combination.

KR said...

the 53 % other is hypothetical because of vote splitting by many parties and the hindu vote is divided

The vote is not hypothetical because it exists. What is hypothetical and not exist is the BJP's ability to motivate this vote in its favor.

says who? you the great god who KNOWS HOW MUSLIMS VOTED, just makes up crap .

I'm basing this off Yogendra Yadav's analysis of how Muslims voted in 2004.

the point is very vote counts and the muslims consolidated against bjp

What kind of logic is this which allows 13% to be greater than 80%? The BJP has a choice - it can keep blaming Muslim voters for not voting for it or it can work to market itself to the 53% who did not vote for it or for Congress this time. It might even pick up some Muslim voters from Congress if it positions itself better.

Arun Narendhranath said...


Anonymous said...

The ignorant Indian Nationalist attributes to Hitler a saying by Lord Acton. It reveals a mindset

Anonymous said...

Samudra / KR
100% agreed.

Tarun Malaviya said...

It's about leadership stupid...

Now this must qualify as one of the most dim witted statement I have heard from Ravi Shankar Prasad and the BJP. In an interview on TV yesterday (in an obvious reference to the likes of Jaswant Singh, Sudheendra Kulkarni et. al.) he said that there are these intellectuals who come to the party are rewarded with good posts and then they go away when things don't go as per their wishes, while the average party worker sweats for the party without any rewards for his effort and the sole motive of serving the country and the party.

Well if he was suggesting that now the masses (of the cadre) will lead the masses (the general public) it is downright silly. If he said this in an attempt to boost the morale of the party workers it sounds all too disingenuous.

Looks like, the BJP has forgotten the lessons from the life of Ram (and perhaps also their own history). Only a Ram could have transformed a vanar sena (army of monkeys) into a powerful force that devastated the much powerful army of Ravan. The vanar sena gave itself willingly for Ram. It was their faith in Ram and his cause (that he represented without compromise) that gave them their strength. Led by Ram the vanar sena could win against a mighty demonic army.

So if you e.g. consider me to be a common BJP supporter (a vanar in the BJP’s army) I'd gladly give my time and energy for an inspiring leader. I'm sure that's also true for the hundreds of thousands of the cadres and the ordinary BJP supporters.
People gladly gave their time and energy and even undertook great risks when Vajpayee and Advani provided the leadership. That's what propelled the BJP forward. Leadership. That's what propels an army, a nation, an enterprise forward. Leadership.

All the talk about ‘collective leadership’ is humbug. Shared responsibility? Yes. Collective leadership? That's an oxymoron.

If at all it is that the BJP has to find its next Vajpayee and the next Advani and even the next Jaswant. Surely there must be great talent amongst its cadres but the search cannot be limited to this group.

By the way, the best assaults on the treasury benches in the parliament were led by rebel BJP camp (Jaswat Singh, Yashwant Sinha et. al.). And if the incumbent camp (Advani, Jaitley, Sushma Swaraj et. al. look a little jaded in comparison, it is perhaps their compromise with excellence that has robbed them of their shine.

Anonymous said...

On Jaswants episode..
Sure Jaswant Singh seems to have done something unusual with the Jinnah book.

Does that mean it is the final history of the partition? Can we not treat it as an opinion may be not exactly true , like other opinions ? Sidelining him within the party would have been enough. Especially for the service he has done for the country, he doesn't deserve that treatment. There might be some truth in his criticism of Nehru.

To me it looks like BJP ego seems to have bruised very badly, and can be threatened very easily. I am watching TV which is relaying Arun Shourie's comments about BJP and Rajnath.

BJP is in serious trouble and it is do with its leadership. It's not about Jaswant or Shourie or somebody else.

LKA, Rajnath and Jaitley should make way for new leadership.

Samudra said...

Swapan, What do you make of Arun Shourie?

Seems to be very angry.

Pradip Singh said...

"Right when the party is reeling after the elections, this guy wants to create more controversy and wants the party to put up with that."

This is THE crux of the matter. Jinnah is not the issue.

mpanj said...



Folks, Arun Shourie is now speaking to NDTV and Shekhar Gupta.


Finally, a voice who cannot be cornered or silenced by attributing any ulterior motives to.

Now lets see how the incompetent gang running BJP into the ground, bounces back from here.

To AS' credit he is telling the truth and nothing but the truth.

BTW, those that often accuse him of not speaking up all these years - he points out - how he sent letters to all the high and mighty and not one of these letters was ever leaked to the press.

That is true discipline - the commitment of a true believer.

But nothing was ever done.

People like AS are tendulkars of politics - a rare, rare breed that comes along once in a lifetime.

Hope and pray he succeeds. He is right MB should step in, clean up the stable - lock, stock and barrel and install a new leadership.

But most importantly, install a new constitution - one based on internal democracy.

Have primaries for PM and CM posts.

Ankan said...

Looks like BJP is going to choose Rajnath Singh over Arun Shourie. If they end up choosing Rajnath Singh, I think the party will probably be over.

Anonymous said...

The JS episode is a distraction from the failings of Advani and Rajnath Singh. Everybody is talking abt JS book, while almost everybody in charge of the BJP's electoral strategy continue to enjoy fruits of undeserved office.

mpanj said...


Spitting at Arun Shourie is like spitting in the wind - it will land back on you.

Please refrain from joining the team inside the BJP that is trying to destroy Arun Shourie.

It will only backfire.

Regardless of what Shourieji is saying about our history - he is speaking the truth. However unpalatable it may be.

His voice is that of a true patriot. BJP can ignore his voice at its own peril.

Anonymous said...

When a ship is sinking the rats are the first ones to abandon it, whether bjp sinks or not time will tell, but the rats have shown up.

Samudra said...

Sudheendra Kulkarni ran this highly personalized Advani campaign which did not succeed. From Economic times.

He was also responsible for Vajpayee's HImayat Yatra which flopped in UP in 2004.

I cannot imagine BJP leaders like Vajpayee and Advani allowed a Commie to influence their campaign's strategic decisions.

Swabhimaan said...

agree with Samudra. There are very few who are not self centric. RSS/ non-RSS is incidental until departure from ideology becomes the issue.

Samudra said...

What to make of this super angry man called Shourie?

While I agree with some of his points like Rajnath Singh being a disaster, I cannot understand his method of protesting.

How does this help the party?

That's why RSS gives empahsis on RSS people in the BJP because the rest of them are probably like this, fair weather friends.

Anonymous said...

okay so u r resorting to semantics.

53 % exists but the point is in the indian system the congress ahs a an advantage because it appeses the muslim vote knowing their religous mindset that does not care about performance and the seculars who parade around with osama look alikes and anti-america and ban tasleema and hype varun and modi for pm and guj 2002 after 7 years know that.and media are even more against bjp tahn congress.

so what shuld bjp do pass jaziya aginmst hindus or beter stll make india an islamic country and build a statue to osama to win muslim vote.

yes hindus should vote for bjp

but that does not detract from the advanatge thatc ongress and seculars exploit w ith religous passion of muslims who
does not care as much about development of life here but more about the the here after heaven .

yogendra is a swecularist works for some place developing studies center like congress sponsored jnu ,he actually rigged pre polls in knataka and gujarat to show bjp behind.
he would not be employed by elmedia like congress dogs roy and sardesai.

and u are talking about 2004. well that is the point. in 2009,preelection that is the reason media mafia 24-7 was hyping varun,modi a spm,godhraa nd worked and muslimvote went to upa which wa sthe only anti bjp choice for muslims and congress gained from communists
and tdp and won 206 instead of 142 in 2004.

any way point is muslim vote is easy to win on religion and not on development.and it turns out and is growing in population

so go and tell bjp to compete with congress. we are already heading the islamic sharai way due to grwoiwing islamic vetoe as swapan called it

i am surprised u believe elmedia mafia.see commenter in previous blog who calls gullibility to elmedia mafia a good test for ignornace and stupidity

so what shuld the bjp do compete with

Anonymous said...

excelent panj,great news about modi.

see howmafia amedia hides this and this is the man who will keep congress in power to loot more of the country because the media will use him as bogey to consolidate the growing mulim vote by raking 2002 for ever.

its unfortunate that india except a gujarat run by this godsent patriot will remain backward thanks to the islamic vetoe.

what a mistake these idiots did when partitioningthis country.has any idiot ever done a oxymoron partition like in 47.
no contry was carved out on religion except this stupid hindu majaority contry and yet there is an islamic vetoe making it a defacto islamic country.secularism means uislamic vote in india.

only indi the land of thecowardly stupid treacherous hindus.

and yes there are som elike gopi who actually 24-7 fight patriotsa nd angels like modi.
only hindus can produce such.hindu india does not desrve modi.see how the sit is going after him with media egging on.

not for rajiv and kashmir cms.

sanjay said...


Nobody can do anything when senior BJP leaders wish to rock the boat and hog the limelight. But all this rough weather shouldn't derail the process of rejuvenation/reinvention which we thought/agreed was required and may even have been considered by those it was intended for. Hope the focus is not lost in this turmoil.

Swabhimaan said...

The leaders should explain why Arun Shourie was never given an answer. It is not about loyalty or ideological issues now. How does one protest in the party? How can the BJP have leaders who are scared to even talk?

KR said...

any way point is muslim vote is easy to win on religion and not on development.

See, very few people vote on development in India. They vote on inane things like "secularism" or political concepts like "hindutva" at best and at worst for their caste leaders or those providing them patronage. So, even if Muslims are voting based on their religion, it does not make them any different from the overwhelming majority of Indians out there.

in 2009,preelection that is the reason media mafia 24-7 was hyping varun,modi a spm,godhraa nd worked and muslimvote went to upa which wa sthe only anti bjp choice for muslims and congress gained from communists
and tdp and won 206 instead of 142 in 2004.

The Muslim vote alone does not let the Congress win elections. There are plenty of Hindus who were and are turned off by the BJP to the point where they vote for Congress, another party or just don't turn up to vote.

The point being that all the focus on the Muslim vote is the wrong way forward.

Anonymous said...

If BJP chosses to corner AS it will be a big set back for it. It will prove that some power mongers,apolitical(read AJ ) and coteries chossen by Advanai wants to hold the upper hand.
What ever he says is true to the core. Rajnath ruined BJP in Up now he will do same @ national, AJ cannt contest election but has PM ambition, Advani got the reply from country now so they should accept the truth.

Anonymous said...

BJP is finished. Rajnath said Advani will be leader for 5 or 50 years. But, he will not need that long to destroy BJP, if he has not already done that.

Amit Verma said...

Hi Swapan,

I come from a family of longstanding Jansanghis from Rai Barelli. And it hurts to see a Nationalist Alterative to Congress go down so ingloriously. And Why? Because somebody at the top lacks understanding of the Grassroots.

I can’t understand the inability of the BJP top-brass to recognize the rot and the real reason for the electoral defeat. It was evidently clear in 2004, & in 2009, that BJP/NDA lost out resoundingly due to Electoral absence in Southern States, and due to a steady obliteration in UP.

More pertaining to UP, I fail to understand the lax attitude of the Party in resurrecting its base in its erstwhile stronghold of UP. We all know that the casteist partisanship in UP by Rajnath Singh has eroded the Brahmin, OBC, Khatig base there. I am referring about the unacceptable caste-based alignment between Amar Singh-n-Rajnath Singh. All but to ensure that Kalyan-Singh(OBC) stays out of power and they are able to perpetuate their petty interests.

This has systematically eroded the OBC(57% of the pop) support base of the BJP in UP. Consequently the Party Seat kitty has declined from 61/ 85 in 90’s, to mere 10 / 85 in 2009.

Now I fail to understand One good reason as to why the man responsible for demise of BJP in UP – Rajnath Singh – has been consistently kicked up. Given his Midas touch at destroying the Party Structure and Morale, it is too baffling.

It is Rajnath Singh and his limited IQ that has single-handedly eliminated BJP from UP, Rajasthan and Orrisa. Not satisfied with that, he has ably assisted Congress by successively ousting the mass-base leaders like Uma Bharati & Babulal Marandi. And now he is after Vasundhara. And it was he who eroded the moral authority from Advaniji post the Jinnah-05 fiasco.

I request anybody that can do anything. Please retire this man. Bring-in politics of consensus within the party. And do not commit the mistake of firing Arun Shourie. He is Voltaire of Indian Nationalist Thought. It would be a historical blunder to not heed to his selfless advise.

Anybody who knows Arun Shourie will vouch that he has risked his editorial job in Indian Express(twice) to advance the Ramjanambhomi cause. It is too idiotic to reason that he is revolting because his Rajya Sabha Tenure is ending. Because, if it was the seat that had mattered, he would have sucked-up for it, not criticize for it.

Party will survive through Introspection and not through Self Protection.


Amit Verma

Anonymous said...

I agree.
There is a beautiful story in Mahatma Anand Swami's book. A pious Brahmin - who spent all his time on puja-archana - a chaste life. On the other side of temple lived a courtesan whose time was spent on well....! Both died around same time and went to Yama's Court. Dharamraj sent the harlot to heaven and the pious man to hell. Naturally, he protested strongly and asked for an explanation (you can not do in BJP these days). Yama said, although she was busy with sinful activities, her mind was always fixated on you and your pious life and regret on her lowly life. But, while you were busy with puja, your mind was always fixated on her and ghana-bajana cum raag-rang in her court! So, I am sending you to hell and her to heaven.
That is the fate of BJP and its leaders. They pretend to be pro-Hindu but their mind is always fixated on against this, that or own (if there are no enemies outside). Modern Dharamraj – India’s voters - has sent them to their natural habitat and they will rote there until there is genuine change in chaal, chehara and charitra. What Party direly needs is leadership with integrity, intellect and moral authority at all levels; presently, it is has none at any level.

Anonymous said...

The Acorn:

With current leadership, there is no hope for BJP — none whatsoever! Unfortunately, the party will not disappear. It will stick around as skeleton of its glory days, confined to 50-60 seats in Lok Sabha, left with a loony fringe and Internet warriors, and its leaders will continue to provide entertainment for the nation. All we can do is wait for the next episode of this never-ending saga.

Indian Nationalist said...

All the anonymous guys, be shameful enough to come out with your real name and probably website/link/location.

Dont be opportunists and keep scouting around with half loyalty like Arun shourie and Jaswant singh.

Anonymous said...

I think Arun Shourie is fully justified in his criticism of Rajnath Singh and other leadership. Rajnath Singh has nothing to show for in UP so one has no idea why he should have any say in such important decision makings of the party? It will also be interesting to find out who Shourie is accusing of planting stories in the media? If it is Jaitley, Jaitley is being too cute.

I do not know what Mr. Dasgupta thinks, but my feeling is that the urban voter has a much higher confidence in the integrity of Mr. Shourie than the other jokers who are at the top of BJP leadership. I almost believe what is saying, unless proven wrong.

Anonymous said...

Could u keep us updated more frequently on the happenings inside the BJP? All of us are getting more disappointed by the day with the happenings in the BJP. And if you don't keep us informed, we have to rely on the likes of NDTV and IBN - which only makes us more despondent.

I'm sure you have a better understanding of whats happening in the BJP right now. I think it would atleast keep all of us online warriors of the BJP happy if something positive were to happen. I do follow your other articles on Right Angle, but that is more of analysis. I would prefer some factual material here, some truthful stuff independent of NDTV-IBN kind of news.

I do sincerely hope the party doesn't do something stupid like expelling Arun Shourie. Your thoughts?

The only solace from the sordid affair - Narendra Modi keeping himself clean and not getting involved in this dirty fight - atleast not directly. I think that at the end of the day, he will probably emerge as the only person acceptable to all non-jaswant factions of the party. Hopefully at the end of the day, the party will coalesce around him and we will see a stronger BJP emerge. Your thoughts, again?

mpanj said...

Folks, several of us were despondent in December/January. BJP seemed like a lost cause, but Congress' blunders revived hopes of an anti-incumbency wave.

Now however, in this darkness, I'm feeling a strange sense of hopefulness. Yes Hope-ful-ness.

Its almost as if Shiva is about to consume the venom and deliver us from these idiotic know-it-alls in the BJP.

Mohanji has landed in Delhi and from I have seen of him, even NaMo holds him in high regard. A man not to be messed with.

Also, if you watch AS' interview with SG, he has been very careful not to criticize 3-4 key pillars upon which future of the BJP can be built - RSS, Modi (he offered Modi cover by pointing out that he had offered to resign), State level leadership, democratic institutions, etc.

If BJP can use this crisis to put in place institutions that are based on principles of transparency and democracy, we might see emergence of a real force in the decades to come.

A leader with the ability, vision and courage to bear this burden can easily trounce any Congress/ELM shenanigans.

Deshabhakta said...

well said Swapan Da. Jaswant ji should have been expelled from BJP but not like this. He expressed his views on TV very frequently instead of completely restricting it to party fora. The interview he gave prior to the release of the book did more damage than the book's content. As such there is no need to reinvent Jinnah as a Mahatma. Every Indian soul and body shall always curse the Father of Direct Action Day.
But, Jaswant ji has been with the party for 3 decades! How can the party not seek an explanation from him before expelling? This is totally unceremonious and disrespectful. Disciplinary action also needs to be taken in a disciplined manner.

Anonymous said...

The people who should be thrown out are the ones effecting the expulsions. Shourie's prescription has not come a day too soon: the RSS must exert its moral authority. Can it really act fascist for once?

Anonymous said...

kr u r missing it.

muslims aere a great market segment.they are 20 % and they turn out.they will be 25 % in a few years. so the strategy is mobilize them against bjp with bogeys like modi varun,ayodhya yaers ago ,muthalik. if u cannot see the muslim pasion for religion inshallah every five minues, 5 times naamaz and the comment boards wher all muslims are usually in agreement in hatred for bjp,modi.

to just loosely say some hindus vote for non development shows u need to be brushing up on stats.

ofcourse nothing is 100 % even a school kid knows that.
there will be some muslims voting for bjp and some hindus voting for non development especialy leftists an d fashionable artists who love being left of center and media too.

but u must be ignoranta nd stupid not to know that finally every vote counts and mulim vote is an efficient vote.

please understand i xcannot tecah you basic analysis and cannot give u knowldge lessons for ever.

u talked of 2004 yadav.
i gave u a logical rebuttal that in 2004 congress won 142,and now 206 because muslims had to beat bjp and upa was the only choice an dthe left lost them and so did

every vote counts u idiot,the muslims help a lot because of etheir poulation and turn out.

i cant waste time on u u seem to be ignorant and stupid

see ur points yogendra secularist 2004 data ,rebutted
80 % less than 20 %.idiot congress won with 28 % SO THIS SHOWS EVERY VOTE COUNTS and the muslim bloc is critical with a whopping turn out
so in the vote they are probably 30 %
and even if 2/3 vote for congress then congress locks 20 % right there and that is conservative.

kr post if u have knowledge and analysis.
if u cant do something else.this is not an ego or a me smart contest.
may be u r good at something else or maybe u will get better with brushing up atleast your knowledge.

an d if u believe people like yadav and rajdeep then u r even more moronish that i imagined.

u seem towant to balme bjp and not congress epic fail only bjp.

the point is muslim vote helped congress win 206 and power. congress ahs diveied hindus on caste lines for years and sceulars inmedia hype dalit
caste etc.

and bjp is to be blamed even if it is truly national and least casteist

only in india does good lose to evil thanks to idiots like u here who swarm to blame bjp.

ayodhya united hindus didnt it,but bjp had theese jdu type allies who will not support ayodhya. and u say ayodhya will make them lose muslim vote

so genie ass what is the solution.

andall this assumes ec is neutralw hich it is not.

Anonymous said...

jayalalitha boycotted elections due to ec and rigging.

no idiot here is outraged by this only because iidiots lt the media set the will not talk abvout it because it is congress owned mafia and idiots here dont see that.

it will just gosip about bjp and so wills wapan and idiots here will swarm to this.

idiots an indian oppsitionparty has boycotted elections due to a fraud corrupt referee the ec.

idiots democracy is at stake with congress owned chawla and qureshi.

no u will be comatose.

but if this was cricket then idiots would start smashing property

so what is imprtant cricket but not democracy

and ofcourse rajnath vs jaswant taht is the most imprtant thing,let congess continueits swiss bank loot and misrule.

idiots rich usa acted on swiss banks .
and poor india just hides it and continues it but rajnath vs jaswant is the important issue an dthe only thing bad about india is bjp.

idiots government shudl be exposed but corrupt media hides congress sin and puts spot light on bjp.

in any otehr country government is watched by media.

only in hindu majority india.

but yes modi shuld be hanged by sit egged on by jihaids like tetsta and yes varun shuld be in jail.

i am ashmed to be a hindu.

cowards fine,

slaves fine

traitors fine,

stupid too,not fine

Samudra said...

I was just wondering if Arun Shourie is pissed because they did not make him leader of opposition in Rajya Sabha.

Anonymous said...

In any mature democarcy (America, Canada, Britain, Australia etc), criticizing leadership on policy matters and/or even asking for their resignation or remvoal (Mrs Thathcer is the best case and she was much more dominant or important than LKA, Rajnath or Jaitley will ever be) removal is NOT considered reason for removal, only in our country that is the case. Let us wait and see what does BJP do to its two other more successful ministers - Shourie and Sinha. Two others - Jaswant and Khanduri (both ex military officers) have already been dishonoured and shown the door.

Vinay said...

Losing the last election was very hard on many of BJP supporters like me. However, the behaviour of the party post election is nothing but making me nervous. Why are BJP leader so foolish? Younger leader should take over because they have more at stake than RN Singh and LKA. They need to get out lock stock and barrel to make room for the party to catch up with present time and condition.

Srinivas said...

If Arun Shourie says something, it has to be taken very seriously. His integrity is such that he does not care much for power and pelf. If an intellectual Kshatriya like Shourie is kicked out of the party, there is something seriously wrong with the BJP leadership.

sanjay said...

It may be a cliche to say that for a trained eye an adversity can be an opportunity. on the outside - the way the media is projecting it, bjp seems to be in total disarray with no hope at all, which may be a cause for the bubbly:). But I think bjp won't get a better opportunity than this to undertake major changes badly required by the party. In any other time there would be far too many forces resisting any change at all.

Anonymous said...

You are ashamed to be a Hindu so it will be a good idea for you to become a Christian - that will also help you in USA both professionally and politically.

Samudra said...

If Arun Shourie is indeed angry because he was not made Leader of Opposition in Rajya Sabha, then that's really bad.

I remember he went ballistic after Jaitley was made leader of opposition in Rajya Sabha. That's why he keeps referring to someone planting stories using six journalists. That is apparently directed at jaitley.

Regardless of what happens, BJP current leadership is pretty discredited and the sooner they revamp it, the better it will be.

Irrespective of the motives of Arun Shourie, his behavior does not behoove someone who has been in the party and in the NDA govt as a minister.

Whatever he is saying and doing is affecting not just the leadership but the whole party and supporters.

BJP should definitely clean up its leadership and also get rid of people like Arun Shourie.

Yashwant Sinha is keeping quiet and that's a good thing.

Anonymous said...

One question to everyone : do you think Rajnath Singh will take rest before he turns BJP into absolute crap? If this person becomes successful in installing his people at key positions, as he seems to be doing successfully, then one can say bye bye to this party :)

bjp_supporter said...

it is stupid to suspect arun shourie of motives. way before the 2009 elections, in nov 2008, in an interview to business standard, he said he does not expect to be back in government because 'the current bjp leaders do not consider him reliable'.

Swapan was busy trying to spot contradictions (there were none) in shourie's interview. He could have used the time to discomfit Shekar Gupta and NDTV anchor, by pointing to Shourie's hawkish stands on christian conversion, jihadi terrorism etc and the books he has written on those and see them squirm.

The Hindu writes in editorial today that the RSS chief has a list of 70 loyalists to replace BJP leadership. Bhagwat fended off a question about potential replacements by saying there are many leaders in BJP and he could reel off 80 names right there. This gets twisted shamelessly.

Choosing internal democracy is very important for the party now. swapan had indicated in a post that it is okay for RSS to appoint, if they appoint Jaitley.

Modi, by banning the book, slips down a few notches.

Satya said...

Swapan and Chandan tried their well best yesterday to indict Mr. Shourie in the media. It is unfortunate that Swapan (who is one among the 6 Journalists Shourie attacked) preferred to stay loyal to Jaitley than to the truth (expressed by Shourie). It is worrisome sign that Swapan one who gave up his career only to stand by the values he believed has how decided to back himself and his good Jaitley rather than introspecting the allegations against them.

Off the record many BJP leaders say what has been Mr. Shourie's contribution to the BJP. Our memories are short lived. If we rewind to the past, we will find the a person who gave by his job with the World Bank to write notes for JP and who later had to face 400 odd cases for exposing the corruption of Rajiv Gandhi. The JP Movement & Bofers scam created the much needed political space for the BJP.

PS: RSS sources have confirmed that there will not be any action against Shourie

Indian Nationalist said...

Well, Well Well.....

Jaswant Ji has joined the Samajwadi party and Sudheendhra kulkurni has joined the TNC.

It is time our very own Swapan Da can join Sonias Congress since he is very keenly writing on their behalf for quite some time.

During the process, He can take Arun Jaitley, Venka Naidu, Sushma Swaraj and other traitors along with him.

The BJP would do well without these traitors

Anonymous said...

>>He could have used the time to discomfit Shekar Gupta and NDTV anchor, by pointing to Shourie's hawkish stands on christian conversion,

Well said. On a few occasions in that NDTV interview Gupta tried, as you would expect, to exploit Shourie's answers to extract mileage for his own Congress party. That man makes me sick.

Swapan has slipped a few notches in my view too. The viciousness and cussedness with which BJP top brass is going after dissenters is proof positive (if one is needed at all) of the fact that its electoral defeat has nothing to do with the Hindutva bogey that Swapan tried to suggest immediately after the results. That defeat has everything to do with the people at the helm, the people who are now exhibiting their clay feet for all to see. If politics truly abhors vacuum, then a possible BJP demise should not matter in the long run.

india15august said...

A lot of problems can be sorted out if the party were to become transparent and democratic. let leaders be elected by elections. Once this principle takes hold, leaders will be selected by majority. Once elected, they will be acceptable to all party men, and, party sympathisers.

Why did the BJP 'select' LKA as the Leader of the Opposition? Why not have a proper election? Why do political parties shy away from party elections? If Vasundhara Raje was elected by the MLA's, how can Rajnath Singh ask for her removal? Surely, it is the legislature party which has this right.

Nominated, nominated, nominated! All office bearers in the party are nominated. I nominate you, then, you nominate me, then we all nominate each other. That's party democracy!

Finally, the million Rupee question? Will the BJP survive, or, will a new moderate, democratic alternative emerge from the ashes ? Only time will tell.

Anonymous said...

Many here seem to question Arun Shourie's motives. But the key issue is: are the points raised by him valid? When they are not allowed to speak, they are not called to "Chintan" baithaks, their queries are ignored, what are they supposed to do but take it public? Many BJP supporters have been questioning motives of Jaswant, Sinha, Shourie (and may target Gen Khanduri as well) but one can as well question the motives of actons of Advani, Rajnath, Jaitley and others in the cabal that now controls BJP! What can be more ridiculous than watching those who lost LS elections big time asking Khanduri, Raje etc to take moral responsibilty for the loss and resign. Same way, Jaswant was expelled for Jinnah remarks (later changed to alleged anti-Patel views) but why not Advani whose comment (Patel was forced by Nehru to ban RSS) is more insulting than anything Jaswant wrote. And, what about views of Mr Sudershan and former RSS GenSec (Sheshadri) on partition etc?

BJP leaders are bereft of intellect, integrity and sense of any shame.

Anonymous said...

NaMo has been awarded the FDI Asian personality of the year award

Anonymous said...

Jaswant attacks BJP, compares it to Ku Klux Klan

I think he has crossed the line and now I have zero sympathy for him. How can you say that about party of which you were one of the top leaders for such a long time? His removal - the way it was done - was wrong but that doesn't justify this kind of vitrol. Seems like big leaders of BJP - past, present - have lost their balance and gone mad.

bjp_supporter said...

The carrion birds in the media seem to be backing off of Shourie. Head lines are on trite like some declaring assets, some khan buying ipl and stuff.

If this continues, it is a obvious sign that by not acting on Shourie BJP president has done the right thing.

Even more, the leaks indicate that no action is taken because what Shourie said is nothing against party ideology. Which means Jaswant Singh's praise of Jinnah is against ideology, which means praise of Jinnah is against ideology, which means there is someone else fitting that.. :-) Not that I subscribe to this ideology nonsense, but this is glaring.

Swapan wrote earlier that pressure from below can propel Modi to the top. Shourie said the same thing too, but expanded that to all state leaders. The signal from banning the book is not very positive. We can see where we go from here.

charuvak said...

Sudheendra Kulkarni quits BJP and joins Mamata's high level committee. When Kulkarni said it was BJP's Jinnah policy that made him quit, he was not being completely honest. It was employment or lack of it, that forced him out of BJP.

Anonymous said...

Dil jeet liya yaar. U really put it nicely. I'm tired of telling him's one of the reason I've stopped commenting on his blog.. ideologically bankrupt man like him and Jaitley should quit the BJP if they love it..that's what I can say with heavy heart...Swapan has lost many silent admirers of him (like me) by becoming poodle of Jaitley..worse..he has no commitment to ideology..his understanding of ground politic is also very weak..good to see people like u r still there who can see through the tricks of charlatan.

Anonymous said...

piqued gopi writes

You are ashamed to be a Hindu so it will be a good idea for you to become a Christian - that will also help you in USA both professionally and politically

traitor i say that out of sadness like i would if my father was an alcoholic,

i am ashamed to be a hindu because of shameless jaichands like u who snipe and back stab patriotic hindus like modi who stands up against the impending islamic takeover of india.

people like u are the main raeson i am ashamed to be a hindu.only hindus seem to be producing anti-modi traitors like u. see muslims.they with few exceptions, never even utter a word against osama or shahi imam or antulay like u and these media seculars do against patriotic modi.

wonder how hindus can produce such idiot traitor combos like u. and u hve the nerve to be piqued,u stubborn egotistic twit.

may be there is another explanation,jihadis ahve been preying on hindu women for centuries who have adulterous relationships with them.i guess
that is how jihadi secularisst like u are is the blood.

only hindus have this tribe called secularisst even after the idiots gave away 40 % land to islam without a fight in 1947 not counting afghanistan and kashmir an dthe mini pakistans inside india where punks like u will be scared to go and lecture the mullahs who consider osama here and cheer pakistan ,

idiot if u had some brains u would see the unity among the minorities and pride for their religion.

they dont ahve to trip over sniping seculars like hindus facty they are aided by
self hating dhimmi slaves like u with no self respect.cowards like u will scream at hindus like modi because u know u will not pay for it with the secular traitor group and world muscle of christianity a nd islam on your side. just like that coverted jihadi gropie teeesta and barkha.

disgusting evil.go and do some namaaz and get your daily crumbs from the mullahs and isi for your contribution to jihad.

u r a ghori in disguise.calling urself gopi,what a joke

Anonymous said...

"If Arun Shourie is indeed angry because he was not made Leader of Opposition in Rajya Sabha, then that's really bad......Yashwant Sinha is keeping quiet and that's a good thing"
Dear immature, ill informed Samundra it seems u r brainwashed by the propaganda of Swapan. Kicking Shourie means intellectual bankruptcy of the BJP. BJP and RSS r already dead. But they can survive in some states. But if we follow ur advise then it'd be like writing complete obituary.

Samudra said...

Rajnath Singh has been an unmitigated disaster for the party.

See how he is out to make Raje resign.

Arun Shourie really has a problem with Arun Jaitley. Wonder why? Today RSS guy Vaidya also said that the way Jaitley was appointed leader of Rajya Sabha was wrong.

Wonder who is right and who is wrong. Anyway we know who the loser is: BJP.

With all this crap flying around, I think getting a new leadership like Shourie suggests is the best way out of this mess.

In any case, the party is paying for not having a successor after Atal Advani.

Srinivas said...

why not have direct elections for the leader of the parlimentary party with Advani and RSS as the referee. That will ignite a positive media frenzy and show the BJP to be the most democratic party.

The BJP should incorporate modern management principles in its functioning. Transperent finances, elections for all party posts, clear cut tasks and performance audits for all leaders. For too long has the party functioned in an ad-hoc manner relying on the brilliance of LK Advani. Now that he has become old and is losing his powers, the party is coming apart.

Srinivas said...

So it seems that Jaswant Singh is not a decent fellow afterall. I read from accounts around 2001 that the fellow was a snob with an exaggerated sense of royalty. For, eg. he would treat most BJP colleagues like dirt, but would show excessive courtesy and cermony while receiving that corrupt chor called Captain Amrinder Singh. Apparently this Amrinder fellow belongs to the same Rathore clan as Jaswant, and in Jaswant's parallel universe of ex-royals and other such have-beens, outranks him

So what dd this, and his KKK remarks suggest ?? That jaswant singh stayed in the BJP only for power and pelf, and not for any real ideological reasons. The samajwadi pary would be a good match for him

Indian Nationalist said...

DEMOCRACY itself is a western concept imbibed on Bharat.

Democracy is just a rule for the elite where the middle class and lower classes have no rights whatsoever.

Demanding democracy itself is very foolish.

Is there democracy in Sonias Congress?. Absolutely NO.

Yes we need Dictatorship and nomination from Top to Bottom since that will only bring the loyalists and not traitors like Jaswant singh, Arun Jaitley and others.

ARUN SHOURIE is correct - Rajnath Singh, LK Advani, Arun Jaitley, Sushma swaraj and Venka Naidu should be KICKED OUT OF THE BJP.

These are congress agents within the BJP.

Dosent Mohan Bhagwat know about this?.

The new leadership of the BJP should goto Murli Manohar joshi, Narendra Modi and Varun Gandhi.

Only the trioka of Joshi, Modi and Varun can save the BJP.

Samudra said...

Anonymous, Please take your lecture elsewhere and try to be a little civil.

Please read all my comments before writing.

Anonymous said...

Who put Rajnath there? RSS.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Why drag me into your tirade as I had nothing to do with the comment. And, draging-in my 86-yr mother, you only showed, you have no-class. About my Hinduness, I do not need certificate from anyone, least of all from likes of you. Go and get a life, and do something constructive.

I wonder why Swapan allows this kind of personal garbage unless he wants sober people to go away from his page as well which seems to be the goal of this man.

Samudra said...

There are multiple theories about Rajnath. One being that LKA put him there.

Also, I think delhi coterie might have used RN SIngh to downsize Kalyan in UP.

That;s why I say that Shourie's idea of replacing all the leaders makes sense.

The credibility of this leadership is damaged.

Anonymous said...

Central leaders now have almost zero credibility both in party and general public. They are not idiots so one has think why they are doing this. Any idea?
Edit in today's Pioneer called for Central Leadership to Act Now:"BJP’s central leaders should focus on measures that will prevent the party from suffering further erosion of its image in popular perception." And, Pioneer is the voice of Advani Cabal in the party. Let us wait and see what comes out of the Delhi sojourn of the RSS Chief.

Samudra said...

Thanks to the super intellectual Jaswant Singh, Congress is slamming BJP/RSS for their criticism of Nehru. And I being a BJP supporter agree with Congress/Pranab.

Instead of talking about price rise and drought, the bufoon has made Jinnah the point of debate.

I think this Jaswant Singh fellow should have been kicked out a long time ago.
Every day he shows that he is nothing but a self serving pompous SOB.

Swabhimaan said...

Arun Shourie should be the party president. He knows who should be doing what and what way. He has the required skills and is also not a no-RSS person. Perfect!

Anonymous said...

RSS will never make AS president - he is too free to be controlled by Nagpur. They will bring some non-entity from states and things will remain same way. Let us wait and see if they see the light and do the right thing.

Anonymous said...

I agree but some blame has to be apportioned to BJP leaders - if they had ignored, this will not become THE issue. The self-serving cabal got this god-sent to divert attention from them to him / book. Nobody is now even talking about that meet or issues to be discussed theres, something that suits LKA Pvt Ltd perfectly!

sanjay said...

In a democracy losing two elections in a row is par for the course. And so is dissidences, differences of opinion, or even rebellion, especially in the Indian context. But by refusing to invite top leaders for the Chintan Baithak, BJP has shown that they are running away from debate.
Jaswant Singh's last minute non-inclusion is understandable. Yashwant Sinha could have been included even if he lost his vice-presidentship on disciplinary grounds, but not inviting Arun Shourie for Chintan Baithak was a monumental blunder, even the staunchest supporters of BJP will never forgive the present BJP leadership for that.
Arun Shourie may not be a vote getter, but is this what the party's principles have come to??

Anonymous said...

Namskar all my beloved brothers and sisters,
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Samudra said...

All the Vajpayee's men are out to get Advani and Advani should just resign. Rajnath should also resign.

Let the party make a fresh start. That is the best for the party.

The kandahar issue is making Advani look real bad. He should just resign.

Also, it is important for the party not to lose the moderates like Yashwant, Shourie etc.

Hence, it is in the best interest of the party that Advani step down and Rajnath step down there is a unifying or neutral face in the party.

bjp_supporter said...

Playing a bit of Devil's advocate here - I see a lot of criticism of Advani of late (like the tag LKA Pvt Ltd here). I am not sure if this is coming from unattached supporters or from 'committed' individuals.

Shourie said LKA and Vajpayee were not on speaking terms. This actually paints Vajpayee in a poor light as well - even if Shourie praised him as inclusive figure etc. If Vajpayee was not on speaking terms with such a close/long lasting colleague like LKA that does not make him a very tall leader.

Some of the political decisions of LKA (if it is true that he prevented Modi being ousted) have been very correct - Without Modi, given the infighting in gujarat BJP, BJP could have lost 2002 or definitely 2007. Sacrificing a chief minister after a riot is not necessarily a very bright move.

Shekar Gupta has a habit of writing stories involving dear departed leaders. He once wrote that Mahajan was very angry about Modi rising(Mahajan reportedly called him a backroom boy, late entrant etc). Mahajan was largely a Vajpayee faction man then. Between a person who cant win his seat in his state and another who goes on to draw crowds even in distant TN, the choice is not very difficult.

Replacing Uma Bharti in MP was a very right political decision too.

People say nice things about Kalyan Singh now. But he did not cover the party or himself in glory either.

Normal hiring decisions for very normal jobs go wrong lot of the times. Choices for top political jobs can go wrong too, but LKA has also got it right.

If I ran this blog, I would try to find out from where do those comments about LKA come from :-)

Samudra said...

AS is not suited to be party president. Party president needs to be a mass leader.

That is why AJ is also not a good candidate.

Samudra said...

Anonymous, I am just a regular guy.

The thing is LKA is the tallest leader in the BJP but I think it is time he has to retire.

Ofcourse keeping Modi was the right choice as we have seen.

LKA has made a lot of right decisions and is highly respected in the party, more so than Vajpayee. If you look at Vajpayee's men, they are all outsiders who came in later. The only exception is Jaswant.

Having said that, the way out of the present crisis is for LKA and RN Singh to retire. The sooner it happens the better it is.

Otherwise, there could be a split in the party that no BJP supporter wants.

With RSS also for young leaders, I cannot see how LKA can continue.

Roy said...

Swapan : Even some tentwalla retainer could have written it based on press clippings

Nirad Baboon'd follower ehhh!

Anonymous said...

I think the BJP has hit the bottom. Why? All the men that ABV put on the frontline - JS, AS, YS, BM - have come out against the party. Both JS and BM can get back at LKA but not much more. AS can criticize the party but his heart is anti-establishment and he will soon get back to doing that. YS has political ambitions left and will not go too far if he thinks he will be booted out; will be difficult for him to get into any other party. Most state leaders, including VR and BCK are essentially LKA's people and are being hounded by RS. I think the correct course of action for the BJP is to 1) get rid of the joker RS 2) let the four men mentioned above continue their kiss and tell tales, media will exhaust it sooner or later and 3) start putting things in order under LKA'a guidance. All this could not have come at a better time for the party. The election is lost and they need to start reconstructing; there is not much else to lose at this point. LKA built the party before and has the record of putting able men like BCK, SSC, NM and SSM in charge of states. If he has the confidence of RSS, these folks can kick and scream but we know who will call the shots.

Samudra said...

Swapan, This Advani Vajpayee struggle is tearing the party apart.

Please convey to the party bosses that they need to do something quick. Otherwise there will be long term damage to the party.

As Shourie said, a jhatka is needed and halal is not adequate.

Anonymous said...

I think the above article gets is right on the mark. All the Vajpayee's people have joined ranks against Advani. This is their final assault but I have a feeling that RSS's faith in Advani will save him. The best way for Advani will be to just get rid of these folks one by one and let them do as many interviews as they want to do. Go back to getting honest and upright people in the party like he did in the 90s. Of course Advani will have to keep bearing huge assaults from the media. As the article puts it, while Advani opted for the committed journalists Vajpayee scouted people like Vir Sanghvi and Shekhar Gupta who have since moved to the Congressi camp. These guys will hound Advani, but BJP needs to have just ONE camp for smooth functioning and that is the only way to go.

Rightist Rashtravadi said...

Great Article by Arun Shourie in the IE! A real delight to read...Describes what BJP has become..Amazing description

Pls do read the masterly treatise by Arun Shourie full of imagery, innuendo and fertile instigation , hope this atleast revives the dead horse, the party.

Ha ha ha ha -- too good! Now the Humpty Dumpty and Alice references in the interview fall in place nicely!

The legendary whistle blower Arun Shourie at pinnacle of exposing the sordid men of a party with differences. FINALLY, I have lost all respect for Jaitley, and other less-obvious leaders in the revelation.

Many secularists (Hindu-haters who are too scared to criticize jehadis) and left-wingers are delighted at the events unfolding in BJP. For some, the pleasure is almost orgasmic. They are in for a nasty surprise.Congress has seen many more rebellions and even a couple of vertical splits (latest being NCP created after Pawar and gang left), and yet today it is in power. Surely, the BJP is in a better state.Jaswant Singh is a creation of the leftist media, the guy cannot even win an election on his own. After 30 years, the hypocrite discovered that the BJP is not that great!Mr Shourie is a good man with high integrity, and he will help clean-up the BJP.Can you imagine a similar debate inside the Congress? If it ever did happen, there would be more than just one expulsion. For this very reason, i say that BJP will bounce back.

Anonymous said...

hey gopi/ghori,

modi has a mother too,u idiot and she has not conceived a traitor like u who called a patriot like him a a mass murderer.

ha u get hurt for being a traitor but u cand ur sceular traitor club can abuse a patriot like 24-7.

and now u are talking about censoring comments.

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even now hindus girls are raped and preyed
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and people like u are not the only one who has mothers.

modi does too.

u can give your shit to modi but cant look in the mirror wow.

and now u are crybabying to swapan

Anonymous said...

yeah samudra read my comment to ghori/gopi.

i dont belive in being civil to idiots who waste others time with half knowledge and are hurting
india by studiously avoiding the islamic factor in india even after the partition and kashmir genocide.

civil my ass.u are a barbarian jumping in without brains and knowledge and wasting my time.

Satya said...

Just two days back Mr. Shourie alleged that Arun Jaitley is planting news in the media with the help of 6 journalists and today one of the six journalists has reiterated Mr. Shourie's stand.

mpanj said...

Folks, by Feb '10, NaMo will be in place - With the Sangh finally in perfect alignment with the BJP.

NaMo was once asked what department he would prefer if moved to Delhi - his answer 'Anti-corruption'. BJP needs NaMo like cancer needs radiation.

This Bhagwat-Modi combination could do wonders not only for the BJP but also for Mother India.

I feel better every day.

Jai Hind.

p.s. Swapanda, its time to abandon AJ. As much as we respect you and your work, between Mr. Mitra and you, we cant tell who is losing credibility faster. Stop defending this BJP coterie. They have proven to be as shallow and power hungry as their counterparts in the Congress.

Samudra said...

Modi is the only mass leader with credibility throughout the country.

Bringing Modi to Delhi will be the right decision but what will happen to Gujarat?

Anonymous said...

dear sd,
i am sure once in your life you must have felt pain in your heart for the hungry ,homeless,poors on footpath,as they do not deserve the same,after millions of tax payments,to cong.etc.governments in 60 years.don`t you think the conspiracy of coovering up swissetc. moneyissue dangerously by all democratic institutions today headed by mms(to protect corrupted in power at the cost of depriving poors)abetter issue for your blog?
gujarati voters always prefer no-corruption and trasperancy which namo has forgotten and will pay the price for his invention of relative corryption.namo and lka has seriously cheated voters,raising swiss moneyissue at the time of election and then forgetting it ,which fits in the defination of s.415,420 in ipc.namo has spoiled his image by such false promise and soft on corruption,health related issues.he has done blunder by banning j`s book violating right of expression,which can be seen on his blog also not including any critics.don`t know after ignoring swiss money what namo is celebrating on 15th aug.?

Anonymous said...

I never called Mr Modi mass-murderer! Some one else did, not me, but it shows how blind and stupid you are. I did not say anything about him as a person, his parentage or his mother - you did that twice. But, then, what else can we expect from mentally deranged.
Any way, like most others here, I have no interest in having any discussion with a swine and mad-dog (apology to pigs/dogs). And, watching mad dog like daily rant and then using sperm-migration theory, I do wonder .....!

Anonymous said...

What BJP needs the most at present is a wise leader who gets along with every side, is respected, has integrity and moral standing - if LKA had resigned, his moral standing would have been enhanced and he could have become the elder statesman under whose gusidnace (and with a new party chief), party would have started its recovery. For whatever reasons, he decided to not and instead became factional leader. Now, there does not seem to be anyone. The spats of past few months have generated so much bad blood & left all sides damaged. I heard a BJP MLA from Raj levelling allegations about him - it has become so bad now. We need a Khastriya with Brahmin mind to get it back on feet and start running! For now, all one can do is offer prayers and hope for best that wisdom returns to leaders and they ALL go on a Maun Vrata until Diwali. That will take our BJP-baiting media out of equation, things will cool down a bit and focus will shift to real problems and that may give both BJP and RSS some breathing time! A big IF.

Editor - said...

The Sarsanghchalak is clearly trying to distance himself from micro-management, but, does not leave any doubt that RSS will not support a BJP that veers too much from core ideology. In our opinion, BJP can never come to power in India if it continues to stick to Hindutva. BJP has to become a right-of-center party that only espouses nationalism and governance issues. Move to core ideology may make the cadres motivated (as happened in UP due to Varun Gandhi's irresponsible utterances), but, the electoral return will always be disappointing.

sanjay said...

I don't know what finally comes out from the introspection, but I am convinced that BJPs problems are concerned with their communication strategy, or rather the lack of it. BJP seems to be fixated with the so called main stream media, which hardly represents the main stream population. In USA or Britain this may be a fact, where politicians can most effectively communicate with the people through television, but that is hardly the case in India. ten years back the news channels as we know them today didn't even existed, BJP rose from 2 seats to majority in parliament without winning a single television debate. Some time during the NDA tenure they got this fixation, the entire election campaign of 2004 revolved around an advertising campaign, consequently they lost touch with the masses, and are yet to reconnect. Why don't they learn from smaller partie like BSP, RJD, JD(U), PDP... they connect with the masses without appearing on tv, they defend or justify themselves whenever hounded by the establishment-poodle-media in Public. But BJP prefers the Janta ki adalat as hosted by Rajat Sharma to the real thing.

Anonymous said...

Here is the extract of my letter sent to the Prime Minister.
Dear Prime Minister
When I decided to do, in my humble way, the 10 most right things I should do for my nation before l die, I thought of making a clarion call to all the passionately concerned and relatively free people like me to join the chain. But no, I am neither a leader nor a preacher so I decided to do just my part. The first among the 10 was ‘the illegal DTH services of Indian companies in our neighboring countries’. Pakistan being foremost, from where the gang of Indian fugitives holds the reins of this syndicate, exhorted me to pick this issue first from my list. The domain knowledge I had of the subject added the clarity and confidence. Naively, I believed that in a reasonable time span I will bring this brazen violation to the fore and put the government in action to halt the damage and book the offending companies. I was awfully wrong. It has been more than a year today, and I have reached nowhere in spite of my relentless efforts.
Like I have written to you the incontrovertible details of this colossal illicit business spread across countries, I sent the same to around 500 ‘sitting’ MPs of both the houses. I am not counting the journalists and the activists here, because they have long back stopped taking up the issue that don’t tantalize them and fit into their scheme. Writing to the law-enforcing agencies was like banging your head to the ramparts of an eerie monument. The response has been a zilch, and the action nothing more. All these MPs are using the domain of, believably allotted to them in public interest. Why do they have the official mail ids’ and why are these ids’ made public when not a single one of them answers, or even acknowledges a query? Is it a fa├žade to create a false notion and beguile the people that how accessible their representatives are? This dance of the dark shadows is tragic, and Kafkaesque…..
Earnest Regards