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Friday, October 16, 2009

Transactional politics under the marquee

When the results of the Assembly elections are declared next week, they are likely to show a clean sweep for the Congress in Haryana. The exit polls are unanimous on this point and reports from the ground also suggest a one-sided race.

Whatever anti-incumbency mood exists against the Bhupinder Singh Hooda Government has been dissipated by a three-way split in the opposition votes. A grand alliance against the Congress may be what the doctor ordered but there was never any chance of Om Prakash Chauthala and Kuldeep Bishnoi joining hands. Yet, there could have been a more credible contest had the BJP (which is the fourth party in the race) entered into an alliance with either Chauthala or Bishnoi.

There is a story behind the BJP's suicidal policy of going it alone, a step that may at best yield a couple of seats.

Why was the alliance with Chauthala's INLD broken? There was no decision of the BJP Parliamentary Board and neither was the matter referred to the NDA convenor to resolve.

According to INLD sources, Chauthala was willing for a 61-29 division of seats, the basis on which the earlier Assembly election was fought. Quite inexplicably, the BJP demanded a 45-45 division, a preposterous suggestion, which Chauthala naturally rejected. The BJP then unilaterally announced the end of its alliance with INLD.

However, Bishnoi was also interested in a tie-up with the BJP. He had been interested even during the LS poll. Bishnoi was also more accommodating in terms of seats and there was a harmony between the social bases of both parties.

The BJP, it seems, was not interested. It said that there was no question of acknowledging Bishnoi as a CM candidate in the unlikely event the alliance won. The talks ended without ever becoming serious.

The overall impression was that the BJP was not serious about defeating the Congress. It actually seemed intent on giving Hooda a walkover.

The grapevine in BJP circles now indicate that this partiality towards the Congress didn't stem from ideological pig-headedness but from straight forward commercial compulsions.

At the heart of the matter is a property development company, with capital drawn ostensibly from overseas tax havens but controlled by a NRI relative of a well-known BJP fixer. That company, which has suddenly acquired a high profile in both Haryana and outer Delhi was the instrument by which the Congress neutralised the opposition--by keeping it horribly divided.

The whole thing was a straight-forward commercial quid pro quo.

The same group of carpetbaggers are also behind the persistence with which Vasundhara Raje is being targeted.

The rot is at the top of the BJP. The RSS ombudsmen know about it but choose to keep quiet. No wonder some fixers are happy to deal with these ideological warriors. It's a question of low investments and high returns.

As the BJP drifts into irrelevance, some leaders have decided to mortgage politics to commerce. Haryana is a shining example of the perversions that have crept in.

No wonder the Congress is having a ball. It has managed the BJP. A sobering thought for this festive season.


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Anonymous said...

You were invited by RSS at their meet a couple of weeks back, and their is a general impression that you are close to both BJP and RSS top brass, you could have raised this issue with them. One explanation could be that, BJP wants to be a true national party and not be a side kick of various regional parties. Otherwise, it reflects on the competency of the present leadership whose overhaul is long overdue.

zoomindianmedia said...


If what you have written is accurate that would reflect continuing mono dimensional nature of native Indian power players and the skewed nature of Indian democracy.

History records that the muslim fanatic Aurangzeb's wars were funded by native businessmen.

Corruping nature of Money is well known.

I wish to point out that the corrupting influence of money on India's electoral landscape is not new. Since jawaharlal nehru's it has been present; Congress I (islami-isai) knows best how to subvert electoral process through abuse of commercial considerations. C Rajagopalachari and others highlighted the issue long ago.

BJP would do well to learn how to handle commercial considerations for benefit of native Indians.

Anonymous said...

The way RSS sidelined Advani(Collective Leadership). It looks like RSS has been bought over by Congress and ISI. RSS deserves a Nishan-e-haider from ISI and Bharat Ratan award from Congress.


Arun said...

Despite the heavy and sensible opposition from Jaitleyji, the tie up with INLD was finalized by Rajnath, Sudhanshu & S Swaraj with outside support from Sukbir faction of SAD. Finally the results showed that Jaitley's argument on a suicidal tie up with INLD was true.

But i feel it is a good decision on the part of BJP to go it alone in the assembly elections. Had BJP tied with HJC after the Lok Sabha defeat, it would have again ended up as the B team in another state. BJP by playing spoiler to HJC in this election has ensured that Bhajan lal cannot survive if BJP is to take away a small slice of the Punjabi voteshare. This defeat in Haryana should be used as an opportunity to ensure that Bajanlal merges his party with BJP.

By the next election INLD will be reduced to a sub-Jat party with majority of the Jat (22%) going to Congress. The discomfort between Jats & Dalits will ensure the further erosion of Dalit votebase of the congress. Its time BJP pushes for the merge with HJC and emerges as the force representing (39%) of the Punjabi's in the state.

पंकज बेंगाणी said...

This is not a first incident when BJP seems to be in a suicidal mode. Party has excellent record in this regard.

Happy Diwali Swapan.

Jaideep said...

How mnay seats do you really think BJP would have got in alliance with Chautala or Bishnoi? It will be interesting to see if BJP on its own can improve its vote share. If it does going alone might turn out to be the right move.

offstumped said...

This semi final mindset is not just flawed but will prove to be fatal for the BJP

time to bring this avatar to an end it has outlived its moral purpose.

seadog4227 said...

Remember the song from The Doors, " This is the end my friend, the end....".There are depths to be plumbed it seems......

Anonymous said...

BJP leaders are destroying the party. BJP does not even have candidates to contest all seats in Arunachal. Sushma is not making any effort to revive the party in Haryana. Its time an inspiring leader takes over - like Modi.

Anonymous said...

There was a PTI report last week quoting VHP president saying '99% congress men want ayodhya temple'. An article by Togadia in organizer before that, which read like a justification for sections of the 'parivar' to work for another party. Makes one wonder.

mats said...

SD, there is a need for a conservative ('right-wing' if you prfer) party in India to counter Congress (which is more of a centrist/ left-off center party).

I remember your expressing this opinion in a TV debate some time back('India needs a robust Right-wing party..').

I think you are wrongly aligning your inclination for Conservatism with the politics of BJP, which is merely a religious fundementalist party with vicious sectarian agendas, not unlike religious parties with extreme agendas, anywhere in the world, that have nothing to do with Conservatism as it is understood in Europe or America. I am not saying Conservatism in India should be fashioned after how it is practised in Europe/ America. But a religious party like BJP is hardly the place for people like you, who if I am not mistaken, yearn for conservatism in politics, but not religious extremism and sectarianism.

Balaji said...

there is only man who can end this farce. Modi.

by ending, i mean, completely liquidate the party in one or two years. Modiji, please come and rid the country of BJP. we need to move on.

Anonymous said...

BJP as a party is over. Handing over a state like Haryana to the Congress is shameful.

They will not be able to get more than 100 seats in Maharashtra.

I have lost all faith in the party. It is a rotten party with pretensions of being clean, nationalistic blah blah.

Jai Ho Congress and Rahul.

Samudra said...

Kudos to Swapan Dasgupta for exposing BJP leadership for what it is worth. I had no idea that the rot is so deep.

Die hard BJP supporters like myself should not be spending time trying to defend or support a party like this.

This party deserves to die and it will be irrelevant soon.

Arun said...

Where Swapan got it wrong in Right & Wrong:

"The same group of carpetbaggers are also behind the persistence with which Vasundhara Raje is being targeted.

The rot is at the top of the BJP. The RSS ombudsmen know about it but choose to keep quiet. No wonder some fixers are happy to deal with these ideological warriors. It's a question of low investments and high returns."

Swapan has used flowery language ("carpetbaggers", "some fixwers") to describe the "Villans" inside the BJP. Thats probably because Swapan very recently wrote an article in the Times of India titled "Bust the myth of good over evil" where he insisted that the notion of "Evil", "Villain" is a myth.

Hope Swapan will give a rethink to his assumptions and conclusions on "Good" and "Evil". The state of internal affair in the BJP is no less than a fight between "good" and "evil".

Lets all (including Swapan who seems to have a different take on mythology) pray this Diwali with spirual fever for the good to prevail over the evil so that the "Narakasura" (Evil -Rajnath & Co) is destroyed by "Lord Krishna" (Good - NaMo + AJ)by the Diwali of Jan 2010.

Arun said...

Another avathar of "The Evil" who ducks the question which hurts the "Red Flagwallas" the most:

Given the nature of your politics, how come you haven't dissociated yourself from your big, MNC publisher and shifted to a smaller, perhaps not-for-profit publisher?
Well, I could also write these essays and stand outside the station and distribute photocopies. It's very complicated. This system doesn't leave you the option of being pristine. If you write a book, even if it's a book on political stuff, you get royalties, you put it in the bank; even if you don't do it, the bank invests the money in the stock market, so none of us can be pure, really. And if you are, then you have to live in your own purity and outside of engaging. In that pursuit of pristineness, you end up being ineffective in some way. I have to live with certain contradictions, as do all of us.

For more of Evil text & Evilisms

Anonymous said...

Why don't u tell these things to RSS and write abt this in ur columns ?

Anonymous said...

At one time Swapan was a leading light of Conservative Hindu movement. Now he has become a lackey of Arun Jaitley, planting stories on his behalf. If one sees his last 4-5 posts it is all about one RSS guy said this, one BJP guy said this, one RSS guy plotting this & that. A broader vision is expected for BJP by him. Anyway anyone would prefer a Congres govt. in Haryana rather than a state BJP which says it will ban western music if it comes to power.

mpanj said...


Various commentators, Swapanda, Kanchanda, Offstumped, and others, have suggested the quite and quick burial of BJP in its present form.

If BJP should be politically euthanized, what do we replace it with?

Infact, with what, how and who?

Remember, BJP took decades to reach 180 seats and was facilitated by a series of mistakes and missteps by Congress and the pseudosecular establishment.

Most importantly, BJP and the larger sangh parivar was led by stalwarts, yet untainted by the vixens of power and corruption.

The list of today’s fallen BJP leaders, reads like a who’s who from those momentous days. Kalyan Singh, Rajnath Singh, Pramod Mahajan, Uma Bharti, LKA.

The baggage accumulated during years of power at the center and in various states is hard to jettison. It’s stench will be hard to scrub.

The only real answer is a brand new leadership.

But leadership alone will not do.

Like pieces on a chess board, several variables need to be adjusted, deftly, to bring about a change in fortunes.

But before a solution is formulated, we need to understand the underlying terrain.

What is India thinking? What are the challenges (micro and macro) she faces in the near and distant future? What type of leadership is she demanding? What does her demographic profile look like?

But most importantly, how will the dynastocratic interests, entrenched in the family business of politics, view and react to any attempts at change.

Will they use their immense power and reach to defang any new leadership and institutions that are installed?

mpanj said...

That our electorate has become increasingly cynical is beyond doubt. This cynicism is evident from the low voter turnout to the use of liquor and cash to win votes.

Voters cant be so naive as to sell their votes for a bottle of hooch and a week’s worth of ration.

What drives this behavior is the feeling (fast turning into belief) that all political formations are the same.

Saab saale chor hai.

That NaMo can work tirelessly, stand tall and still concede 40% of the vote to Congress, is a telling indicator on how our electorate views the political firmament.

Another anchor weighing down BJP is a lack of geographical reach. You cannot be absent from a third of the nation and expect to rule from Delhi.

Already, BJP is fighting with only 60% of the potential votes (with minorities 20% and Dalits 20% seldom voting for the party) up for grabs.

What if we turn this disadvantage on its head? Kill two birds with one stone.

How about if the BJP/Sangh creates a ‘Citizen’s Council’.

Council will comprise of prominent Indians – Dr. Abdul Kalam, Baba Ramdev, Dr. Anil Kakodkar, etc.

The only criteria being a strong and proven nationalistic political orientation and a proven record of public service.

Allow this council to suggest candidates in states where BJP is politically absent and put the organizational might of the Sangh behind these candidates.

Such a program will not only enthuse and motivate BJP workers but also help address the growing cynicism plaguing our country.

If some of the selected candidates do not wish to fight on a BJP symbol – let it be. Support them anyway.

BJP has nothing to lose.

This plan could be tried in WB assembly elections and then again in UP. Both states in which BJP is irrelevant (or getting there fast).


Lessermortal said...

Offtopic, but you must write about the HRD ministers skewed priorities and his penchant for playing to the gallery. Millions of children don't have access to basic education which can empower them to be on their own in the cut throat competitive world and not be dependent on mai-baap govt and NGOs for schemes like NREGA just to make their ends meet. Why is he obsessed with IIT and IIM where only a fraction of students have access to?

seadog4227 said...

Dear Samudra,
Why go from one extreme to another?
Have you not seen what the Congress has wrought over the last 60 years?
Are you not aware what the Congress is still doing now and how incompetent it is?
Is not the BJP in power and doing well in several states?
Is there any other party that can engage the left on the massive distortions in Indian history?
Again...why go from one extreme to another?
Wait and watch......

Anonymous said...

Swapan the BJP fixers, the RSS deviants were always there. When the party was on the ascendance, when they did their part in bringing BJP to power in the Centre, in the states, everything was ok with them. Now when BJP is out of power, those with connections in the media paint them as the one responsible.
If you think BJP can be purged like in China & North Korea, that will never happen.
When an elitist arrogant group is hell bent on a collision course with a rustic arrogant group within the party itself, it will only spell doom for the party. The best part will be to sit across the table & sort it out.
Sadly that will not happen.

Anonymous said...

The results / trends in Haryana clearly indicate the complicity of BJP leadership with Congress to help later win the haryana elections. Allaince btwn BJP and INLD or HJVC would have had a good chance to defeat Cong there. Soooooooo sad. But as Kanchan Gupta wrote on his blog - does anyone care?

venkatesh said...


You need a politician who can be ruthless, dedicated and one who is not distracted easily. I dont seen anyone in the BJP with the exception of NaMo. What you suggest works in a world of NGOs perhaps, but in real politik, we need a Vikramaditya and Chanakya.

I am happy that people are writing the BJP off, so the new leadership will have a complete independence to mould the program in the way they think suits the needs of the new world. It can be a great thing if they get it right or a terrible thing if they get it wrong. Being eternally optimistic, I am confident that something positive will come out of the Samudra Manthan

M. Patil said...

I wrote on Oct 16 on Kanchans blog:

"With EVMs impossible is now possible. BJP after winning consolation prize(byelection wins) is happy to bury EVM fraud issue.

I am I the only one who is wondering if BJP actually wants to win or not?"

I am not the least surprised. I actually predicted Congress victory. I do not think this is because of Raj or MMS or Sonia. Sonia must thank Naven Chawla and EVMs.

But, What is the prinicipal opposition party (BJP) doing?

Anonymous said...

Top Dilli BJP leadership is either in pay of Sonia G and/or open to her blackmail. Nohing else can explain what has been going on in BJP.

mpanj said...


true. But can NaMo make a difference in WB or TN or AP? These states control 110 seats. Thrown in UP and smaller places like Arunachal, Sikkim, Kerala, etc. and even NaMo with all his brilliance will be hard pressed to find a way to win.

He would have to score a 4 on every ball to win the match.

All I'm saying is - why not make virtue out of neccessity and use this tactic to win back some of the cynical (10% of total vote) middle class voter who has abandoned the electoral process.

In states where BJP is completely absent (take UP, BJP would be lucky to win 3rd place in the next assembly election) why not offer the middle class hope of a new type of politics.

Make Arun Shourie head of this citizen's council and have Baba Ramdev, Dr. Kalam etc. approve candidates.

If the experiment fails - fair enough - atleast BJP can go back and claim that they are trying something new.

Currently, BJP comes across as a poor cousin of Congress - Corrupt, inefficient, with a lot of noise.

Having said that, these are just tactics - someone needs to sit down and take a 30,000 feet view of the political landscape and its likely contours over the next 30 years.

Understand all variables - Demographic change (youth, rise of minorities, female empowerment, etc.), External and internal security threat, water scarcity, food shortage, etc.

Use this research to then formulate a broad-based strategy and work out individual tactics.

Currently, its a 1000 (well meaning) voices going nowhere, fast.

KR said...

I hope the BJP does not use the fact that they increased vote share in Maharashtra as an excuse to avoid getting a new team in place.

Indian Well Wisher said...

BJP Haryana results - analysis:

Some good points for BJP in Haryana results.

Anonymous said...

Swapanji how about you becoming a reporter in some "shani dev" News channel or Editor of "Manohar kahaniyan", writing articles based on grapevine, apple wine, heresay, without any sense of accountability. If this is the state of intellectuals in the BJP, what would be that of the ordinary ones. No wonder BJP is in such a situation.

venkatesh said...


I am a businessman and I understand the language of business. I am not suggesting NaMO will be as effective in TN as in say Maharashtra.

What he could do as good CEO does, is surround himself with good people, help them set their strategy and execute. He has the experience on running the most well run state in india. The issues elsewhere in India are different, but at the end of the day it is problem solving. What are the problems, what are the resources available, what are the resources required, how to fill out the gaps etc.

The way Modi can play an outstanding role, is get this organisation working, cut the corrupt out, albeit gradually.

The art of the job, is to out with your opponents within and outside your party. The BJP has been for sure compromised by its senior leaders as they are not even fighting. It looks they dont want to win. Give me a fighting Raj Thackeray than a lifeless Munde.

The only man who can do that is Namo. What you refer to are tactics in the context of the right movement, we need to get a strategist who can think of the big picture and execute it ruthlessly. Shourie can be the big picture advisor, who will be NaMos chanakya, I have no clue!!!!

Anonymous said...

So why are you supporting such a corrupt party?

Indian Nationalist said...

All Losers like Swapan Das and others in BJP are sold out to Sonia Manio and Gang.

God save our nation.

Lessermortal said...

What is the progress of the case where AIADMK complained of EVMs unreliability and even boycotted the by-elections. I believe the matter is sub-judice, but what intrigues me is that if the case was admitted by the court, it could have stayed the use of EVMs till they are proved to be reliable beyond doubt and if AIADMK still refuses to accept the verdict of the court, then they can be penalized for contempt of court. But even though suspicion is being raised by major national and regional parties on one hand and judicial inquiry being conducted on the other, why are they continued to be used in its current form? What if the court finds it not reliable enough? will all previous elections be nullified? Does the onus of proving the reliability or otherwise of the EVMs lie on the opposition parties or the establishment?

Anonymous said...

"BJP leadership maintains that new state unit presidents are being appointed as countrywide organizational elections are ON to elect office-bearers from block level upwards."

- Deccan Chronicle

That's news to me, and a pleasant one. Hope this inner party democracy permeates upwards to the very top of the hierarchy as well.

mpanj said...


We’re both on the same line of thinking, with one vital difference – I’m not convinced merely appointing NaMo as president will be enough.

Appointing NaMo as president, is a necessary condition for a BJP revival – but not a sufficient condition.

Let me explain:

BJP plays the current electoral game with a huge shortcoming.

10% upper middle class that never votes.
20% minorities that will never vote BJP
20% Dalits and MBCs who have never voted for BJP (apart from a few exceptions)

(BJP and Congress products are now viewed at the same level – there’s not much differentiation – more on that later).

To this reality, add BJP’s absence from key states – WB, TN, AP, Kerala and now UP.

That is a huge gap to fill. Expecting NaMo to fill this gap by using his superior political and management skills is naive at best.

As a businessman if your product was only appealing to 50% of your potential market, would you be able to beat your competitor who has access to 100% of the market.

(Imagine Nirma absent from key states and in big markets like Bombay and Delhi, only available in 50% of stores – would they ever have more revenue/sales than Surf – which was available in every store in every city, town and village of India?).

In several states, the RSS organization is strong, dedicated, well-oiled and effective. It doesn’t make a difference electorally – Example: Last UP assembly elections.

The only way forward then is to expand the base by drawing in those that have decided to sit on the sidelines or (out of compulsion) side with Congress.

How do we draw this audience back to BJP? – by becoming more credible.

NaMo’s appointment will achieve this in BJP strongholds – no doubt – but to expand into other states where BJP has little or no political presence, we will need asymmetrical warfare.

BJP has to distinguish itself, not be repeating old slogans of ‘chaal, charitra, chehra’, but by walking the walk.

As I explained earlier, Citizen’s council is but one way to walk the walk. Others will need to be conjured up to dislodge an increasingly entrenched enemy.

If nothing else it adds much needed credibility to BJP’s voice. A credibility which it has surrendered at the alter of ‘coalition dharma’ aka ‘screw your supporters’.

And yes, the Citizen’s council is merely a tactic – it cannot replace a sound strategy.

But a grand strategy and the best general in the world cannot win if he is constantly outflanked and outgunned because his army is absent from much of the battlefield.

Anonymous said...

The problem with BJP is that there is no one iron hand boss. Parties with one and only one exclusive high command seem to survive in India

Vicky said...

BJP needs to find a way to stop this free fall, forget about regaining the centre, BJP needs to make sure it doesn't become irrelevant in the next election.

Why can't BJP setup a shadow cabinet, so that every time some decision is taken by any ministery the media will automatically come to the BJP's shadow minister to get his opinion. This will give BJP more airtime in the media and would help keep it relevant.

Vicky said...

One thing I would like to add is, this Maharastra election shows what is basically wrong with BJP's policies. The core of BJP's vote bank can be easily divided. One thing I have found is that most people who belittle people from other religion, are also the ones who belittle people from other regions.

For ex, if some one believes Muslims should be driven out of India, he is likely to believe north Indians should be driven out of mumbai (assuming the person is a mumbaikar).

And in a country like India, where one person can have multiple identities, BJP's identity politics could backfire on itself. If BJP wants to become an all India party it has to abandon its divisive politics and focus on something more unifying like right-wing nationalism.

KR said...

Based on the latest SRS bulletin released by the Census, Delhi holds the distinction of being the only state in India where infant mortality has not gotten better since 1997. Since things are getting worse over the last few years, Delhi surely must be the worst governed state in India at present. I hope the party realises that its loss in the Delhi assembly elections was due to its own flaws (or the EVMs!) rather than any stellar performance by the Congress government.

Anonymous said...

Sangh’s ‘poison’ break from tradition

This is a good example of how our oh-so secular media peddles propaganda as news and then the same becomes fact - both RSS and BJP are intellectually too deficient to counter it. As far as my reading goes, no RSS chief ever called "democracy" poison; calling vote-bank politics, populism, parliamentary system, is NOT same as calling democracy poison; Mr Palkhivala had long been a vocal supporter of the presidential system. The cost of this failure to counter such propaganda is now proving fatal for the entire Sangh Parivaar.

Anonymous said...

Can not say better than this (by an ex-BJP MP) - it is in Hindi.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, October 29, 2009 11:59 AM,

Hey chum why r u posting links of Hindi sites ? Do u think Swapan and other folks can read Hindi ? If wanna post Hindi articles then pls post it with English translation!

Anonymous said...

You can translate in Google.

Anonymous said...

Hey chum why r u posting links of Hindi sites ?


Do u think Swapan and other folks can read Hindi ? If wanna post Hindi articles then pls post it with English translation!

Don't all literate Indians read and write Hindi?

Anonymous said...

Why fight among us here? I found that article by a former BJP MP and a prominent Hindi columnist to be on the spot analysis of BJP's illness so posted the link. You can use Google to translate it in Eng to get some sense of his thinking. Some may not know Hindi but not all here can not read Hindi.

Anonymous said...

So what's up with Karnataka BJP? Does BJP need more self-inflicted goals?

Anonymous said...

Once Karnataka is fixed or dies down, a new front will open up somewhere else - Jharkhand? So sad to see this and find that not one BJP leader seems to put party above his/her own welafre / ego / self-interest, not one.

Anonymous said...

The happenings in Karnataka will shock any die hard BJP supporter. When the state is reeeling under effect of floods the rebel BJP MLA's are enjoying themselves at various resorts. This is the end of BJP in Karnataka(which till now was giving good governance) & return of the terrorist lover Congress & the nonsensical Gowda's.

Hemanth V said...

Time for some drastic decisions at the top, grapevine is abuzz that Ananth Kumar is indirectly responsible for what is happening in Karnakata, he is the guy behind the planned coup by the Reddy brothers. and I don't understand why such people are called the second generation leaders in BJP. as Shuorie said - Bombard the head quarters, replace them with honest , hard working people from the states. time is running out. its now or never to save the BJP.

Anonymous said...

BJP is finished.

Anonymous said...

This is rough translation of a news report in Hindi Jagaran. This says it all. We need both blasting of Party HQ AND removal of ALL central leaders without exception, if BJP is to be saved. Else, the party is going to be butchered by its supposed builder and his shaddy chamchas.
Karnataka: BJP's crisis complicated
Almost reached a solution, BJP's Karnataka crisis is back to square one. Seemed like near a solution until afternoon on Thursday but all went awary by evening. Yeddy was called to a leadership meeting of at Advani's residence and told of danger to his government. Yeddy then spoke to Rajnath Singh (in Lucknow).

CM's camp has pointed fingers at role of certain central leaders in creating this crisis. Yeddy then spoke to RSS; he is considered close to the Sangh.
In fact, everything was going well during the day. Before leaving for Lucknow, Singh had prepared a compromise formula in cosultation with central and state leaders, and agreed to by all sides: transfer of a top official, removal of the female minister, appointment of Settiar as minister and some relief for Reddys. After this, Janardhan Reddy expressed confidence of better results. But, soon after, they again asked for CM's removal which made the matters worse.

After many rounds of discussions, Jaitley, Kumar, Swaraj and Naidu went to LK Advani's place in the evening. After a while, Yeddy also arrived there and was told about the new situation. It is learnt that he was told about the danger to his government and asked what he will be willing (if he will agree to resign) to save it? Yeddy left without an answer and spoke to Rajnath who assured him that he will not be removed even if that meant loss of the govt. Singh will discuss again the issue after reaching Delhi on Friday.

According to sources, Yeddy told the BJP leaders of talking to to JD-S to save govt. However, BJP high command is keen to resolve the problem within party.

Anonymous said...

Guys . BJP is dead and teerahavi is done so lets get on with our life.

Common Hindu said...

Before the grand lanch function of "Bharat Swabhiman Mission"
Baba Ramdev seems to be genueinly interested
in the betterment of desh, dharam, rajniti
and i used to watch him on Aastha channel regularly

But right from the lanch function of "Bharat Swabhiman Mission"
where Babaji had invited a Shia Muslim maulaavi
and introduced him as his darling brother
speeches of Babaji has lost its sharpness
for the protection of desh, dharam, rajniti

Maybe its the price one has to pay
to garner support of all residing in india
and whether they are muslim
it does not matter

As a common hindu
what more could i have done but
only stopped actively watching Babaji
from that lanch function
though i still regard Babaji
as a great yoga master
and for his oratory skills

But, now in the present controvercy
of Devband fatva against Vande Mataram
attended by Babaji and home minister
hindus should protest and show their displeasure
to both Babaji and home minister
for agreeing to be a part of function
working against the spirit of Bharat
and consolidating/ fanning the Jihadi movement

As politicians support Jihadis
for capturing muslim vote bank
is Babaji trying to capture
muslim and sickular followers
by agreeing to attend Jihadi function
and not speacking out against
the fatva then and there
not even 2 days after that

all this when Babaji is
the most outspoken hindu guru
who is more than ready to
give sound bytes on each and every
topic including yoga
and never take any nonsense
laying down from any celebrited reporters/ editors

is it that like all other leaders
whether they are politicians or not
they are always supporting Jihadis
at the cost of hindus
and like them Babaji too
wants to capture muslim and sickular followers
and / or
even Babaji fears from Jihadis

O Hindus come out of your hibrenation
how long you want to wait
for things to get worse
before trying for their recovery

its easy to get charged up against Jihadis
but path to recovery goes first
by winning over the sickular hindus

O Hindus, this is the time
to lanch campainge against
all sickular hindus
in the form of Babaji
and dont wait for RSS/ BJP/ VHP
dont look forward for their orders
listen to your heart/ mind

Babaji has a reputation
of coming out sucessfully
from every controvery in the past
which where lanched by sickulars
but this time
if common hindus campainge
against his sickular tendencies
at least he has to say sorry
for his moments of weakness

i appeal all PRO-HINDU bloggers
to write-up on this topic from their heart
so that greater clearity and publicity to
hindu's view emerage in media

also remember that
blogging alone cannot provide
answers to worldly problems.


Indian Well Wisher said...

See the latest news on internal BJP wranglings:

Advani - RSS tussle

Incompetent people in bjp

Seems to get more & more interesting.

Anonymous said...

Still more troubles ahead... until they killed BJP fully....~

Swabhimaan said...

Vote for BJP's Next President at Offstumped

Swabhimaan said...

How should the BJP President be chosen : Poll by Offstumped

Anonymous said...

dear sd
democracy require close monitoring after voting by voters/taxpayers in their own interest as their hard earned huge resourses are at the disposal of ff , its gang of corrupted and corrupt bjp.Gujarat has shown the way,but voters of other states ,showing gross negligiency have letdown india,by mostly electing corrupted,wasting ten years of india,frustating gujaratis as their india did not earn the status it deserve in globe.likes of mms must take notice that protecting corrupted amounts to corruption as per prevention of corruption act.

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