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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Getting past the past (November 25, 2009)

By Swapan Dasgupta

A good wine improves with age and good cellarage. To understand why 17 years of official patronage transformed a rich harvest of frenzy in Ayodhya into Justice Liberhan’s rancid pickle, it is instructive to look at the demographic realities of today’s India.

Assuming that the political consciousness of an average individual begins at 18, it is revealing that the traumatic events of December 6, 1992, constituted a lived experience for only those Indians who are 35 years of age and older. For the remainder who make up some 60 per cent of the population, the Ram Janmabhoomi-Babri Masjid battle was the obsession of an earlier generation. In a country where a sense of history is in any case feeble, the emotive fervour of the past has not been passed on to another generation.

The furore over the Liberhan report is likely to prove a five-day wonder for a number of reasons.

First, the credibility of the exercise has been sullied by Justice Liberhan inveigling for himself the longest deadline in officialdom.

Secondly, its conclusions have not added to the pre-existing knowledge of the involvement of the RSS in the demolition of the 16th century structure.

Thirdly, its strictures against the usual suspects have been rendered farcical by the needless inclusion of Atal Bihari Vajpayee among the 68 persons responsible for sullying communal relations.

Fourthly, by exonerating the P.V. Narasimha Rao government of any responsibility, it has given the impression of political bias. If, as Liberhan claims, there was a widespread conspiracy involving the entire Sangh Parivar to bring down the Babri structure, the Centre must have been a repository of either high-level ineptitude or complicity to believe Kalyan Singh’s assurance of good conduct.

Finally, by choosing caution over grandstanding in its Action Taken Report, the Centre has negated the possibility of renewed mobilisation over a dormant dispute.

The Centre’s refusal to extend the accusing finger pointed at the RSS and BJP to a punitive political conclusion may be the object of initial ridicule. In the short run it may even embolden hotheads into imagining that the fear of a Hindu backlash has thwarted a fresh bout of prosecutions and bans — the RSS was banned by the Rao government immediately after the demolition but this was lifted by the Bahri Commission review six months later. In the coming days we are certainly going to hear a lot of unrepentant noises from a section of the Sangh Parivar, particularly the VHP.

However, while the Centre may have based its passivity on the need to prevent Hindu nationalism from re-acquiring a united face, there is a more awkward reality the BJP and RSS must come to acknowledge.

In hindsight, L.K. Advani’s famous assertion in 1990 that the Ayodhya movement will be the “biggest mass mobilisation” of independent India turned out to be almost prescient. The movement to right a historical wrong shook India, redrew the contours of electoral politics and destroyed the Congress’ monopoly over political power. Yet, this spectacular Hindu upsurge had a definite context. To many, particularly in the rural Hindi heartland, it was an outpouring of simple religiosity — the need to give back to Lord Ram his imagined janmasthan in Ayodhya — tempered by the clever symbolism of Ram shilan, rath yatra and kar seva. To others, it was a simple expression of Hindu pride — “garv se kaho hum Hindu hain.” To a third group, the so-called “political Hindus”, it was a movement to roll back the frontiers of the Nehruvian consensus. Its Hindutva — the first time this term acquired a meaningful political currency — lay in forcing agnostic secularism into acknowledging the Hindu basis of nationhood.

Individually, none of these diverse currents had the ability to shape the political agenda. It was the grand (and expedient) coalition of the three that made Ayodhya the dominant theme of Indian politics for a decade.

It is, however, equally important to remember the wider social and political environment that nurtured the Ayodhya movement. The late 1980s were marked by the growing realisation that India’s experiments in socialism had reached a crisis point. The domestic economy was in crisis and riddled with corruption, nepotism, shortages and over-regulation; opportunities for individual and collective self-improvement were hard to come by; and the new age promised by Rajiv Gandhi was soured by Shah Bano, Bofors and Quattrocchi. It was this wider existential dejection that gave the Ayodhya movement its fillip. It encapsulated protest, millenarianism and modernity under one roof; simultaneously, it was an upsurge born of the frustrations of prolonged defeat.

Now, 17 years later, India is a changed place. The sense of defeat has given way to a new optimism centred on expanding opportunities. The beleaguered Hindu of 1992 is now the self-confident Hindu of 2007, confident that India can make a mark in the world. The root causes of the Ayodhya explosion no longer exists. It has been replaced by a new headiness, a new brashness, a new impatience and even a new nationalism. The sons and daughters of the very Hindus who celebrated December 6, 1992, by distributing mithai and then voting the BJP into power in 1998 today recoil in horror at the images of frenzied kar sevaks tearing down an old monument. A generational change has witnessed a shift in mentalities brought about by concentrated economic growth, sustained global exposure and the slow disintegration of the joint family. The slogans which inspired an earlier generation don’t gel with those who reached political maturity after 1992.

In their own way both Atal Bihari Vajpayee and Advani recognised this and attempted to reinvent the BJP. Two general election defeats have, however, rekindled the ambitions of those who are unfamiliar with the 21st century and most at home in their own little ghettos. There is a tussle in the BJP between those who want to leave Ayodhya to history and those who want to relive the past in the present. Liberhan’s report may force a decision. Let us hope it will be a choice grounded in reality.

Indian Express, November 25, 2009


praveen said...


Should bjp give up cultural issues just because current generation doesn't have a sense of history or not interested in living in past?
Bjp minus ayodhya,cultural nationalism will be worse than congress...if bjp has to go down it should go down fighting for its ideology...the problemm is not that india has moved on...despite the changes in the last two decades india is deeply spiritual.. only reason they are not responding to the current bjp is lack of credibility....forget about people current bjp leadership have no confidence in themseleves...they have no time for mass agitations on issues related to food,land and water..
Rss is moving in the right direction...this should have happened long before...they never said they want only sangh people in all positions..they are just claiming their legitimate stake in bjp...the ideas of rss on economy,culture are more relavent today than ever will move into post capitalism phase in the next decade...though rss has its own problems it still is a major ideological force...the only way it can fail is because of its internal issues...if rss fails to communicate its ideas and atleast implement some of them in near future..there is chance of maoists winning over rural india at least in the districts they have presence...but given the proximity of rss with business classes it would be interesting to see how sangh will handle them with its ideas of self-reliance, production by masses, protecting environment...
Gou gram yatra is a good starting point to work on issues that are immediate concern to the people in rural india...their focus should be more on issues related to food,land,water and culture..if they are consistent on their approach..i am sure dharma will help them in the coming decade.(Dharmo rakshati rakshitaha)

Aryan said...

The contention in your article is that for the new confident, economically semi-prosperous Hindu, somehow issues like Ram Janmabhoomi will not resonate.

I disagree. Historically cutting across cultural lines it is the middle class, upper middle class that have engaged in such 'sentimental warfare' on 'non-bread-and-butter' issues like Ram Janmabhoomi Mandir.

For example in Gujarat the increase in wealth in the middle class has directly corelated with the increase in intolerance for any anti-hindu politics.

One can see the similar intolerance building up in India for the left parties due to their pro chinese stand.

It can be than theorized that in the future an increasing wealthy India and Hindus will have little tolerance for Congress & Media anti-hindu stance. There will be a difference though. It will not be a 'mob intolerance' like 1992, it will be a electoral intolerance to the anti-hindu stance like Gujarat 2007.

Being a PIO & knowing India thru its newpapers mainly, this is only a theory. So the usual disclosures, just my two paisas etc etc holds.

By the way, I tweeted to you about this, you did an excellent job on NDTV with the liberhan discussion. You should be on TV boss!

Imagine a news channel, with Swapanda, Kanchanda & Offstumped! Oui Vey! A righwinger can dream.

Anonymous said...

Sentiments/ political ideologies are similar to fashion, they can reinvent themselves with time. What die down with time are the obscure ones like Marxism.

Hindu nationalism/ Hindu unity/ Hindutva did not die because of increasing opportunity or rising prosperity but for the guilt sentiment that got imbibed in the Hindus post 6th Dec 92.

If congresses false propaganda on secular-communal divide can reinvent itself so can BJP's genuine secularism debate.

Prosperity & opportunities are like cosmetics that do not change the basic characteristics of the society. They may influence the direction for a small time span but the events are the ones that act as game changers.

Emergency, Shabano, Bofers & Mandal are events that influenced Indian politics so would be the impact of events in future.

Recent recession in US can be seen as an event were the most capitalistic society voted for a despicable protectionist Obama. The election does not indicate a change in American social characteristics but a definite case for a crisis turned into a political opportunity.

Finally if you and Arunji insist that 1975 plank of anti-congressism is relevant so can be RSS theory on Hindutva.

zoomindianmedia said...


While your analysis on RJM movement is largely accurate, its conclusion is puerile.

Your views on reinventing BJP away from its roots is not dissimilar to Vajpayee's socialism reinvention in 1984 that took BJP to 2 seats.

One of BJP's flaws is its engagment with media folks/journalists. Media men and women should be used to project party. It is dangerous to allow journalists to set the agenda- especially formulate strategy. Getting domain experts (such as strategy consultants or motivation experts to motivate cadre, brainstorm and then make decisions) is a far better way than engaging with journalists for these activities. Journos have to be used, at best listened to rarely if ever followed.

BJP if it cares for its wellbeing should not allow anyone to push suggestions on the strength of spurious and glib articulation. Facts, ground realities should drive strategies/tactics.

Let us dissect your conclusion by comparing BJP's national catharsis on Ram Janmabhoomi and Gujarat BJP's Godhra catharsis. National BJP(LKA/ABV) and Guj BJP(NM) shed the baggage in different ways.

NaMo has never expressed regret for his actions. LKA/ABV provided a picture of sell out through their actions. They lost the game not because changing India and change in demographics. They lost it more because of loss of credibility. NaMo is today cult leader for natives in the space he operates. His credibility as a native icon has remained unimpaired and contributed for his repeat victories. The day, NaMo goes for so called reinvention, that his low cunning enemies push for, his credibility will be gone.

Other motives for ABV/LKA's BJP re-invention, were more worldly (driven by shot at power by making oneself attractive for allies, self (not party) interest of senior stakeholders). These too has had serious costs for the party's electoral base: BJP's position as alpha-party was undermined in many states and its base decimated in others.

Related to these is the shallow canard spread by media(hare)brains is the presumption that somehow a poltical Hindu is anti development. As NaMo has proved, in fact the reverse is closer to truth. That said, identity is not going to go away and will remain a potent if not decisive factor in the electoral mix. Economic growth as hare brained journalists assert will not subsume this principle.

Reality is post Sept 11, the word "muslim" itself becoming a slur word, repeated islamic terror strikes on India, evangelical deceit, opportunity to consolidate voters on native platform was stalled by applying hare(journo)brained reinvention logic similar to what you are peddling, resulted in BJP's decreasing voter currency.

BJP and the wider Sangh Parivar have to go through the laundry list provided below for any hope of re-emerging as a serious player.

Pradeep said...

Swapan Da,
While i agree with you on your case for BJP to move on with the changing India,but what should lead the BJP in this age is the question that is asked by educated,net savvy Proud Hindus and BJP supporters like me, who also come from rural india and by the pragmatic RSS followers?
Should BJP follow the ideas of Arun Jaitley, and setup more groups like, Friends of BJP,and hope to win 200 LS Seats in 2014? or listen to Mohanji Bhagwat and choose Pro Farmer - Pro Poor Politics?
Today's battle between Dilli4 and larger BJP or RSS is not on Ideology or modernism, it is battle over " Compitance Versus Incompitance".
Congress has done nothing in past 6 years to Urban India, Politically, administratively to win their support, Rahul Gandhi's priority for Rural UP over Urban Delhi and Mumbai is clear case in point.

This is why, Arun shouri advocated for next BJP leadership should come from state BJP, and not from Delhi, the reason is, State BJP Leaders are more at ease with Pro Poor, Pro farmer Politics, they are genuine, they have achievements to show in this regard.
We need Pragmatic and sensible politics and not elitist, chattery class politics.

Rahul said...

Political Bias? When the report was submitted 3 weeks after an election ensuring the BJP would be out of power in the centre for atleast another 5 years! Is it too hard to fathom that had the BJP won the election, Justice Manmohan Singh Liberhan would be in his 18th year of investigation right now!

The report was the most biased peace of non investigation ever. By letting PVN of the hook and blaming ABV - even hard left journos like Vir Sanghvi and Barkha Dutt are acknowledging that its a farce.

The report hasnt come to any significant conclusions. The ATR was funny - the govt took 6 months to 'note' various inane and obvious suggestions?

The report seemed to be more a book on Liberhan's idea on what good politics is - no religion etc. Fine ideas, but thats not what was asked of him, his opinion on good politics and good politicians.

Indeed, its not too hard to spin this report as actually letting BJP/RSS/VHP etc leaders off the hook. Ive only read the 1st half, but it seems like Justice Liberhan has accepted LKA and others' claims that aim of RJB movement was only kar puja, not bringing down masjid - LKA's 'cried when it fell' is actually to an extent accepted by Liberhan. Report accepts that Uma Bharathi tried to get sevaks to get off masjid and not bring it down.

Only conclusion of report - BJP/RSS was involved in RJB - no revelation there! Point was whether bringing down masjid was intentional and preplanned, from what ive read looks like report says it isnt.

Couple that with the fact that no action is recommended against anyone...I strongly believe that if ur guilty, u belong in jail, be it LKA, ABV etc. Since not going to jail, they are not guilty of conspiracy to bring down Masjid.

Dont understand why everyone says liberhan has found them guilty.

Had report suggested LKA go to jail, country would burst into flames and result would be resurgence of BJP, which is why this do nothing, live and let live report from Liberhan.

Vivek said...

'Imagined Janmasthan'? Really Swapan?

U know as well as I do that if a congressman had said that, the BJP base will be up in arms.

Will u also say 'imagined Ram Setu Bridge', like the Congress did?

charuvak said...


As always, brilliant and insightful. I have one gripe. In listing issues which gave Ayodhya movement the fillip, you overlooked one very significant current during those times : Mandal !

Today, its role and the politicians who adhere to it are still present. How is that the new economy of this modern state still holds onto discredited Mandal politics ?

Apparently the 'caste' economics and politics get transferred to the next generation and rhetoric does not change much either. Given that, where is modern India these days anyways.

So the question that is before BJP is not about living the past in the present, but does the present have a future !

It doesn't.

Kumar said...

Mr. Dasgupta, I think your analysis is very flawed, when you say "The beleaguered Hindu of 1992 is now the self-confident Hindu of 2007, confident that India can make a mark in the world. The root causes of the Ayodhya explosion no longer exists".

The fact is, it is the so-called "self-confident Hindu" (those who describe themselves in such vain and pompous terms) who still has the time/interest to even talk of hindutva. For the rest, their hinduism is a simple faith of visiting temples and praying for safety, well-being etc. They cannot care less if a mandir is built in Ayodhya and they do not think it worthwhile to shed innocent blood, riot, kill, murder etc to destroy mosque etc.

Anonymous said...

By the way, I tweeted to you about this, you did an excellent job on NDTV with the liberhan discussion. You should be on TV boss!

Oh c'mon Aryan dada ko chanay k jhad par mat chadao! I also saw that debate, Uma did the better job than on-the-backfoot Swapan. She said if there was any conspiracy at all then these big leaders wouldn't be present there. Whereas dada was simply trying to say nobody knows actually who demolished that black spot(Babri)...! What I particularly felt bad was when then ugly traitor Vir was firing volley of question as if some big sin had been committed by destroying that structure..instead of giving "mouth shutting" reply our icons end up giving unsatisfying response.

And yes I agree with rest of your reply one trillion percent. Inspite big an NRI you rightly analyzed the situation. It shows you are anatomically sound guy. But Swapan's article isn't off the mark whatever he said in this article is plain REALITY and we have to accept it. As a rationalist I agree with his thoughts.

Vaibhav said...

Swapanda, you are giving too little credit to the young takes time to understand the nuances of issues like ramjanmabhoomi movement and direction of a nation....I too did not know why was kashmir so important till I was may be 25....congress appeals to people why they want to play ostrich....this generation will also take sometime to come to terms with the reality....BJP has to make sure that it is there till then with its ideology intact

Aryan said...


The whole program on NDTV was a hit job on the BJP. Now Swapanda was on the backfoot as you claim, I think his defensive take actually served the purpose of softening Burkha & Vir's jabs without sounding rabidly communal. 'O lord that black hole is crushed, the secular sky must be falling' nonsense was neutralized effectively.

Swapanda is the one of the few spokesman BJP has that would have mass appeal without being tainted with the communal tag. Just like congress pretends to be the big umbrella where terrorists, evangjehadis, commies all can participate. Swapanda can bring in the secular & the 'on the fence' BJP supporter along with the rabidly communal ones =) hell he might even rope in some bengali commies, blasphemy! The whole point of a television personality is mass appeal. BJP desperately needs media savvy spokesman.

The NRI bit is an inside joke, pretty sure Swapanda got it. If you are confused about that or anything else just read his blog archive, hopefully you'll get it.

supporter said...

It relates to your previous post, the RSS guys at helm in BJP need to come to terms with 21st century politics. Whether they like it or not, most of it is about branding, and even the non RSS guys at BJP are pathetic at it! In 2009 elections, "Brand Advani" was pitted against "BrandManmohan+BrandSonia+BrandRahul", the rest is history. If they don't have professional brand managers, then they are contesting with major handycap, they might as well give a walkover, if they do, then whosoever was the brand manager needs to be fired immediately.

mpanj said...


There's an old saying in America -

"If at 25 you're not a Democrat you dont have a heart, if at 40 you're not a Republican you dont have a brain".

Given India's unique condition: faced with terror, depleting resources, collapsing infrastructure and growing population - its youth will turn 'Republican' by the time they hit 30.

As stated in earlier comments, you're much respected and admired. However, your recent articles and posts (and TV appearances) seem focused on a single point agenda: Resist the takeover of BJP by them wretched knickerwalas.

The arguments you present:

1. Rise of a young, liberal, 'global citizen' electorate
2. A prosperous, confident India
3. Need for a liberal turn

stand on shaky ground at best.

If Indian youth is such a 'global citizen' what explains the rise of MNS in M'rastra. A party whose primary and largest voting block is the urban youth.

And how about the Maoist uprising - backed again by (misguided) youth.

If India was prosperous and confident - why did 'India Shining' fail in such a spectacular fashion.

Sadly, your sharp mind is clouded by a single point agenda - to resist RSS because a few faces are being sidelined.

Your reasoning makes sense if Indian polity was a homogenous entity comprising of clones of the three (Congress) stooges - Vinod Sharma, Vir Sanghvi and Rajdeep Sardesai.

For sure, these illuminaries would never vote for a RSS centeric BJP.

But here's a news flash - BJP could rip its collective knickers off and still not appeal to pseudo seculars and minorities.

BJP cannot and should not jettison that which is good for the nation.

India and Indians abhor hypocrites. A credible leadership that delivers on its promises is the only way forward.

If RSS delivers such leadership so be it.

V.Venkatesan said...

Dear Swapan,
Thanks for suggesting that demolition was a politically immature step. It shocked politically mature people then, as it shocks them now (when they see the action in visuals) ignore the generational change that happened in between. Therefore, you clearly admit that the movement drew only politically immature people as its followers. When they politically matured (again ignore the age factor), the BJP found Ayodhya paying diminishing returns.

Gaurav Kumar Ambasta said...

The Liberhan report, it seems, was puiblished in AICC office and edited by CWC members :D :D

pranav said...

Swapan da,

IMHO, you seem to have a rather weak sense of Bharatiya civilizational identity.

Rebuilding the temple may have its own value, but the real question is why a minoritarian version of history is being forced down the throats of the majority.

These sorts of questions will become increasingly relevant in the future.

On one hand you disparage the Ram Janmabhoomi movement, but on the other hand you back the Advani coterie, who cynically exploited the sentiments of millions, and have now reduced the BJP to this sorry condition.

arvind said...

you are right about the issue being irrelevant to a vast majority of people who are below the age of 35. however, there are two points on which i disagree with you: the issue was not a traumatic one and you are wrong about the root cause for the issue not being an explosive one now.

the reason it is not explosive now is not that india has changed but that the mosque no longer exists and the muslims are not aggressive with their dog in the manger mentality (remember they were okay with the place being locked up or if there was a hospital or school built in its place; all they wanted was that hindus be denied the opportunity to use the place). the issue is closed. pv narasimha rao solved it completely by allowing its demolition. that is why it is not an issue now.

the other point is that it was never a traumatic one unless you were a muslim or a bengali (and therefore a communist to at least some degree). it was like being in the middle of a great and exciting historical event. it is not as though the generation under 35 years of age does not know about islam. they know quite a bit about islamic terrorism. so with a talented rabblerouser who can communicate to the masses, it should not be difficult to resurrect issues like uniform civil code, the unfairness of the indian constitution and the temple at ayodhya.

arvind said...

a point about the liberhan report: it is a laborious explanation and a useless report. we all know what happened. bjp and vhp mobilized the people, it was so huge and it went out of control. here is a curious factoid: rss volunteers actually formed a human chain and tried to protect the dilapidated building, but the upsurge form the masses meant that the building would not withstand the onslaught. any other explanation is a stupid conspiracy theory.

supporter said...

India is the only country alongwith perhaps some banana republics that fact finding commissions are used not to find facts but to sweep them under the carpet at best or use them as a political tool to settle scores at worst. Take the example of any enquiry commission, not just Liberhan. It's high time the tax payers start demanding the service they paid for.

senthil said...


What is the relation b/w prosperity and a cultural & religious issue like ram temple. How far are you correct in judging that when prosperity comes, people disown culture or religion?

And thirdly, how far are you correct in concluding that younger generation do not consider ram temple an important issue?

All your above statements are the screams of the ELMs, to subvert the hindu intellectual. And it seems, you had joined that bandwagon, still claiming you to be a hindutvadi.. Its a double standard on your part.. I have all the reason to doubt you.. (will you allow this comment?)

For your info, i am in late 20s, and i strongly support ram temple in ayodhya. However, till some 6 years before, i too believed temple destruction was a mistake. But later when i realised the history of india, and the ayodhya issue, it naturally made sense, that a historic wrong has to be undone now. The onus is on the muslims who oppose ram temple, and the responsibility should be fixed on them.

So, before you write any subvertive arguments, please answer the questions i have raised in this comment.

bjp_supporter said...

The course of History can not be constrained by the space-constraints of a op-ed column or current political fascinations of a writer. Political Hindu rode to Ayodhya, demolished a structure, got a job and cell phone, and moved on, so all settled - well....

The remnants of 300 years of British rule, and centuries of Mughal rule before that, are still around in several systems around you. Let us wait and see how it plays out.

Anonymous said...

dear sd
for what atal settled bofors with sonia even at the cost of bjp and country,as there are no free lunches in the world? cong.ensuring atal not to include his name in babrif.i.r,may be one of the reason.cong. is successfully killing bjp with the help of bjp toppers.democratic india is without opposition party,without neutral press,without independent institutions,license to corruption top to bottom thanks to mms and his employer ff!
ff the mother of bofors and mother of mass murders in 1984,want politicians ,who can protect them even at the cost of india,which mms is doing to save his chair.corrupt politicians knowing this are using such ff to safeguard and grow their thousands of crores in india and abroad.children of ff know all these still perform dramas in public!
india under mms has weakended it`s global image by not taking possible stricter actions against pak,though 26/11 was a pak.govt.involved attack.if pak. can attack in indian territory,stricter actions including shutting indian embassy were warranted.countries like china, pak,recorded that india under wise mms will not like to spend resourses for war,and will rush to u.s.a.Weaker u.s.a will advice india to maintain peace in asia under leadership of china as u.s.a needs china more than india.such short sighted policies of mms has already encouraged china after 26/11 ,to screw india for its ilegitimate demands .


Anonymous said...

Dada don't miss this another twitter kand.

Read the blog and comments as well. One pervert left-liberal traitor has been caught spitting poison deliberately by sensible careful Indians. Take sadistic pleasure as it boils into another Burkha Dutt type controversy. And one humble request with u, Kanchan and Chandan, pls anybody of u do a hard hitting piece on Swiss minarets in your Sunday column. Please beat the ass out of left lib folks. U know dada instead of replying this pervert was blaming right-wing (by taking name) openly for asking question to him regarding his gibberish.

IamaHyderabadi said...

It is time for BJP to start articulating and set the agenda towards Common Civil Code and Article 370. They both are part of constitution and it will set nationalist agenda right on top.

Vishal said...

Going by the comments for this blog, I get the feeling that the BJP supporters still have not realised, how bad a shape BJP's ideology is in. Hindutva is being protaryed in the media as a divisive force and Indians don't vote for anything that is perceived divisive.

I hope RSS takes over BJP, and they implement all their agenda and contest elections, then they will reallise how much support their cause enjoys among the people. Right now, most RSS supporters seem to believe solution to BJP's problem is even more Hindutva, after the election result, some may change their mind.

I believe swapan das is right about the younger generation and their dislike for religious politics. I am a 25 year old, and I don't say among my friends that I support BJP, because I am afraid they would think I am some kind conservative religious person. I am not saying that is the case everywhere, it probably differs from state to state( I am from the south). But the overall feeling I get is, the younger the person is, the less likely he/she would be a BJP supporters, especially among teens, who are tomorrow's voters, BJP is viewed as a party that's against valentine's day and as a party that beats up pub going people.

Overall BJP may never win the trust of the minority but they have to win the trust of the progressive thinking majority, who are turning away from BJP as of now.

Anonymous said...

As long as commenters like most of those poeple above form BJP's core votebank, voters below 30 will never support the BJP.