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Monday, December 28, 2009

The fall in Jharkhand

I was quite nauseated by the photograph in some Sunday papers showing a beaming Rajnath Singh, flanked by Raghubar Das (the Jharkhand BJP president) and Arjun Munda departing from their meeting with the Governor. They had called on the Governor to communicate the BJP's support to a coalition government led by Shibu Soren.

Consider the sheer outrageousness of their victory smiles. The BJP had 31 seats in the previous Assembly; in the 2009 Lok Sabha election, the NDA (BJP + JD-U) led in 50 segments; in the Assembly election of this month, the BJP won 18 seats and the JD-U another two. In short, the BJP was roundly rejected by even those who had earlier reposed their faith in it. It was squeezed between the JMM and the Congress-JVM alliance. Babu

These leaders who were in charge of the state should have been doing some soul-searching, asking where they went wrong. Instead, they are celebrating because they have still got a foothold in government.

Rajnath Singh is elated that after his irrelevance in Uttar Pradesh and at the BJP national HQ, he becomes a puppeteer in Jharkhand. He has specialised in transactional politics and Jharkhand is the centre of it--witness the glorious career of Madhu Koda.

Arjun Munda is elated that he too will count with his mentor Rajnath. And they are doubly happy that the alliance with Shibu Soren ends all possibility of Babulal Marandi's return to the BJP. That, after all, was their main worry throughout this year.

The celebration of a few individuals apart, what impact is the decision to team up with the JMM likely to have on the party?

BJP leaders maintain that the arithmetic of the verdict made this coalition inevitable. The party, it is claimed, had to upstage the Congress and prevent a UPA Government in Jharkhand.

The irony is that the Congress wasn't at all desperate to form a government. As the largest pre-poll alliance it wanted the Chief Minister's post either for its own nominee or for Babulal Marandi. The Congress believes that the fractured verdict makes it difficult for any government to survive for long. When the state is confronted with another election, the Congress feels it will be ideally placed to be in a commanding role. Its alliance with Babulal has fetched good dividends. The JVM may now emerge as a wholesome adivasi party and a long-term alternative to the JMM.

The BJP's support base is unlikely to accept its alliance with the JMM and more so given the demonology around Shibu Soren. The BJP made a huge fuss over 'tainted' ministers, using Lalu and Shibu Soren as examples. Now they are gleefully supping with the devil--a devil who had no inhibitions over taking Maoist help in the elections.

My guess is that this government won't last beyond three years. It is certain to become embroiled in scandals and competitive extortion.

After the involvement of the Reddy brothers in Bellary, the integrity quotient of the BJP has been affected. With Jharkhand it is likely to hit rock bottom.

The fate of the BJP in Uttar Pradesh is likely to be re-visited in Jharkhand.

It's sad to see racketeers get the upper hand in a national party.

With this depressing thought, HAPPY NEW YEAR


Manoj Agarwal said...

When communism collapsed in Europe in 89-90 time frame, die hard communists had this opinion that it failed because the regime there were not true to the real ideology... A more puritan implementation would not have resulted in that fiasco etc. etc... They simply refused to learn any lessons and stuck to their dogmatic views.. A very similar scene is being played at RSS. Instead of reading/understanding the ground realities of a changing world, they have chosen to bury their heads in the sand. Well, the problem is still fine because the battle here is ideological. If you are determined to choose the wrong ideology, nobody can save you from going into the dustbin of history... The BJP's downfall is further hastened by big decline in the integrity quotient of this party... So RSS's desire to control BJP through autocratic pracharaks, BJP's inability to come up with ideas for a new India, RSS stagnated thought process, low morality of leaders and low moral of cadre.... I've always believed that I'm a die hard optimist.. but even I see no way for BJP to survive.. Janata Dal got decimated in less then 5 years.. If BJP people believe they'll eventually survive coz of TINA, they are living in fool's paradise.. Indian polity worked (however bad) without a centre stage right wing nationalist party for 40 long years.. nobody is indispensable...

Bejoz said...

Totally agree with you Mr. Dasgupta. Unfortunatley, BJP as a party is digging its own grave. Support to Shibu Soren is the last nail and with this action, BJP, which at one point of time was being considered as the best altenative to the Congress at the Centre, today, it features at the bottom of the table. Being a serious supporter of the BJP for the last decade, the last couple of years, I had been ignoring each of the blunders and mistakes this party has been committing, and I tend to ignore hoping that better sense would one day prevail. But ALAS, I guess, the last 10 years of blind faith in the party was futile support. I feel sad, but I gave myself long enough time to continue my support to this party, which I believe is one of the worst parties in the country today. I only hope that there is no point in some of the better politicians in the party to continue in the party. I am eagerly waiting for these intellectual good politicians in the party, how they hope to justify this move, leave alone the past blunders. Anyways, with each passing day, this party is only losing support. I may not be this party's important supporter or vote bank, but definitely, even a fool can understand where this party is headed.

Anonymous said...

As a long time BJP supporter, I find it outrageous that the party is joining hands with a corrupt politician like Soren. There is no doubt that BJP is going to suffer the same fate in Jharkhand as it did in Uttar Pradesh. Nitin Gadkari ji it it high time for you to assert your authority as BJP president and stop Rajnath and co from further damaging the party.

Anonymous said...

dear sd
bjp toppers are majorly interested in encashing brand bjp ,for their personal gains,so dealt with soren to now milk a new cow.namo know all is uncomfortable for a concious gujarati to witness helplessly the carelessness of rest of country electing any type of netas ,though gujarat provided an of the country want benifits of democracy without required alertness.

Arun Italics said...

@Manoj Agarwal,
That was exactly what a Marxist told me recently - that the famous Tianenmen Square incident was in retaliation for Deng Xiaoping's reforms.

Alone, BJP is a lost cause. It will only cause heartburn from now on. We need a sensible new party with new faces that will be guided by intellectuals who show some interest in developmental issues.

Sumanth Kumar said...

Swapan I entirely agree with you /

In any family if a family member commits any mistake it is the duty of the head of the family or any other elder must correct that person .This is the unwritten follows by many except BJP.Swapan Das garu I have few questions

1) You please convey our message to BJP.When Rajnath Singh is commiting mistakes year after year what the hell the head of the family(Advani and other elders) is doing are they become dumb. see the picture of rajnath sing with Shibu soren it showed the ugly side of BJP (unfortunately I have been the follower of this useless party ).Even it is unfortunate that Mr yashwant sinha also sat with them that was more pained than any thing else .How can Imagine Yashwat sinha sitting with the bucnh jokers and criminals.

2) I don't find any rationale in Nitin Gadkari's comment on that Jarkhan issue .What the hell he is doing I don't know .

3) Sir ,Frankly speaking I can not use the filth language on these jokers.Who has given right to them to fool the workers and followers of BJP.These people don't have right to talk on any tainted ministers.It is surprising to see that the Head of the family once again unable to take a decision then he has no right to stay as head of the family(Advani)

4) BJP in karnataka has become joker in south India.they should nt have succumbed to the pressure of money monger GAli brothers.

5) To revive a prty it should show the world how it is different from the other parties
But BJp proved its dark sided ness once again .Sorry BJP sorry India....I am feeling ashamed.....

Please convey our messages to top brass of ......BJp

Anonymous said...

It's a must see pic. Product of RSS, takla Rajnath with convicted murderer, rapist Soren. Looa at the smil on his face. Rathore a bhai lagta hai!!

KR said...

The party should learn a trick or two from the Congress and refuse to form a government unless it gets the Chief Minister's post. The fatal flaw where a BJP supported government leads to eventual marginalisation of the BJP instead of the coalition partner - as in the case of Congress - has to be acknowledged and fixed.

viva kermani said...

Is BJP that power hungry that it is willing to go to bed with criminals and murders, with the likes of the mafia Reddy brothers and the Shibu Sorens of the world ?
This was Nitin Gadkari's moment if you ask me to show that BJP did have some integrity left. But alas, like some of his predecessors he too failed his first test. If this is an indication of how he plans to take the party forward,then I have nothing to say !

Prasanna said...


This is coming from one of your greatest fans but still ...

-This post of yours smacks of self-righteous pontification that is increasingly becoming hallmark of discontented BJP observers .Its also now beginning to sound a wee bit irritating

As Gaurav right points out probably the relentless peer pressure from the smug liberal Dilli elite with whom (you must be spending considerable time) is taking a huge toll on your ability to think independently

What is shocking in your post is undercurrent of appreciation for Congress 's action.Are you so politically naive not to know that Marandi alliance ensured that Congress couldn't negotiate with JMM.Even two days before results were out Congress leaders were stating that JMM is a part of UPA .Arthimetic tyranny of poll outcome put paid to Congress's ability to negotiate with JMM as Marandi performed exceptionally well

Just to refresh your memory -News channels run by Congress media spindoctors aka family retainers like Sardesai types were blaring out loud "Singh is King" when Congress won LS vote with support of JMM .Also Soren was an esteemed colleague of Dr Singh nearly serving a full term in previous UPA dispensation.How come Dr Singh still retains moral aura despite such tainted association while BJP watchers like you manufacture outrage over the similar act of the party and worse even suggest Congress is a better alternative.

Have you ever come to think -How come Congress's moral quotient never gets compromised despite such ugly dirty machination but BJP is hauled over the coals .Its precisely because of the holier than thou attitude that BJP watchers like you manifest.Sardesai types would have been spinning faihfully to justify JMM-Congress alliance if it had materialized

Why should BJP alone be expected to follow a higher ideal in a murky and muddied political environment and write its own political oblivion.At certain level politics is a unabashed game of power and clear that stint out of power in Jharkhand will sure hasten its path to oblivion .Surely power has some positive effect

Overall feel pursuit of power is not a bad idea in itself.ofcourse wheelers dealers like RN Singh and his discredited coterie will enjoy situations like this but thats a price that needs to be paid for managing a situation.Ofcourse organisation needs people of all varieties including wheeler-dealers

Its clear that for once BJP managed to out negotiate Congress.That does not call for such damning criticism


1.this is not to justify Rajnath's shocking politics .Babulal Marandi appears to be only leader with an iota of credibility left in Jkhand with good hold over section of tribal population .He has a relatively clean image.He was ejected out of the party thanks to machinations of coterie politics led by RN Singh

2.You had clearly indicated that Con party-Marandi tie up will be a game changer in Jkhand polls.Results have proved your prognosis to be right

supporter said...

The Jharkhand elections threw up a mandate which made it impossible to form a govt without the tainted jmm, unless bjp and cong came together! and then too if the govt could be called free from any "taint" is debatable. So bjp supporters should get over their guilt sooner than later, and instead delve over the best future course of action.

Anonymous said...

I 100% agree with Prasanna. This over moralizing by Swapan Dasgupta et al is getting predictable and irritating and is of not much practical value.

Sounds a lot like a disgruntled man, not much unlike Jaswant Singh.

Is there a quick fix to political decline. Was Congress crying everyday when they were nowhere in the picture from 1999-2004.It takes time to mend (if it is possible at all).
Can SD highlight what great steps Congress took to reverse its decline? It remained united under Sonia Gandhi and waited till situation became favourable.

Unfortunately in the case of BJP, everybody knows what to do except the party. BJP should renounce everything and do "prayaschit" for their wayward ways.

I have not seen a single practical suggestion from Swapan Dasgupta apart from ranting about RN Singh (very valid) and ranting about RSS control. I fail to see why undercutting of the importance of Delhi four is such a bad thing.

Anonymous said...

This is what one guy commented in one Orkut community to a reply that BJP should have supported Soren from outside. I'm posting that reply here b'coz I see some merit in his argument but I'm not sure BJP voters will understand this. This was his reply "Unless you get the ministry berths, you wont get the money either. Congress is at power in the centre till 2014, so it wont be short of funds. With a popular leader like Marandi in the enemy camp, it would take only a few crores to break the backbone of BJP in Jharkhand." This quoted reply was made when smbody said he feels BJP should have supported Soren from outside.

I think in 2014 we would really be in dire need of funds to buy news-channel, media, campaigning etc etc. But who'll make these things understand to common BJP voters who are shocked and feeling hurted by this BJP decision ?

Anonymous said...

In the Old Testament, there is a story of a man by name Esau, who sold his birth right in exchange for a meal. That is how the story of BJP which exchanged whatever little credibility it has, in exchange for a few months of power in a small state, that too in a secondary/subservient role.

Anonymous said...

This post of yours confirms my suspicion that you are no longer on the BJP's side. You don't have to be, but it would now be a mistake to think of you as a BJP sympathiser. God knows whether BJP has done the right thing in Jharkhand. What I know is that moral outrage is not your core plank. You now seem to be hitting out at BJP whatever BJP does, and you are just finding different ways of doing that.


Tarun Malaviya said...

Dear Swapna da

I feel that the BJP can probabaly keep a better check on the quality of governance from inside than from outside.

Maybe this is a hopeful view but certainly not
a biased one (since I have little to gain from
the BJP joining the government in Jharkhand).

Swapnada I think there is little that can be achieved from criticising the BJP. The point is if they knew how to make amends, they would have by now. I would sincerely urge you to considered giving them some positive ideas. That is probably what they need the most.

doubtinggaurav said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
doubtinggaurav said...

Since Prasannaji mentioned me earlier here are my (unsolicited) do paise

Anonymous said...

I think the decision had more to do with not allowing the Congress split the BJP in Jharkhand.

Anonymous said...


Dada inmai se kisi film ko dekh kar mann behla lo....mai bhi yahi karne ki soch raha hu...

Anonymous said...

I missed the deleted post of doubtinggaurav. Can anybody tell me what "objectionable" things he had said that dada had to delete his comment ?

Swapan Dasgupta said...

Can't figure out what the deleted post was. Inless it was deleted by accident. Maybe he should send it again.

doubtinggaurav said...

There was nothing objectionable, it was just a duplicate comment so I deleted it myself, which is why it says "This post has been removed by the author." and not "This post has been removed by the blog administrator." which it would have said if it was deleted by the owner of blog (i.e. Swapan Da)

bjp_supporter said...

congress did not do business with Soren this time because they COULD NOT. they just had a very recent bad fallout.

On the one hand there is this criticism that the Sanghis have no clue of real politics. On the other hand when bjp involves in real politics, which by definition in india is ugly, there is this congress-is-holier-than-thou thing. Who propelled Madhu Koda after BJP denied him a ticket?

if this so called 'practical politics' is all that we should care about, we should also consider the DMK's model for BJP. DMK has been very successful in this 'practical politics' since 1999. they have been in every cabinet since 1999. they have been winning every election since 2004 and look all set to win next assembly elections in TN too.

where are 'ideas' that we were supposed to be discussing for the BJP?

supporter said...

A lot of people visit this blog to read some inside story or incisive analysis of events affecting bjp, not moral lectures which we can get anywhere, like for example few people know what actually took place in the parliamentary board meeting in Shimla except the much publicized expulsion of Jaswant Singh, or what has been the outcome of the equally well publicized and much awaited "introspection" done by the covert team, but Swapanda, of late you've been disappointing.

Anonymous said...

dear sd
one of the cost of practical politics,i.e.corruption a non issuue:today,increasingly some judges of trial courts and other courts first decide what order suit them (for whatever reason)and then frame smart reasoning.the maximum risk they invite is an appeal which is a no risk for them.most are taking this (no) risk to earn money or favour, today realising well that corruption is a non issue upto top.but victim litigants are loosing faith,day by day,leading where?in tribunals the position is worse.who will not like to earn money in thisworld at such no risk?further lawyers creat network to exploit this situation,so justice is mostly lost.this all is in the knowledge of hon`ble apex court.i have witnessed p.os of d.r.ts creating fun of respondents right of justice,to please banks lawyers.these unfortunate respondents belongs to aclass,from whose tax money, the salaries of p.os are made.these are confirmed by hon`ble sc in its 2009stpl(web)177sc in an slp decided on 30-10-2009 and by hon`ble madras hc in 2009(2)d.r.t.c69(mad) in a writ decided on 7-11-08.perhaps some respondents have lost faith in drat,so went to hc.lets hope moily check this!or he will wait to maximise the issue till become a breaking news for channels?

Chandu said...

I was a staunch BJP supporter till this happened! Looks like, I need not waste my energies more on BJP and having hopes. I would like to turn myself from being an active supporter of BJP to a passive supporter of BJP. There is no point for me to deviate from my "dharma" and support BJP. Enough is enough. Having said that, I now fear that the RSS may even need to introspect, what it stands for, does it have a future at all. I was a Swayamsevak all my life, but looks like, the defeat of the right-wing is imminent. I do not know why does the BJP leadership or the Sangh does not concentrate on what the common man needs. BJP or any right wing person has to remember one thing "Dharmo Rakshati Rakshita". Only when one gives up selfishness and work whole-heartedly, will we be getting the much eluded "Vijay", not by associating with likes of Shibu Soren and Chautala. On the other hand, I fail to understand why non-performing leaders like Arun Jaitley, Venkayya Naidu, Gopinath Munde, Vasundhara Raje have to be allowed in the party. Only results have to be the scale on which they should be allowed to get the lime-light, or else look for people who can deliver the ideology to people and deliver good results to the party.

Lastly, I am no more an active supporter of BJP !

Pranjal Das said...

I deeply respect your comments, Swapan da. I sincerely feel that it is time to think of a new right of centre national party as an alternative to the Congress. Top intellectuals like you should take the lead. Otherwise this country is heading for grim future.

Anonymous said...

Swapanda I think there was also a picture of Nitin Gadkari with Soren. Didn't you feel outraged then? Or is it selective amnesia?
On BJP's alliance with JMM, when Congress can have alliance with Lalu, Mulayam, IUML, Jamaat-e-Islami, Madhu koda and still retains its hallow(as per you) what is the harm in BJP having alliance with JMM? Did you want a JMM govt. with Congress Govt which didn't materialise?

Shivang said...

Cant compare congress wid bjp....d reason y we r die hard fans of BJP is coz it had clean image(party wid a difference)....But i dnt completely agree wid dada either.....i think d best possible alternative was bjp aligning with jmm at this point of time as govt couldnt have been formed without thing BJP can do now is to keep corruption in check and give A stable govt for next 5 years and not 3 years as dada is predicting...babulal marandi's exit was a big blow and i dnt think BJP will ever manage to form govt on its own in jharkhand....

An appeal to everyone out here...plz continue to support BJP it still has many credible leaders and everythin will b sorted out once BJP gets to power @ center....even congress faced same prob in late 90's when many of its leaders left the party still it bounced back......i hope to see BJP PM at the center......this country needs an alternative to Congress

Indian Nationalist said...

This Guy Swapan das Gupta is so badly sold out to Sonia Maino that it makes me sick to my stomach.

What is he unhappy about?.....Shibu Soren was Ditched by Congress and he got back to them by Tying up with BJP.

What exactly is wrong in that?....Its tit for tat.

Is this Swapan unhappy that Congress failed to form the Government in Jharkhand.

He is worse than Left Wing Journalists....Atlease they openly claim to be left wing.....But this guy in the mask of Right wing writes pro - Congress material.

Anonymous said...

You are completely right about RN Singh. At best, he is an utterly incompetent person who cannot look at his own long term interests ( let alone his party). Most probably he is a clone of the wheeler dealer Amar Singh, without his smarts. What a pathetic creature and how badly he has damaged his party in UP and Jharkhand.

Anonymous said...

Swapan Dasgupta's credibility has taken a beating. Not a single complaint against BJP until the defeat and now he is just ranting non stop. Come on, it has been more than 8 months since the defeat.

The whole world agrees about RN Singh being a problem. Now he is gone. So let;s go over that.

Yesterday there was a story about in the Telegraph (of all papers) about people in BJP being happy with Gadkari. So now will Swapan Dasgupta write a blog post on how RSS was right about Gadkari as president.

The point is that no point in harping too much on a topic, no point in going to extremes. Stick to the middle ground and fight the fight.

Chandu said...

I request all you people to stop targeting Swapan Da and start addressing the grave issues with BJP. If we continue to live in denial, BJP is sure to go the road of Bharatiya Jana Sangh and Hindu Maha Sabha. Swapan might be showing only part of the problem, if you are sincere in your concerns for BJP, then you should address the whole issue and not Swapan. Atleast there is someone who is still talking about BJP in a neutral spirit !