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Sunday, October 3, 2010

From the archives

Various people have requested me to provide a link to an article We're all kar sevaks now published in Indian Express on January 4, 1993.

The article reflects the mood immediately after the demolition when India appeared totally polarised. Some of the assertions reflect the heady emotionalism of the times. Read it in its historical context.

I am also linking another article At home nowhere published in Sunday magazine in January 1993. It too conveys the mood of the times.

Would love comments.


Nationalist said...

Thanks for these Links,
Dec 1993 for me meant a
couple of weeks that school
was closed.

Over the years it has been
through your articles that
Ive gained insight into
the Ram Janmabhoomi movement.

No Mist said...

Reply to "At home nowhere"

it is a matter of great shame and disgrace that situation seems to have improved only marginally. and that is not because of the 'liberals' having changed ... in fact more such 'liberals' have joined the cavalcade. it is due to the advance of technology ... now all have a platform where they can choose to be heard.

TOI, HT remains the same ... now they are joined by NDTV and CNN-IBN .. one of the reasons that I have completely stopped watching TV-news.

Vivek said...

Thanks Swapan Da to u and also to Kanchan da for the Article. Read Both of Them. Must confess i loved "At home nowhere" more. I would reaffirm your views expressed in the articles and would like to add that Colonialism of mind has led to unquantifiable damage to this country. Many have understood the threat from "Islamic Fundamentalism" in our country but few have recognised the damage "Colonial drilling" has done to our minds and continue to do so, let alone ways to undo that. But quite frankly both these things i.e. Islamic Fundamentalism & Colonialism (which has become an essential component of our DNA), compliment each other so well in the context of our country for its continuing damage.
The challenge i feel is not very difficult which is to bring forward the fact that Modernity is not the copyright of "Westerners or Indian Secular Fundamentalists". Modernity is a state of mind. Also as i myself alwayz say that a person who listens Ramcharitmanas can also be a Kurt Kobain Listener. But who is to drive home this point, tats the sad part.


Vivek Acharya.
@BluntyCorner on Twitter
Kolkata, India.

theprudentindian said...

Thai is vintage Swapan Da most of us know as. :)

Dada in my humble view Dec6,1992 was a watershed event and it was destined to happen this way. Had this 'history was not made to happen' on that 'destined day and time' Babari would have still been standing mocking at the impotency of Hindus.

Dada, would Hindus have claimed the place even if the verdict had gone in our favor...had Babri still been standing???

Answer is NO.

So 'Ishewar Yatev Karoti Shobhnav Karoti'.

Aap Ko Badhai, Jai Shri Ram.


PS: I have my personal reasons to celebrate, as both my father and uncle were among those thousands of Ram Bhakats who participated as what they used to call, "a surgery needed to heal festering wound for centuries". May Ram bless their souls.

Jai Sri Ram.

Rohan said...

Dear Swapan,

Thank you very much for these links, the incidents in 1992 stirred up religious emotions like never before resulting in dangerously polarising our nation.

The contrasting reactions then and now show, how critical a strong, robust economy is to maintain harmony in a huge, diverse nation such as ours.

India 1992 was a third world country with a GDP of 3% with nothing to boast of, India 2010 has GDP of 9% and has the world vying for a slice of our economic pie.

Indians that time had little to look forward to then, this made for a mass involvement into those incidents, reminds me of an English poem "An Idle Man Has So Much To Do".

Today we're more worried about the roads, the metro lines, the monorails and stuff.

But some political idiots will make statements like the one made yesterday, thankfully he was asked to shut up!

These archives serves as good reading for those who were either too young or too disconnected to understand the scenario then and now.

Have a great day!

DilSe said...

Hi Swapan,

I was a little child in a remote village in India when the 1992 thing happened. Even the Young person from my village and most of the adjoining villages participated in the kar seva. So it can be said that 'if' real India lives in villages, then the event that happened on 6th December 1992 was an expression of real India's intent to take decision on there own behalf.

Anonymous said...

Links are not working, redirecting to Adobe site. Another Congress Cyber Conspiracy(CCC)!!!!

Marvi Sirmed said...

Sir, tried hard but the links lead to some acrobat reader page, not your article :(((

sreenath said...

Thanks. the most incisive analysis i should say.

Anonymous said...

Religion plays a vital role in forging solidarity. Despite being linguistically divided it is our Sri.Ram & Krishna that bind us hindus together.

All the magnanimity & accommodative spirit shown by hindus invariably go unreciprocated by the muslims. Let us face it. Their ideology is such that it is inimical to hindu dharma.

Individually some muslims are very gentle and non violent. But not significant enough to bring about any long lasting rapport with the hindus. I doubt whether peaceful co existence is ever possible. A mosque existing adjacent to Ram Temple would only unleash more trouble.

A Gandhi sang " Eashvar Allah Thero Naam".

The muslims overwhelmingly spurn such oneness.The convivial spirit in bollywood ought not to mislead us.

Anonymous said...

Unable to view the article, the acrobat page seems to hang with the message " Still loading"


Mahesh said...

Swapanda. Thank you very much for the links. I was only 7 years old when the babri structure was pulled down but I still have memories of the tensions witnessed in Hyderabad then. I am indeed glad that we were able to assert our Hindu political identity though it came at the cost of a mosque!!! I am really happy that you have posted these links. We are very fortunate that we have eminent writers like you and Kanchan Gupta to air views of the Right so articulately.

Ankit said...

Dear Swapan da,

On 6th December 1992, I was a 10 year old kid in a small kasba of Jharkhand. It is unlikely for a 10 year old to have memories of an event that is described with the adjectives 'political' or 'religious'. However, many of those memories come back rushing after reading your article.

I remember my naniji having tears in her eyes when she described the situation of Vishwanath temple after her pilgrimage to Benarus earlier that year. I remember posters with photographs of karsevaks who had been killed by police firing and posters that said "garv se kaho hum hindu hain" inside living rooms of innumerable houses. I remember the neighbour who had gone for kar seva and then flaunted with pride the remains that he had brought in a jhola.

Of course, I could not make sense of most of those things at that time. Reading the emotiveness in your article, I can understand the emotions from those times much better. Agree with you, figuratively we all were kar sevaks then.

nklivester said...


Thanks for the articles. I was a kid when it happened but now through your brilliant articles and high quality debates I have understood the Ram Janmabhoomi movement. Proud to be a fan of you. May the RJ movement reach its destination.

Anonymous said...

It is ridiculous to mislead people that Sri.Ram Temple & Spirituality inherent in this Ramjanmabhumi movement is antithetical to "progress & development".

Without His Grace even an atom would not move.Ram and/or Krishna does not refer to an individual subject to birth & death but Brahman Incarnate. Obviously to guide the people floundering in the dark The Supreme has to incarnate.

A Meera though born much later attained Mukthi/Salvation only by internalising Sri Krishna.Listening to His story & exploits. It was no bhakthi 'cult' as is being misconstrued but pure Advaitha that cannot but pour out in the form of Bhakthi. Ditto with so many of Rambhakths including Saint Thyagaraja.

Why should we allow others to hold hindus guilty & punishable for bringing down babri mosque ? That way who is to punish the marauders who invaded our boundaries , annihilating hindus , pillaging & breaking our Temples & Consecrated Idols, incinerating so many of our precious Scriptures & verdant Earth ??

All harm perpetrated by them on us Infidels is condoned with a facile 'insha Allah' by them. Why not accept similarly babri mosque falling also as 'Insha Allah " ?

Their ideology is hardwired into them. The twain shall never really coalesce.

Our Veda Dharmam loosely called Hinduism HAS to be preserved for the welfare of entire world. As the path to Dharmam inextricably tied to Salvation is so unambiguously shown only in our Vedas.

Anonymous said...

We were one of the couples who took part in Shilanyas Pujas.

It was our hindu neighbours & friends who frowned upon us treating us like pariahs for participating. I distinctly remember how rest of the hindus residing in that apartment refused to take part in Shilanyas Pujas.

This is what all religions same same sickularism has wrought.

Anonymous said...

Not to be missed:-

Rama’s Rebirth!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous@ 3:51Pm , Marvi Sirmed & Manohar ,

Wait for a while, it opens up. Don't exit impatiently.

Ayodhya Verdict: Historians' Predicament said...

On the historical aspects of Ayodhya verdict I have started a blog, please have a look,comments are invited.
Ayodhya Verdict: Historians' Predicament

abhiconnect said...

Well written. Thanks.

Those unable to see the article: yes, the link does take you to an Acrobat page BUT there Acrobat you need to click on 'Sign In'. Just click, and it takes u to scanned pages of the article.

satyam said...

really nice.. both the articles.....
just hope more people like you can get time on the airwaves coz there are just so many LEFT(behind) intellectuals screaming that you just can get over the din....
thanks for bringing clarity to our contorted world view.... music to ears of someone CLEANSED by a band of fanatics spurred by an IRON lady's misadventures....

Insomnia said...

6 December 1992 is undoubtedly the most defining moment in Indian (i.e Hindu)history since the fall of Vijaynagar empire irrespective of what the eminent historians or the liberal media says. After shakes of the mighty blow that the handful karsevaks generated on that fateful day will continue to shape the vote oriented Indian politics for coming years too and all the Dutts, Sardesais and Thapars will continue to view the movement in their own light. But never forget, the liberal media's image of what a common Hindu thinks is no better a 16th century Englishman thought about the same.

Meghana said...

Nice pieces.

On Dec 6, 1992 I was in school for a Drawing event. There were a handful of school kids as participants. No sooner had we gotten off the school bus, were we asked to get back in and go home. On the way, there was frantic activity that was witnessed and police were already on the streets.

Everyone at home was overjoyed even though they had always voted for the Congress. After Dec 6, 1992 they all have voted for the BJP.


Anonymous said...

Sir I am unable to access the articles from the given links. If possible please refresh the links. Maybe I am the only dumb one here while all are praising the articles after managing to read them from the given links.

skg said...

Thank you Swapan. I was very very impressed with the way you presented your views on the NDTV episode, "The buck stops here - Ayodhya verdict". Your comments are simply wonderful. I am glad to see a person like you still present to expose the blatant lies of Secular Media which shy away from exposing Islamic fundamentalism.

Anonymous said...

Swapan data, you are the best.

Anonymous said...

Swapan data, you have conducted extremely well and presented extremely well in the episode "The buck stops here - Ayodhya verdict". Thank you very much for supporting a Ram temple at Ayodhya.
Hindu faith and Hindu values are under serious danger from the attack by the pseudo-secular media.

Nivedita said...

Thanks for the links. On the topic of the verdict, I was at first angry and then amused at the reactions of Barkha Dutt and co. on NDTV immediately afterwards. Even the educated amongst the minority are espousing a victimized position. Why are they in such denial that they are unable to or refuse to admit that it is only the magnanimity of the majority community that gives them the freedom to not just voice their misplaced grievances openly but also does give them equal status as citizens in this country!!

device independent mobility said...

Thanks for sharing these wonderful links..

kumar said...


I'm posting this comment for the first time.It gives me immense pleasure to be able to communicate with you.For me I was following you through India Todays Telugu edition times right from before and after Dec 1992 events(I was just 11 at that time).I always find your views shaping, and echoing my internal thoughts. Hats-off to your wonderful views.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link and the PDF doc.

Great article. In 1992/93 we were students in Roorkee university (now IIT). I still remember that in Nevember mid through te month end 1992, we had provided space to these Kar Sevaks Travelling to Ayodhya from all over in each and every Hostel room by hosting a "Saffron" flag in those rooms. Such was the electrifying mood.