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Monday, March 4, 2013

Economy’s future is Ram bharose

By Swapan Dasgupta

Like most things Indians or, rather, Hindu, there is a great deal of ritualism that accompanies the annual Budget exercise. For Finance Minister P.Chidambaram, a seasoned hand in presenting Budgets, the predictable part of the choreography may lie in the mandatory recitation of a verse from Thiruvalluvar; for the writers of the Economic Survey it may consist of repeating last year’s assurance that darkness is inevitably accompanied by sunshine; and for those who are dubbed corporate ‘honchos’ it may lie in describing every Budget as ‘responsible’, ‘innovative’, or even ‘path-breaking’.

However, like the mantras that commits the worshipper to give generously to the Brahmin intermediary between God and the devout, the invocations need not be taken at face value. This is particularly so with a Chidambaram Budget. PC’s reputation for having a low threshold of tolerance and his self-projection as a most superior person have ensured that candid discussions of the Budget are behind closed doors. Apart from the political class who enjoy exceptional protection and a few economists who are mad enough to speak their mind, the predictable response to a PC Budget is about as mellifluous as the King of Basutoland’s tribute to Queen Victoria : “my country is your blanket, and my people the lice upon it.”  

I am naturally not referring to those corporate notables who were sceptical of the claim that the present fiscal deficit is 5.2 per cent of the GDP because some crucial items of expenditure had been conveniently overlooked but, yet, that the Budget was good or even excellent. I am not even contesting the belief that the Indian economy needs to be talked up, as Prime Minister Manmohan Singh tried to do when he feebly suggested that an 8 per cent GDP is not in the realms of a Bollywood fantasy. My simple assertion is that the orchestrated projection of PC as the perennial Superman (recall an India Today cover after the Budget of 1997) who, having ‘fixed’ the deficit, now deserves a role greater than being Finance Minister is a tad overstated.

Nor is this particular reading of the tea leaves too fanciful. According to the political grapevine of Lutyens’ Delhi which tends to get a little overshadowed by the Budget drama, there was a flutter of sorts in North Block last Thursday following an article in The Hindu that painted the Finance Minister as yet another lackey of corporate India—a Congress version of Narendra Modi who was being projected by an alliance of moneybags, ‘communalists’ and Middle India as the great brown hope. That it had been penned by a man whose understanding of the Congress is quite profound added to the consternation. The article was brought to my proverbial attention by a man whose understanding of the Prime Minister is equally deep suggested that something was brewing.

In public, the Congress will heartily endorse the Budget of 2013. They will point to the fact that PC has not curtailed expenditure, particularly on welfare schemes, has reached out to women albeit symbolically, has snarled at the 42,800 of India’s super-rich with a taxable income of over Rs 1 crore and even managed to set new norms for backwardness that could increase the wedge between Nitish Kumar and the BJP. To add to these achievements, he deftly targeted Indian SUV manufacturers, enhanced the tax burden on the futures trades in non-agricultural commodities and added to the woes of the diamond industry. On paper these may look random but there was an underlying hint of punitive action against those who have links to Gujarat and Modi.

In this Budget, the Finance Minister had little elbow room. That he made the most of the limited opportunities will endear him to a section of the Congress that believes the way forward is for Rahul Gandhi to find his own answer to his mother’s choice of Manmohan Singh as Regent. Only the wilfully obtuse can overlook the fact that the Budget has been accompanied by the first tentative demands of a ‘PC for PM’ campaign. At present, the hints of such an approach for the 2014 general election is emanating from a group that can be said to be headquartered in Race Course Road, a clutch of businessmen and industrialists who are based in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu and, as such, have little or no dealings with the alternative superstar in Gujarat. It may even find tacit support from diplomatic missions who are uneasy at the thought of a familiar Establishment being replaced by unknown people.  

Ideally, for these sections, Rahul should have been at the helm of the ‘continuity with change’ strategy. However, for reasons well known, he has proved a disappointment. Hence, the importance being attached to Chidambaram and, equally, the rising opposition to what Congress loyalists see as a recipe for electoral disaster. “Mamnohan Singh joined the Congress to become Finance Minister”, a disaffected Congress MP told me last week, “but Chidambaram left the Congress to become Finance Minister.” The reference was to PC’s defection to the Tamil Maanila Congress in 1996.  

In India, few remember history. For PC, the real test is not whether his DNA is Congress but whether India experiences a bout of sunshine before voting day in 2014. At present, the future of the economy is in a state of Ram bharose

Sunday Pioneer, March 3, 2013


R R Pillai said...

PC is a clever man who will follow Dr Singh equally a cunning Congress loyalist.In 2008 after US crises unfolded MMS said extra ordinary circumstances demand extra ordinary measures and under that garb retorted to a fiscal stimulus that gave the Congress 2009 victory though budget estimates were overshot by a lakh CR . US is now in trouble with automatic spending cuts. job losses for US and External sector problems again for India. Hope you got it.

N C Unni said...

Like his mother RG may want to renounce the exalted post of PM & let some one else slave as the PM. In that scenario PC, like Prabda earlier may be a likely candidate. Now the ever ready Pawar is also offering his services by declaring that he has no problem with RG as boss (Was it Praful Patel who said it?)!! But PC's immediate problem is budget deficit. That will be done by increasing from time to time the petrol price.

Anonymous said...

Out & out BRILLIANT Swapan Dasgupta!!

P.Chidambaram's DNA has always been selfishness , mock humility & embracing of COMMUNISM. He himself said in Tamil Nadu once:-

" Had I not been invited by Rajiv Gandhi to join congress party would have joined the Leftists as I am inherently a COMMUNIST ".

Have absolutely not a trace of doubt. With a catch in his voice & clad in simmmmmple white veshti he has conned many including Simi Garewal who was swayed enough to pronounce:-

" These south indians so well qualified are all very austere dressed in simple cotton veshtis....(shed a lot of silent tears ) like P Chidambaram I am going to introduce to you tonight on my show ".

When P Chidambaram was CONNING along with Rajiv Gandhi us the aam janata doordarshan had a periodical stage managed "meeting between congress politicians & common man" allegedly telecast "live".

In one such programme an aam janata who was reduced to penury owing to corruption of various bureaucrats & Indian Banks asked for help from this sanctimonious simmmple communist Chidambaram.

P Chidambaram while listening looked very pained & hurt , nodding indulgently & then said with that tremor & catch in his voice:-

" I....I...wish...I really REally REEEAlleee wish I could hand over your money plus generous compensations right away HERE & NOW.....( wiped his non existent tears ) patient....Rajiv Gandhi , VP.Singh , Sam Pitroda & myself we are all working towards serving only poor humble aam janata like you ".

All clapped & cheered.

The show has gone on for too long.

AND IT MUST NOT go on further anymore.

Anonymous said...

P Chidambaram INDEED is a crafty communist anti middle classes.

"Pro poor" for communists & bleeding hearts actually mean pro INDOLENCE , pro SLOTH & mollycoddling of all cantankerous parasites.

Sri.Narendra Modi & Smt.Jayalalithaa are the ONLY TWO notable exceptions.
For this noble trait they get vilified (sic) "dictatorial / Hitlerish / capitalist" yada yada.

P Chidambaram while being apotheosized by prannoy roys , omkar goswamis & many FICCI idiots said something very dangerous along the following lines:-

" I want to tax the middle classes & well to do heavily & with that money procure expensive FREE FOREIGN shampoos , soaps , cosmetics , perfumes , white goods, free food etc etc & distribute them FREE to all poor in all villages & remote corners of India".

I have often wondered in bewilderment how such a communist a tad worse than even komrade Jyoti Basu is called a free market, liberal Harvard blah blah.

Anonymous said...

Now I shall narrate just a sliver of what I went through in Coimbatore while DMK was ruling along with this PChidambaram & nehruvian congress.

You are sagacious enough to connect the dots & see how DANGEROUS this communismsecularismevangelism potion is.

Almost all the north & south indian mix living in Coimbatore very very rich ALL owning more than two three cars , chunky properties , gold , land etc , mostly calling themselves businessmen , industrialists , export-importers like bollykolly heroes , apartment owners , farmland estate owners , bank officials , maids & auto drivers , aavin milk supplier etc were all ATROCIOUSLY AVARICIOUS & GREEDY PARASITES. INDESCRIBABLY UNSCRUPULOUS THIEVES & CHEATS.

I was told driving is a must as public transport is yuck in Coimbatore. There was this couple a very very rich OBESE non brahmin family running a private Raghavendra Driving School with instructors who were LYING MALICIOUS MENDACIOUS HOSTILE converted christians BUT sporting bindis , bangles & Hindu names telling "we are bindis wearing catholics /protestants/ baptists blah blah. The amount of money they looted & the misery & harrowing harassment my son & I were subjected to by their wayward slipshod ways ( no punctuality , no committment , NO HONESTY ) & RTO office employees ARROGANTLY BRAZENLY demanded BRIBES & MORE BRIBES issuing no receipt at all. That particular day my child had met with an accident near TNAU on that treacherous Marudhamalai Road & hence was limping due to dislocated kneecap & bruises all over. YET , the RTO official threatened me in front of all he would certify my son handicapped if I did not grovel before him & cough up the bribes demanded. We were ORDERED to GROVEL & PLEAD before one and all in GODDAMNED Coimbatore just because we are Brahmins . They branded us "forward community" as though we were criminals & even TNAU took HEFTY bribes. And harassed us indescribably. That Raghavendra Driving School had a close OPEN nexus with RTO officials. All BRIBES were decided upon & shared by both.

I HATE GODFORSAKEN india. I feel very happy when I hear of bomb blasts & accidents & dengue , & power crisis & water scarcity plaguing india. indians deserve such desserts. I can write a book on the looting UNBRIDLED looting done by sumangali sun tv cable operators & electricity board people who without giving any electricity diligently sent bills for whopping amounts. Even when there was power no programmes would be beamed on tv. When queried replied " heavy traffic in RK puram area madam MAAAADUMMMM so telecasting tower not beaming MAAAADUMMMM.....wind blowing madUMMMMM now Aadi maasam Maadummmmmm so wire went on top of tree branch Maaaaaadummmmmm.......yada yada.

Very Important Sow.Jayalalithaa was NOT the chief minister then.

Anonymous said...

The following post belongs here ALSO.


In that RTO office in Coimbatore there were several rooms where all of us were shepherded one after the other. That is , one room on the first day from morning till noon or evening depending on the truancy and mood of the office bearer. The room was one indescribabaly dismal ill ventilated claustrophobic enclosure with a plastic pot atop a rickety stool containing NO WATER.

You are intelligent enough to supply the mandatory mosquitoes, flies , cockroaches , rats , bandicoots , cacophony, dirtiest smelly ONNNLYEE ONE toilet with a lock & its key MISSING.

The next day or any day or even after a fortnight maybe , depending on how politely the aam janata conducts himself he/she gets shepherded into room no 2.

For all of it your entire routine at home , college, office fronts & time management with ARRRRROGANT THIEVES & DACOITS , EXTORTIONISTS MAFIA in the guise of maids & auto drivers goes totally awry.

You dare not let adrenaline rush as art of living CRIMINAL SAVAGE filled with GUILE has his footsoldiers ever prowling foraging for such legitimately agitated ANGRY SANE people.

One of those days I saw a CRPF man with a long rifle slung on his shoulder hailing from Bihar also standing in front of me. Very tall & polite. Knew ONLY HIndi. Not English, Tamil, Sanskrit, Vedanta, sudarshan kriya, seva, GDP , Nifty etc.

The tamil speaking MILITANT RTO coimbatore anti brahmin dravidian office bearer KNEW that CRPF knew no English. Hence threw his weight around needlessly barking his INANE questions & demands for bribery in broken faulty english.
When he saw that CRPF man flustered switched over to expletives in dmk styled semmozhitholkappiyamVULGAR language. ASKING him to get out. And not come anymore.

NOT a single person around bothered or protested.

Very slowly I followed him & asked in Hindi:-

" When you are carrying a gun & you are THE CRPF , why are you letting that unarmed useless thug walk all over you treating you so cavalierly".

He said despairingly:-

" Kya karoon".

I REPEAT with CONVICTION & ASSERT for the umpteenth time Sri.Dawood Ibrahim is NOT A TERRORIST AT ALL.

Anonymous said...

Myself & my son were "learning" driving of both scooter (two wheel) & car (four wheel) from that dubious Raghavendra Driving school of Coimbatore owned by Brahmin hating DUBIOUS CHEATS.

One of their female instructors was one insolent converted christian girl with bindi, holy ash , flowers in hair , bangles clad sometimes in simmmple looking salwar kameezes & suddenly in expensive Kanjeevaram Silk sarees. Who even before marriage was merrily having premarital "relationship" with another converted christian who called himself !!!!!!! *thirunavukkarasu*.

Their entire family was more than affluent with CASH , WHITE GOODS & various FREE luxuries including a FREE HOUSE , FREE vehicles handed over FREE by christian missionaries.

She tormented me to no end.Purposely came very late and / or absented herself. Would NEVER inform me at all.

While riding one useless scooty belonging to that DACOITS infested Raghavendra Driving School she NEVER would let me balance or even help me in achieving balance.I know no cycling. (My father working in Jute Mills could not afford to buy a single bicycle. Other children of D.Gupta & one Dolly Pujari or Tijari , Sinhal , Mulesh Jain , Dikshits etc were always riding bicycles in those verdant lawns of Budge Budge New Central Jute Mills).

This converted christian INSOLENT LYING CHEAT tamilian instructor PURPOSELY always held on to my scooty for that designated 30 mins ONLY so that they could protract on & on thus making FILTHY LUCRE.

One day she turned up five hours late in that SaiBaba colony flat. I asked her reasons for non punctuality. At once she threw a WILD TRANTRUM SCREAMING & CRYING :-
( SIC)
" This upper caste BRAHMIN woman coming from Gulf country whose ancestors practised untouchability (peppered with routine aryan dravidian diatribe) is so arrogant, treating me disrespectfully...." went on & on.

Not a single person despite knowing facts stood up for me.Including the brahmin RICH landlords & landladies.

Serendipitously, one day she was accosted by her converted christian boyfriend while "teaching" me , she left me alone. At that time someone who has been watching this charade of "scooty learning" who was professional coconuts picker atop a coconut tree in that area tersely gave me verbal instructions on the secret of achieving balance. I did & suddenly to my delight was merrily riding all over making turns & twists.

At once she came RUNNING & UPBRAIDED me insultingly with her menacing paramour shouting:-

" Who asked you to ride? How dare you ride ?? How dare you get balance without my permission & certifying ".

And snatched the scooty & zipped away with that paramour.

ALL the petrol cost , mobile grease etc etc were all BILLED to me. She always had a gala time with her boyfriend tirunavukkarasu in that scooty BUT BILLED everything to ME Justifying with CRIMINAL AUDACITY I ought not to object as I spent some years in Kuwait & I am a BRAHMIN.

Anonymous said...

Nevertheless I SUPPORT P.Chidambaram for a very solid reason in the recent JPC verus Spectrum dacoit A.Raja.

Posting my comments from niticentral:-

I support Congress in this particular case involving CORRUPT A.Raja.

Congress Party should go ahead & ensure A.Raja REALLY goes on a fast & dies.
I am against BJP rallying behind this A.Raja.

BJP at times is really incapable of taking a nuanced stand.It suddenly joins hands with communists like Prakash Karats & Yechurys.

A.Raja of Spectrum loot was pampered & promoted by DMK by playing the dalit card. Now that A.Raja has proved as did another uber unctuous DALIT called Jagjivan Ram earlier that they are no Visvesvaraiyas I support P.Chidambaram WHOLEHEARTEDLY in taking a forthright stand.

Whatever one might say against P.Chidambaram it is an indisputable fact CHETTIYARS of Tamil Nadu are NOT atheists. They LOVE Rama, Krishna & Lord Ssiva & ALL GODDESSES of Hindu Pantheon. It is again the CHETTIYARS who have contributed GENEROUSLY towards many TEMPLES’ Consecration , Reconstruction & so forth. You would NEVER come across any CHETTIYAR spewing expletives like DK , leftists & kollywood upstarts.

A.Raja is resorting to CHEAP blackmail & OUGHT to be starved. It is NO LOSS. Those who disagree with me can ALSO starve along with A.Raja & quit this world.For God’s sake do some serious fasting & leave getting faux martyrdom at least.

Don’t disappoint me by drinking fruit juices & bouncing back to power.

Anonymous said...

Sri.Ram Sethu reminds me of something else which is extremely important.

NEVER EVER feel sorry for and/ or take pity on the allegedly poor of India who have the penchant of raising dalit card / toiling masses / underprivileged/ marginalised/ illiterate/ aiyopaavam girl gender / aiyopaavam very young age/ & kindred hats they & their champions wear to engender guilt in SANE & NORMAL people of India who have already become the ENDANGERED SPECIES.

Right now it is trendy to wail excessively over rapes,molestations,women’s rights….triggered by that recent ‘Delhi Rape’. There is another side to it. Only CERTAIN HINDUS of India would even bother to see the link , cogitate & understand.

Animals , birds , insects , plants & trees -ALL are equally PRECIOUS to Our Maker.” Every ANT’s footsteps are ALSO heard with equal & undivided attention by GOD” says Sri.Ramakrishna Pramahamsar.

In Ramanashramam Thiruvannamalai (which is quite sprawling & impossible to monitor meticulously) lots of these allegedly poor/dalit/toiling have not only constructed their own homes , shovels , huts etc RIGHT all over the foothills of Annamalaiyar ( Lord Ssiva) but also pluck flowers , pelt stones at various birds & animals. Capture baby monkeys shackling them with iron chains , kill peacocks , torture frogs , butterflies etc etc.They are emboldened ONLY because of political patronage pro dalitism pro toiling massesism ( communists)& so on.

Allegedly poor & rich and really poor & rich – in BOTH KINDNESS is seldom a GIVEN.I saw one girl called Vasuki whose entire family was sitting INSIDE the KURANGU THOTTAM & eating enormous amounts of food (rice , dal , curries , fried papads , sweets & fruits). They also had plenty of water to drink by their side purified TEAM water.

Frisky squirrels scamper around trees & their young ones often fall down lying helplessly.One such baby squirrel was picked up by this Vasuki who told me she & her family ROUTINELY EAT THEM after cooking. I could not believe as Ramana Bhagavan & KINDNESS to flora & fauna is LEGENDARY.

I dwelt at length in Tamil very patiently telling her NOT to torture them thus but leave them there amidst greenery unharmed.She PRETENDED to listen nodding sans any emotion. To ensure that squirrel’s safety I gave her a big packet of biscuits ( foreign & local). At once she went & told her family something. I took that squirrel to Ashramam Office & told them everything.

When I came back much later to my room in Kurangu Thottam , Vasuki & her mother told me:-

” Ours is a huge family. Eating squirrels , rabbits etc we do routinely. You took away our (?) squirrel & hence return it back or supply foreign biscuit packets in large quantities for our entire family. Even if we listen to you & not eat , still we WILL TRAP squirrels , birds & animals as that is FUN for us”. The mother was holding a BIG BROOM with STIFF SPIKY bristles menacingly while arguing with me thus.

Let us remember Bhadrachala Ramadasar underwent incarceration & torture for having held a parrot captive in a cage.

This is EXACTLY the reason I feel NO PITY AT ALL when I read so many perished in fire in a divali crackers making cottage….so & so was kidnapped or missing….fell into a well & died of drowning…parapet wall missing…electrocuted….

If that Vasuki/ her mother were to be “molested” or died of dengue or cholera or famine or run over by bus I would have felt very GRATIFIED.

Read what I have written very attentively.

Anonymous said...

DO NOT get carried away by RSS or any organization for that matter.

Once while having my lunch at Ramanashramam I cried out:-

" Today's paayasam is very special unlike the usual...very very special...".

At once one stranger man sitting beside me shouted at me asking in tamil:-

" What nanna irukku....what what what WHAT is special? Nothing at all.It is very bad because they have cheated mixing yesterday's laddoos in paayasam to sweeten it. Instead of adding routine sugar like a purist's call this good ...".

He was one RSS member he introduced himself & said he was one fiery pracharak fluent in tamil , hindi & blah blah.

Anonymous said...

Many in bjp are not truly honest and Rambakthas as we delude ourselves.

I was struck speechless when one Ganapadigal of Ramanashramam supposedly TEACHER of Vidhyarthis in that Veda Patashala himself tole me with derision once:-
” ….as if we are all seeking God…most of us are commercial only Mami…..
it is money we are seeking ….so many janmas are needed to wash off your sins….you have so much dirt in your mind & why ask about Kaasi’s topography ”

Not just that. He had LOTS of Athirudra Prasadam lying beside him in that room of his where he often retires to sleep like Deve Gowda.Despite my repeated very polite requests to give me prasadam ( not eatables like laddos etc but Homa Prasadham Holy Ash he stoutly REFUSED to do so.
His name is Sendhil Ganapadigal. Has a motor cycle & owns lots of money blah blah.

Kanakammal Ramana Bhagavan’s Devotee last time I met Her advised me:-

” Drop this Sendhil Ganapadigal….forget him…..avoid him…do not go to him”.

Anonymous said...

Sandhya Jain writes a lot of recycled stuff. But she forgets she was ALSO heavily ridiculing Kaanchi Paramacharyar just a few years ago making the same kind of inane statements trotted out by christian missionaries , Puttaparthi Saibabas
" the hands that work are holier than the lips that pray " " The Senior Pontiff is apathetic towards society , its strife , poverty suffering blah blah..."

These leftists, bleeding hearts along with RSS IDIOTS were the ones who COERCED & COERCED Sri.Jayendra Saraswathi to abandon The Senior Pontiff , The Mutt & "uplift the society". Sahitya Gyanpeeth award winning mathamota lover of Russia Jayakanthan also has minced no words in finding fault with Kaanchi Shankaracharyars.

All these mathamotas forget a very simple elementary truth. None of these SEERS including Ramana Bhagavan EVER invite / invited any individual to come seeking them asking them questions , inquisitioning them & writing their assessments of them:-((

To know how a DESERVING DISCIPLE conducts Himself read about Sri.Muruganar Ramana Bhagavan's Devotee.

Fortunately Sri.Jayendra Saraswathi LEFT HIS STAFF in the MUTT before leaving for a short while. That is like Tulsidas's Maya Seetha being abducted.

When He came back Sri.Paramacharya then & there told Him after so many number of years the same society uplifting loonies would end up throwing Him in prison. Paramacharya NEVER minces words though miserly with words unlike leftists & society uplifters.

I am flummoxed RSS Gurumurthy never fails to defend Puttaparthi Babas , art of living charlatans in general all hindu charlatans.

As Kaanchi Paramacharya Himself has denounced them ALL unequivocally.Even before art of living fraudulent faux messiah was born.

When Paul Brunton came to Him asking for guidance Paramacharya NEVER lied " in ourrrr indiAAA lots & lots of swamijis are aplenty.....indiAAA onlyeeee is great blah blah. He mentioned only Ramana Bhagavan & another Person He did not even Name telling:-

"Forget it.He SEES NONE".

Anonymous said...

I don't know if it is true or false.
Many of Modi's supporters are telling he has got plans of setting up colleges & train all thus making all dalits , this caste that caste into Priests of Temples.

That is ALARMINg to say the least.
Here again I would quote Ramana Bhagavan:-

" Only AUTHORIZED PERSONNEL can take to VEDIC Chantings , RITES & RITUALS ".

For elaborate explanation of such a
pithily pregnant Statement I am afraid today it would be difficult to find a qualified Learned Person.

On a mundane plane these dalits' GOD is Ambedkar. Who spurned VEDAS of HINDUS. So what business do dalits have in Hindu Temples suddenly embracing Hindu Gods?

They should be embracing ambedkar.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if it is true or false.
Many of Modi's supporters are telling he has got plans of setting up colleges & train all thus making all dalits , this caste that caste into Priests of Temples.

That is ALARMING to say the least.
Here again I would quote Ramana Bhagavan:-

" Only AUTHORIZED PERSONNEL can take to VEDIC Chantings , RITES & RITUALS ".

For elaborate explanation of such a
pithily pregnant Statement I am afraid today it would be difficult to find a qualified Learned Person.

On a mundane plane these dalits' GOD is Ambedkar. Who spurned VEDAS of HINDUS. So what business do dalits have in Hindu Temples suddenly embracing Hindu Gods?

They should be embracing ambedkar instead.

Anonymous said...

Hindutvavadis adore one Rajiv Malhotra. I don't.

RSS Gurumurthy also wrote one elaborate article on this Rajiv Malhotra once upon a time.

Rajiv Malhotra is one BIG CROOK. He tried his best in defending the criminal Nithyananda. He the alleged philanthropist of Infinity Foundation wasted enormous money on transatlantic flights landing in Varanasi The Holy Pilgrim Centre to defend Nithyananda who was caught in the act with Ranjita.

At least Nithyananda emerged a tad better as he boldly told unwarrantedly self righteous Rajiv Malhotra

” I did nothing wrong. I did what any man would have done with a woman”.

YET , shameless hindutva fool fanatic Rajiv Malhotra ploughed in a lot of his clout in lying it was all (sic)” fauxtography & christian conspiracy”.
Ranjitha was also COERCED into leaving for America & lying to all it was “christian conspiracy”. She is not a clout wielding filmstar like hemamalinis , suhasinis & aishwarya rais. Ranjita was DENIED rental accommodation by many Indians within India. Uber sanctimonious braahminnn manirathnam shot certain scenes with Ranjita in his ‘Ravan’ BUT deleted all of her scenes while editing. DID NOT pay her dues also.

ALL HINDUS ARE NOT ANGELS. So let us put an end to this glorification of Rajiv Malhotras.

Brajesh said...

Our Prime Minister and Finance Minister has just one solution for all the problems of this country. We shall grow by 8%. Whether its Price Rise, Whether its Farmer Suicide, whether its Icreasing incidences of Rape, whether its Scams and MegaScams..........the solution to all the problem is "India shall grow by 8%".

I am just annoyed by hearing their constant ranting of 8% growth. What growth are they talking about. There's nothing so complex to understand Chidambarams budget.

Congress took all the tax-payers money, and distributed it among everyone in the name of MNREGA and Several other non-productive central govt schemes. The money which should have reached the poor never reached, but was all looted by corrupt politicians, beauraucrates and corporate mafia. So you are just distributing cash in the expectation that the masses will return the favour by bringing you back to power. But in the process of cash distribution in the name of MNREGA and several other schemes, you created mess of this countries economy. Your CAD is soaring, your exports are pathetic, your are importing mindlessly oil and gold, you are not leaving money in the banks for private sector to take loans, interest rates are sky rocketing, corruption is at an all time high.

Where MMS and Chidu wants to take us?? Aren't they pushing us to be beggars? Earning class should pay more than 50 % in the form of direct and non-direct taxes and govt will put all the money in drain to buy votes.

They are just pathetic economists, and are hell bent on killing the indian economy and later will say, look we are growing by Hindu-Rate of growth.


Anonymous said...

If I recall right it was bjp's sushma swaraj who was approached by bollywood's chopras , ghais , mehras etc to grant formal industry status to these fim producers & facilitating financing through loans from banks where people like OUR HARD EARNED money is kept for safe custody.

Sushma Swarajs & Montek Singh Ahluwalias CANNOT cite laws formulated by the founding fathers of indian constitution / legal dimwits, C.Rangarajans & justify.

According to VEDAS that are ETERNAL full of UNCOMPROMISING COMMANDMENTS with no room for howeverrr , having said thattt , ONE has to probe deep into the content of the movies produced , the impact they have & every minute detail. The word "entertainment" is too lax & meaningless.

India ought not to hasten forward at once comparing itself with America & Hollywood. NOT AT ALL.

AMERICA is entirely different from India & Indians.

Apart from A.P.Nagarajan & Chinnappa Dhevar it is only intensely thought provoking English movies that have jolted my cerebral atoms favourably.

For DECADES , indian film industry & writers including that Manian of Ananda Vikatan INVARIABLY referred to rape victims as "polluted" "rancid" "spoiled" "untouchable".In almost all the movies & crappy stories churned out the victim either dies by committing suicide/ becomes a NUN in a monastery / ends up a prostitute in brothels / or towards the end gets married off to the SAME rapist in the last scene who raped her in the beginning of the movie. With lots of songs thrown in.A compulsory justifying song towards the ludicrous end ALSO. Shockingly almost all the people relished & approved of such mind set. Particularly those where the rapist marries the victim the former was always praised as a magnanimous person "accepting such a polluted person & conferring dignity & rehabilitation in society". Such movies were called "path breaking / revolutionary / new wave".

K.Balachander made Pramila of Arangetram get OSTRACISED , GO INSANE A BEGGAR towards the end.Ominously the protagonist is shown beside an ocean. As if suicide is fait accompli & fair enough. That was all.

WHEREAS very belatedly when I managed to PURCHASE Kaanchi Paramacharya's SAYINGS in several volumes I SAT UP ANGRY , ENRAGED.

Anonymous said...

Psychiatry & the drugs they prescribe are THE MOST DANGEROUS & FATAL.

It has become fashionable to insist on always feeling contented, euphoric, happeee, blissful smiling idiotically & screaming jaigurudevs & bestowing hugs ammachi style as problem solving procedures. NOT AT ALL.

One's memory should never be ERASED.
Unpleasant & painful events have an extremely vital role in protecting & guarding us.

Right from my childhood in Anglo India Jute Mills onwards I vividly remember & could NEVER FORGET certain important events , words , actions done by my mother , Mohan her very pet son etc etc in my father's absence.

I had no vocabulary then. YET , my heart KNEW she HATED me , my brother Prakash , my father S.Janakiraman & his parents ALSO. She, her mother , brothers , her other two daughters & sons Mohan & Bala and a lot of males including Arunachalam , his sons & many colleagues some of them living in bachelors' quarters --ALL were favourably disposed towards her only because of her luscious breasts , fair complexion , long hair( actually she ALWAYS plaited with a wig) & her sluttish character.

Only later in my life with excruciating tardiness I pieced together everything. It would have been a delightful cakewalk for me ( for us) had we not been surreptitiously fed poisons real poisons & poisons in the guise of tablets , potions , prasadam of God & psychiatry medicines.

My father , his parents , my sibling Prakash & myself were physically very ROBUST , had no eating disorders , no vision problems , no baldness , no depression. Were endowed with brilliant intellect , vibrant sense of humour all of which made them jealous full of murderous intent.

Psychiatry medications KILL.

Psychotropic drugs render a person totally weak physically ALSO. Atrophies & kills lots of neurons , synapses PURPOSELY with a view to making you NOT remember. And recall. AND THWART REACTIONS.

Add to that total chaos among indians in all departments of life. Justice , judiciary , doctors , nurses , maids , relatives , neighbours -ALL can be bought , influenced , manipulated.

And Indians basically are forever talking & talking in high decibels desultorily repeating the same crap. That is one CONDEMNABLE FLAW.

With fundamentals all wrong they talk big about Ramayanam & Sri.Rama.

Anonymous said...


In their midst the minority HONEST are really endangered.We are constrained to remain silent & leave their lies unchallenged. But HONEST people are not heartless scum like the dishonest.Where does the RAGE go?
It CANNOT BUT MANIFEST in some form or other mostly sleeplessness, loss of appetite , pacing of the floor & shutting oneself for extended hours in the bathroom. But even for SUCH luxuries you need SOLITUDE. Which again gets sedulously DENIED to them by the dishonest as they feel threatened unless the honest are eliminated / muzzled / incapacitated.

Most people refer to my Lady Macbeth mother Jayalakshmi as some docile bewitching apsara who was so devoted to taking care of not just her husband & in laws but also bore half a dozen children so patiently bringing them up.

ROTFL. My father IS NO FOOL. Occasionally in Budge Budge New Central Jute Mills Block C apartment that was allotted to my father who was The Works Manager under the vindictive CRUEL D.Gupta MD I have seen him shed tears crying before Lord Muruga " I am so unable to feed , clothe , educate & bear the entire burden of looking after this brood of children".

Even a warm cup of Horlicks my sluttish mother would NOT make & store for him in the flask (bought with HIS EARNINGS no dowry) as requested by my father as he often had to leave for night duty. And again leave in pre dawn hours.

Twice or thrice my father told jayalakshmi witheringly " you have burdened me with so many ungrateful girls & boys by becoming pregnant & giving birth to them...with my earnings it is so stressful to manage this household & my aged parents have been abandoned in 13,Pandithya Terrace, Calcutta whose rent also I have to pay...."

Jayalakshmi the disloyal SELFISH Lady Macbeth could never retort:-
" But we slept together & gave birth to them...they are yours as much as mine".

NEVER. My grandmother much against her will felt compelled to look for paying guests letting out one of the rooms. And those paying guests were "FIXED" by RAUNCHY SCOUNDREL Arunachalam's brother EQUALLY RAUNCHY LECHEROUS Krishnamurthy. Thus the "paying guests" were EXHORTED by the same Krishnamurthy to take me out when I was a very young girl & rape me repeatedly in an urine smelling room in Mahanirvan road. In the pretext of taking me to some cultural show in south india club.

The same Krishnamurthy & his sluttish wife Vijaya officiated as my parents during my faux marriage to S.N.Ramachandran on 31/March/1982 in Calcutta.

My father was killed on 2/January 1978.

Anonymous said...

Be it tv Ramayan and /or tv Mahabharat the respective producers directors whatever were all making many new wave movies EXCLUSIVELY with a view to making ample money.

All know how much Indians thirst for naked anatomy & nudity through gossamery thin material rain drenched.

I remember in Calcutta posters showing bare backs & three quarter breasts of certain heroines branded NEW WAVE movies pulled lot of people to the cinema halls.

So much so fading wrinkled MGR took one final shot at having both good time & conveying some "recondite message" in one movie by bringing in one such hindi new wave filmstar of bollywood to kollywood. He knew how to fit in those "intimate scenes" & yet remain unscathed. By making them all "dream sequences".

After going through the traumatic ordeal of exams & preparations I was always left NUMB & DAZED. To get over that numbness I chose only MGR's Ulagum Sutrum Vaaliban as the most effective potent medicine.

Totally mindless trip all over Japan , Hong Kong , Malaysia , Singapore , indiAAA , Europe etc etc. With more than four heroines. One Thai Girl ALSO dressed in mini skirts & romping around with MGR miming peppy tamil song BUT dream sequence. Cleverly MGR ensured it was not HIS dream but HER dream.

Often a certain heroine gets RAPED very violently exposing three quarter naked breasts , bellies etc only to be swaddled again in the same bra & pettycoat & saree by the same MGR assuring her "it was a scientific experiment he undertook as he is but a CID incognito".

More such ZANY episodes follow one after another with hummable songs.I could laugh & laugh with abandon & return home thoroughly refreshed.