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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Rot stems from ill-conceived coal nationalization plan

By Swapan Dasgupta

Subhash Chakravarti, a legendary Chief of Bureau of Times of India, recently recounted an encounter between Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru and the West Bengal Congress supremo Atulya Ghosh in the early-1960s.  

“I have heard”, Nehru told Ghosh accusingly, “that you are a bit too friendly with Calcutta’s Marwari businessmen”. Never inclined to kowtow to someone he regarded as a poseur, Ghosh’s reply was characteristically blunt: “What you have heard is right. Our party needs money, not merely for Bengal but for UP and Bihar too. Who do you think funds us? Without that money you wouldn’t be wearing that rose on your lapel.”

Nehru was taken aback by this insolence and complained to his old friend Dr B.C. Roy who was Chief Minister of West Bengal. Dr Roy laughed it off but delighted in repeating the story to others. These probably included S.K. Patil, the Bombay Congress boss with a reputation for being pro-business and pro-US.  Patil used to rue that he was the target of unending radical derision except before elections and when it was time to lobby Washington for food aid.  

The tendency to look upon India’s corporate sector as the proverbial ‘kept’ woman who could only be visited stealthily and in the dead of night (I thank the late Pramod Mahajan for this imagery) has been an undesirable Nehruvian legacy. If Nehru shared the upper-class English socialist disdain for ‘trade’ and new money, Indira Gandhi was positively vengeful towards Indian business following her battle with the Syndicate, and Rajiv Gandhi was plain confused over how much elbow room should be given to the private sector. However, there was one common dynastic consensus: business must pick up the tab for political expenses. A highly regulated capitalism, it was decreed, must underwrite India’s experiments with socialism.

It was an expedient arrangement that allowed patrician socialists to serve the poor without being preoccupied with where the money was coming from. One Nehru sibling who enjoyed global fame was, for example, particularly forgetful about settling shopping and hotel bills.

When the private sector proved unable to deliver the full booty—and this began to happen as the license-permit raj began to be excessively suffocating for business—the necessary surplus was creamed off from state funds. A breed of politically loyal but parasitic contractor class was created by Indira Gandhi to offset the influence of old money. Additionally, exceptional discretionary favours were doled out to business houses which were considered ‘reliable’. Business, as Dhirbuhai Ambani famously said, became a matter of “managing the environment.”

What we are today witnessing are big cracks in a system whose principal objective was income generation for the ruling dispensation rather than the economic growth of the country. The CBI clearly erred if its reason for wishing to prosecute a former Coal Secretary and industrialist Kumaramangalam Birla was the fact that Hindalco ate into a coal allotment initially been made to a public sector unit. To treat the private sector as a poor cousin or, indeed, a predator, makes no sense. However, the real reason for widespread suspicion of influence-peddling and corruption is that the coal block allotments were governed by discretion, the Prime Minister’s Office having earlier rejected the more transparent process of auctions. It was this flawed selection system which resulted in a large chunk of India’s coal reserves being parcelled out to those who were either linked to the ruling party or were willing to pay a political cess for every ton of coal extracted.

However, it is reassuring that the CBI’s peremptoriness has generated a sense of outrage. In part the issue is all about a senior bureaucrat being punished for following a political order and an industrialist pulling strings to further his very legitimate business interests—there was no other option. But the real rot stemmed from an ill-conceived coal nationalisation that has proved an unmitigated disaster and which has cost India dearly.

It is curious that the Hindalco chairman was named after Mohan Kumaramangalam, the charismatic Communist-turned-Congressman who presided over coal nationalisation and other socialist excesses. Today, to take liberties with Karl Marx, the fawning of an earlier generation must be weighing “like a nightmare on the brains of the living.”

Sunday Times of India, October 20, 2013 


Anonymous said...

Much needed timely article from Sri.Swapan Dasgupta.

Long time back one of my relatives was asked to go for IAS. It did carry a lot of prestige once upon a time. But that teenager was intelligent enough to see through the dangerously idiotic Nehru's congress & his legacy carried forward by Indira his daughter. And the way fanatic DMK & DK were calling the shots in Tamil Nadu.

So despite being academically brilliant refused stating:-

" Why should I an intelligent person serve unlettered uneducated FOOLISH Indian ministers by doing IAS".

It is the government that DESERVES punishment. Not the businessmen.
Consider the way azam khans , mulayams , laloos , farookh abdullahs , ajit jogis & anand sharmas remain unpunished. You can see this only in India.

Indian Police unfairly ridiculed & maligned by sensational media & shoddy Indian films were unanimously & passionately in agreement with the movie Ardh Sathya. It is because of the rotten politicians the Police are demoralized.

DMK introduced militant VIOLENCE in educational institutions like West Bengal's communists. We see the consequences today where students are killing teachers & professors for censuring the unruly.

It is time religious affiliations are looked into among Indian businessmen. If they are HINDUS like Birlas , Ambanis etc I would declare AMNESTY for them. Birlas devout Hindus would NEVER behave like tr balus , dmk & congress asking for "Sethusamudram blah blah". Ditto for Vijay Mallyas as HINDUS will not finance Beslan school massacres , Kenyan mall massacres , 9/11 , Godhra arson & Moplah massacres.

I am shocked when owaisi the muslim fanatic came up with violent anti Hindu tirade Tavleen Singh tries her utmost to do damage control by writing the other MUSLIM FANATIC javed akthar called her to say he was so different from owaisi being "secular muslim". It is the same TERRORIST javed akthar who wrote the script of Sonia "maut ka saudagar".

Today also the same Tavleen Singh is unfairly targetting the BIRLAS.
When our focus should be on HINDUS' security first.

Anonymous said...

When one takes the name of the BIRLAS , we Hindus should take into consideration ALL the GOOD done by the BIRLAS as a whole.

I would never be able to convey in comments section how one of those BIRLAS then managing Premchand Jute Mills in West Bengal HELPED my father
S.Janakiraman who was harassed unnecessarily & divested of his very job in New Central Jute Mills Budge Budge. By one D.Gupta wielding enormous clout who was the Managing Director.

I did my graduation in English Literature from Rani BIRLA Girls' College.Truly a GREAT college.

Among the people who helped me SPONTANEOUSLY in many ways including MONEY with no strings attached following my father's sudden death in 1978 Manjushree Birla deserves special mention.

Others were Krishna Chatterjee (Head of the Department) & certain other lecturers ( all HINDUS not secular idiots) & a MUSLIM friend studying in the same college. She was not only a BRILLIANT student having done her schooling from a well known convent but had lost her father when she was three years old.It was her mother who managed to bring up the family by taking care of family business. Very affluent & very CULTURED family.

Whatever huge amount of money she gave me INSTANTLY saved me in so many ways that cannot be captured in words. She did not call it a loan & I never repaid her in kind and cash.

Whereas my circle of "relatives" affluent & not so affluent included could not care less.

There was one Keralite converted christians family studying in the same college called Philomena & Annie Joseph. They laid down the condition I should talk to their "christian father" & get "converted" for getting any kind of assistance. If that MUSLIM friend had NOT given that TIMELY & GENEROUS help I would have ended up inside one dubious church.

She had absolutely no idea of all these above mentioned facts.

Anonymous said...

Jyoti Basu & his communism , naxalite movement wrought nothing but TOTAL RUIN & DESOLATION.

I still do not understand why those militant communists were & are so anti-Marvari entrepreneurs.

That BIRLA of Premchand Jute Mills not only gave a very prestigious post to my father but free spacious house with a really HUGE garden full of lots of Coconut trees , Pomegranate Trees , Neem trees & a variety of flowers like oleander , roses , jasmines , moonbeam , hibiscus & certain others considered very sacred by Hindus in worship of Hindu Gods whose English names I do not know.

Only because of us children going to one school in downtown Calcutta offering Tamil as first language he could not shift there. Rest of the schools had Hindi as compulsory language & convents were unaffordable.

YET , everyday my father was ferried across The Ganges to go & work. It was during that time we had our bouts of chickenpox , measles , dengue etc. And LOTS & LOTS of tender coconuts were ferried daily which ALONE sustained & made the ailments endurable. Plus the neem twigs & leaves. Neem leaves & fresh turmeric ground for the purificatory bath. Various flowers for daily Pujas. All were given as legitimate entitlements to my father by tha BIRLAS of Premchand Jute Mills.

This had almost faded completely from my memory. Once while walking in the park the fragrance of loeander flowers brought back all those bitter-sweet memories.

Anonymous said...

Great article. I will be experiencing many of these issues as well..

my site terry bandy

Anonymous said...

The TATAs ventured into five star hotels industry making plump profits. As many others.

But the BIRLAS deliberately did NOT go into hotel industry. They did not want to compromise on core principles. Hotel industry means serving all kinds of non vegetarian fare & alcohol to the phoren people & local Page3 celebs.

This emphasis on tourism promotion has a downside. Why should we HINDUS make a series of compromises with a view to attracting phoren tourists ?

Indians automatically become extremely deferential towards these phoren people. Like serving clean mineral water , non vegetarian fare , alcohol & they retun such favours by shedding copious tears on the "casteism dispossessed oppressed marginalised " yada yada.

UK was complaining how their alleged AID money sent to India towards toilets construction went into the pockets of the CORRUPT.

Better we ask UK to build lots of toilets WITHIN UK itself. Airlift all the laloos , rabri devis , paswans , meira kumars , jennifer aruls , pintos , barkha dutts , seema mustafas , brinda karats , teesta setalvads etc FREE making them defecate in those toilets & thus uplifting them.

Our burden would get lightened.

BBC could not care less about HINDUS incinerated in Godhra arson by muslims. But their Yalda Hakim cries non stop for some Bangladeshis who died in fire in their garment factory.

Once Nisha Pillai of BBC while reporting about HINDUS dying in bomb blasts said (Breaking News) :-

" Nobody knows what caused their deaths...they are in the habit of blaming muslims ...they always do that....".

That was ALL. When an Englishman dies the same BBC reports " The whole world is shocked at the death of this.....".

As a HINDU I myself have not travelled all over India worshipping at so many TEMPLES I WANT to. Our culture is such that only ennobling Pravachans on Ramayanam , Srimad Bhagavatham , Dhevi Mahathmyam etc take place all over The TEMPLES.

Padhayatra could be undertaken as there was lot more greenery , avenues of Trees , plenty of birds & animals & Hindu Devotees selling or offering for FREE buttermilk , tender coconut , vegetarian delicious food , fruits for the weary Pilgrims.

Tourism will only lead to more dhabas , tandoori chicken etc etc.
Rest of the surviving animals & birds would be killed in the name of "cleanliness".

Bharath is for HINDUS.

Have we not SUFFERED ENOUGH under all these phoren people who plundered & pillaged our TEMPLES.
Why this insatiable lust for more tourists.

Anonymous said...

PLEASE please I REQUEST you advise Sri.Narendra Modi to favour ISRAEL,
GERMANY , JAPAN & CHINA & spurn UK which is no friend of us HINDUS.

Remember that PAKISTANI MUSLIM TERRORIST & few more MUSLIM TERRORISTS (one of them went to UK & UK that is talking big about doing business with Narendra Modi today did NOT punish that MUSLIM terrorist. He is a citizen of UK) who was in Indian prison whose safe release escorted by Jaswant Singh was procured by the same PAKISTAN by hijacking Indian Airlines flight to Afghanistan ?

Indian Sleuths who managed to capture that MUSLIM SAVAGE omar masood told how very difficult it was for them to even physically wrestle with him. More than half a dozen HINDU Sleuths were UNABLE to pin him down as ” omar masood was THAT strong & ruthless “.

The answer is not exhorting HINDUS to eat beef & mutton but to SHOOT & KILL all these MUSLIM SAVAGES. Why inform barkha dutts & vikram chandras ? Why this fetish for briefing the treasonous Indian media every nano second ?

This is the reason I INSIST we outsource their elimination to CHINA. Our Vedic Dharma Sasthrams advocate “decapitation for treason” which to my knowledge CHINA alone follows today.

China does not wait for UK’s opinions & ratification. Often China has hanged many Pakistani muslims in their country for treasonous activities. One of them managed to escape to dhimmified Canada but China managed to bring him back & HANG him instantly.

I have absolutely no confidence in Hindus as they have become so eunuchy. Feeding biryani & giving oil massages to MUSLIM TERRORISTS & releasing them sooner than later to contest elections , to share Iftar meals with DMK & DK & to manufacture bombs.

At that time I remember Rajiv Shukla who was with ZEE tv asked why this “omar masood was not KILLED instantly & why he was sheltered in prison”. Soon he made a volte face as congress made him a member of their party. ISI is very close to Bangladeshi terrorists also. Who have been given Indian citizenship aadhaar cards , ration cards etc by P.Chidambaram who became home minister , finance minister by EVM tampering.

Prisons in Tamil Nadu are full of DMK supporters. People of Tamil Nadu overwhelmingly do pujas like robots but in their hearts worship DK & DMK , EVR & periyardasan. Along with film stars of kollywood & cricketers.

I have seen many South Koreans & Japanese praying at the Shrine of Ramana Bhagavan who UPHELD VEGETARIANISM.

India can export vegetarianism as Narendra Modi said. But first we must ENFORCE that WITHIN. If bangladeshis are going to die without beef supply from anand sharmas of congress & deve gowdas SO BE IT !!

Anonymous said...

Tavleen Singh & many alleged yuppies may erroneously conclude "Jai Shree Ram" is "old slogan" & Hindutva "yesterday's idea".

But it is ONLY Lord Sri.RAM's GRACE that has given us this Narendra Modi.

Why find fault with others in BJP worrying like many fence sitters how Modi
is going to win "numbers / seats".

All along the same chatterati of India were comfortably accepting Renuka Chowdhurys , Ajit Jogis , Prakash Karats , Anand Sharmas , AK.Antony,
P.Chacko , DMK & the adhesive called Nehru dynasty holding all these together lording over us.

BJP's Kalyan Singh & Rajnath Singhs are far superior to the above mentioned.

At the sight of Yamuna , Ganges & various Rivers of India it is Sri.Aadi Shankara's Hymns & several uplifting stories of DEVOUT HINDUS that come to my mind.

The sight of "mughal forts & tombs" FILLS me with PAIN & REVULSION. I a HINDU take no pride in them as Obama did going in search of Humayun's tomb.

HINDUS Bharath does not exist to cater to ill informed phoren tourists who want to gaze at & praise these "mughal ruins". Weaned on Indologists like romila thapars.

Nothing was truly BROUGHT in by the muslim marauders save mayhem & devastation. All that belonged to HINDUS were stolen , plundered as Sri.Ram Temple was razed down to be recycled as babri masjid. Except cries of jihad & swords muslim marauders brought nothing to India.

Many sickulars of India exhort us HINDUS to " accept history & come to terms with it" begging like irredeemable BEGGARS the INIMICAL muslims to join in "Vandhaey Maatharam".

We HINDUS OUGHT to deport them all to their ummah caretakers & custodians in Saudi Arabia & Timbaktu. Tear down the mosques as islam has NEVER been indigenous to HINDUS' Bharath. Ditto for churchianity. Certainly NOT indigenous to HINDUS' Bharath.

The huge wealth & precious stones allegedly belonging to Pataudi Khan & Saif Khan actually belong to HINDUS of Bharath that was all PLUNDERED & USURPED by the muslim marauders.

Whatever happens this moment becomes PAST HISTORY the very next moment. So we HINDUS have evry right to RECLAIM what belongs to us asking the muslims & converted christians to SHUT UP & "accept & come to terms with HISTORY".