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Sunday, October 6, 2013

To win, captain NaMo needs a dream team

By Swapan Dasgupta

It is not merely the weather—the arrival of the brief autumn—that has changed in Lutyens’ Delhi: there has also been a discernible shift in the political environment over the past three weeks. The most important facet of this change has been the delayed recognition of Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi’s ability to be a force multiplier.

Following the public meetings in Rewari and Rohini (Delhi), the chattering classes discourse on Modi has shifted quite dramatically. The belief that the BJP’s prime ministerial candidate was a regional upstart who would fail to make a mark in national politics—the Gujarat-isn’t-India theory—has abruptly given way to a grudging recognition that Modi is a ‘phenomenon’, probably symptomatic of a new urban India that makes up with energy what it lacks in refinement. The size and sheer exuberance of the crowds at his rallies has left people wondering why they didn’t detect the trend earlier.

Additionally, the re-engagement of Telugu Desam Party chief N.Chandrababu Naidu and the supportive utterances of YSR Congress chief Jagan Mohan Reddy have blunted the still outstanding question: Modi is popular but will such a ‘polarising’ figure be able to secure allies and secure the allies to cross the 272 mark? Admittedly, the question will remain unanswered till counting day but the prophecies and back of the envelope calculations are no longer bound in negative certitudes. Earlier mainstream political punditry deemed that Modi would at best be a figure of fringe inspiration—another Barry Goldwater, for those enamoured of US parallels—and that in the age of coalitions he would lose all the battles but have the best songs. After Naidu’s apparent willingness to sup with him and Reddy’s cryptic observation that NaMo is a good administrator who must now build a grand secular platform, the sceptics have had to gulp a little.

What appears to be emerging is a two-fold pattern. At one level there is recognition and anecdotal evidence that Modi’s personal popularity is unrivalled and reaching cult status. Secondly, the belief that personal popularity would be offset by the BJP’s geographical reach of some 300 Lok Sabha seats has been supplemented by the realisation that regional parties in non-BJP areas see potential benefits in climbing on to the NaMo bandwagon. In other words, there is awareness small parties with localised influence have begun to feel that an association with Modi would give them a booster dose and facilitate the harvesting of incremental votes. Recall that in 1998 and 1999, it was the independent appeal of Atal Behari Vajpayee that contributed to the BJP—a political pariah from 1992 to 1996—shedding its isolation and emerging as the nucleus of a grand alliance that incorporated some 20 parties.

For Modi, the recognition by the Establishment (including the Prime Minister) that he is a formidable challenge to the Congress’ hold over the Centre is a significant achievement. But this advance in turn has thrown up new and interesting challenges that have to be met before the real campaign gets underway. A winning campaign necessitates that Modi complements his inspirational rallies with credible local faces of change. This is not going to be easy: the BJP has not experienced a process of self-renewal since the Ayodhya agitation catapulted the recruits gained from the JP movement into the second-rung of the leadership—and for which L.K. Advani deserves special credit.

Modi is the superstar of the 2014 campaign. But to turn a good film into a blockbuster he needs a competent supporting cast of new and energetic faces that inspire public confidence. Hitherto he has skirted the issue but Modi cannot indefinitely put off a parallel project to reshape the BJP in a modernist image. In his speeches, the Gujarat Chief Minister is promising a new approach to the problems of governance. He is tapping the restlessness of Indians who are impatient and who are not content to settle for the second-best. Having pitched his expectations high, he would falter in the event of any major disharmony between his ideas and his candidates. An inspirational captain cannot be burdened by a team that many would regard as being part of the problem and not the solution. 

Sunday Times of India, October 6, 2013


Harsh said...

Absolutely correct... people get inspired by Narendra Modi but when they see the old criminal and corrupt leader getting ticket on ground of winnability and money power and old hardworking honest workers of BJP and RSS ignored they again feel as if there is no difference between BJP and COngress. Especially in states like Jharkhand where criminals like Arjun Munda have been given the charge of party.. there is a slim chance until tickets are given to right people.

Anonymous said...

What do you think of Sushma Swaraj for Delhi as CM candidate. Of course, why should she be willing to move to Delhi is quite another question.

HinduYuva said...

True, even in AP, quick decisions needed in the changed scene. National Leaders from AP are despised by cadre and People.Keep them out. Better to have hands-on middle level leaders asap. Modiji's charisma and development mantra is well received in Andhra areas.Needs quick decisions.

HinduYuva said...

true, this is a Q I raise in all our discussions. Candidates needed. Surprise outcome from AP too, if he takes quick decisions on AP asap.New, young blood in the middle and lower rungs needed. No alliance with TDP and keep the AP central leaders away. They are despised by cadre and people for some unknown reason.Modi Development Mantra well received in Andhra Areas.

Raghav srp said...

Rightly said in your column...there's is a change coming in indian politics....once the elwction comes near.we might lot of re alignments.Modi wil not be no longer a political untouchable.its right time even for BJP to give chance to clean dynamic Andrew young candidates.
Also NaMo should start focussing on rural voters also.

Anonymous said...

It is very important we the PEOPLE of India understand clearly one's CHARACTER seldom changes for the better.

DMK's Karunanidhi was in exile for more than a deacade. When he doggedly & shamelessly fought the elections becoming the chief minister of Tamil Nadu he & his entire family , his two wives , their sons , daughter , kanimozhi's bosom friend Spectrum Raja along with extended family Maran ( Sun tv , Dayanidhi Maran & Hindu's N.Ram the rabid communist related to this family ) pitched in institutionalising corruption , goondaism & monopolising everything. Congress's unctuous plunge-a dagger-please P.Chidambarams & Jayanthi Natarajans have had no qualms joining hands with this DMK to remain in power.

Congress is synonymous with SLEAZE & CORRUPTION. It has to go. And does not deserve to sit in opposition also.

Uber sanctimonious P. Chidambaram has always wanted to buy chief ministership for his son in Tamil Nadu. And has been doing lots of groundwork towards that objective.

Congress DOES NOT care for MUSLIMS of India. This came to the forefront during the controversy regarding kollywood Viswaroopam useless movie.

Ample credit , no , ENTIRE credit goes to Chief Minister Jayalalithaa of Tamil Nadu who took the RIGHT stand. She was justified in her decisions.

Whereas congress manish tewaris & p chidambarams took an ANTI-MUSLIM stand. When this was brewing Chidambaram's special invitees were kollywood's unscrupulous kamalhassan & overhyped rajnikanth for his useless narcissistic book release. It was kamalhassan who said he "wanted p.chidambaram to be the next prime minister / chief minister....". DMK's karunanidhi true to his wily worthless character dwelt on his " long unfulfilled dream of seeing a veshti clad tamil speaking chidambaram becoming either PM or CM" blah blah.

This entire charade took place in Tamil Nadu whose Chief Minister is Smt.Jayalalithaa.

Today the same crafty Harvard returned plunge-a dagger-please chidambaram has suddenly started overpraising Rahul Gandhi as the next prime minister. He has also started finding "leadership qualities in Vajpayee & Advani" & that " Modi has to answer questions raised in Assamese , Bengali" & Tulu , Konkani , Adivasi, Andamanian , Tanzanian, Greek & Latin "in future during his election meetings".

BJP supporters & BJP should outdistance congress by SMOTHERING & STULTIFYING the same Vajpayee & Advani with HEAVY HEAVY TREACLY FLATTERY. This is the most effective way of countering dithering demented congressis.

In tandem with that BJP should start resurrecting the GREATNESS of Sitaram Kesari who was "unfairly bolted in the toilet by Sonia Gandhi & her congress sycophants". Start praising Sitaram Kesari the way Digvijai Singhs & Chidambarams flatter Vajpayee & Advani.

Also praise Rajesh Pilot who was "KILLED in an accident " as he was going to demand democracy within the congress party.

Let Narendra Modi become our Prime Minister. He can easily constitute a dream team subsequently. Till then we should CRY SCREAM WAIL & MOURN dwelling on what the GREAT UNASSUMING Sitaram Kesari must have gone through confined cabined & cribbed within the claustrophobic STINKING toilet that was BOLTED from the outside by ITALIAN mafia Sonia Gandhi & her sycophants including Gujrals, Deve Gowdas ("the old man is in a hurry" said deve gowda afflicted with sleeping sickness)& P.Chidambarams.

Anonymous said...

In all discussions & nitpickings of congress & its sycophantic media BJP & its supporters should mention only one name -Sitaram Kesari.

Pine & pine for that Sitaram Kesari whose very name had RAM in it. Who was so humble & GOOD. What splendid leadership potential that SeeeeetharAAAM KesariJEEEEE had vah..vah...vah......

Why sit & defend Narendra Modi?

Instead chant " we want to know what TORTURE Sitaram Kesariji underwent in that toilet in that chaushalya .....booo hooooo jairam ramesh did not construct that chaushalya Sitaram KesariJEEE did not even the fortune of easing himself in a decent chaushalya built by phoren returned jairam ramesh.....booooo hoooooo".

Anonymous said...

On second thoughts gather lacklustre food from some hutment dwellers in UP where Rahul Gandhi allegedly ate.

MAKE that the staple of p.chidambarams , jairam rameshes & digvijaisinghs. Tell them their very loyalty to Rahul Gandhi is to be proved by eating the same roti , gruel NO chettinad cuisine.

The so called tv journalists like barkha dutts & rajdeep sardesais have been SLEAZIEST SCUMBALLS since their inception.

Hence BJP should NOT answer any of their questions. Instead INQUISITION barkha dutt about her torrid affair with rajdeep sardesai & why it did not end in matrimony....when did he ditch her for sagarika ghose....why did barkha gather fat on her cheeks after spending one year in America...why paid for her food & stay in America....

WHY NOT ? Just because they call themseves "journalists" we the people cannot be COERCED into accepting them as journalists. Democracy is "for the people , by the people & of the people".

Vikram Chandras , sreenivasan jains & barkha duttas are but USELESS people. Hence we have every right to ask these PERTINENT questions.

If possible ensure their power supply is thwarted. Total blackout in tv stations of ndtv , cnn-ibn etc.

It is NO LOSS for us the people.

Anonymous said...

Frankly ,

I DO NOT want a SINGLE muslim INSIDE
Bharath of HINDUS.

Even if Narendra Modi desires so I DO NOT WANT THEM. I AM CONCERNED about MY OWN SAFETY. Period.

Muslims in Gujarat today sing a different tune of co-existence as that is their chameleonic UNTRUSTWORTHY characteristic.

There are LOTS & LOTS of them all over GODDAMNED India. Even if one muslim from Tamil Nadu / Kerala lunges at me or any HINDU with murderous rage the Gujarati muslims are going to mutter "Insha allah...thisisnotislam...we will pary in dargha , throw one chadar probably.....they are CONGENITALLY ATAVISTICALLY like that.

It is not that they lack education, enlightenment blah blah.

There is this Tamil Nadu muslim commenting in the name 'khantrasting' in a tamil website full of MENACING THREATS. WANTONLY impervious to HINDUS' feelings , emotions , RIGHTS & HINDUS' VEDIC RELIGION.

These LETHAL muslims COERCE us HINDUS to somehow accommodate them.
Akin to swallowing CYANIDE just because muslims say so. This is referred to as indoo-muslim bhai bhai.


Anonymous said...

Look at India.

Look at mulayams , congress , communists , omar abdullahs , DMK & the recent GRUESOME KILLINGS of Hindu Munnani Members by muslim SAVAGES.

India ALLOWS such mayhem to happen. And Indian HINDU POLICE lay down their lives taking in bullets into their bodies painstakingly gathering intelligence & Shindes , Owaisis & Omar Abdullahs to Al Qaeda savages , Hafiz Sayeeds dictating to us HINDUS not to “harass innocent pissssfulllll muslims” & asking for BAIL. The muslim SAVAGES parents NEVER condemn such murders . Instead hire lawyers procuring easy acquittals.

Baba Ramdev who has made enormous amounts of money with kapalabhati that does NOT belong to him but to Lord Ssiva (HINDU GOD) has many HINDU KILLERS muslims also as his students. He says ” ham kisiske siddhant nahi badathey” ( I ENDORSE muslims’ belief systems…). What a DANGEROUS muslim appeasing MERCENARY fasting yogic TERRORIST this baba ramdev is.

DITTO for art of living SSSSRavishankars who HUGGED yasin malik of JKLF. His hyperventilation is not going to bring back SARDARJIS SIKH AIR FORCE Personnel , their WIVES & FAMILIES massacred by the same yasin malik.
India never bothered.

It was one Tim Sebastian who expressed spontaneous SHOCK qhile questioning this REMORSELESS BARBARIAN muslim BARBARIAN yasin malik.

Anonymous said...

I am TOTALLY against the very DANGEROUS mindset of RSS when they keep embracing these MUSLIM BARBARIANS as “our indians , inddo0muslim bhai bhai…..indian citizens”. They are NOT.
They do the same with converted christians of India calling them “our indians , our indian christians”. They are not OURS. They have ALREADY usurped lots & lots of HINDUS TEMPLES & LAND & everything therein. First cite bishop caldwell & ambedkar’s CROOKED mendacious propaganda converting frenziedly then agitate for “reservations” also. Albanian Ghoul Teresa ALSO did the SAME.

In Qatar I believe they deport all muslim lawbreakers to Saudi Arabis for punishment. Very effective solution.

Likewise DEPORT all muslims of India to Saudi Arabia & Nigeria. They are NOT HINDUS’ relatives, brothers / sisters even by the wildest stretch of imagination.

Already we have to contend with useless syllabi reading about the same TYRANTS babur , akbar,
aurangazeb repeating the same LIE “tajmahal was built by shah jehan for mumtaz” (even BBC bismillah broadcasting corporation Malala admirers repeat that till date. When they refer to Portugese Inquisitioning as “adventurous portugese” british LIARS are capable of anything).

Soon shindes & pchidambarams owaisis omar abdullahs abdul kalams stalins ghulam nabi azads mulayams mamata banerjees would make it COMPULSORY for all of us HINDUS to read up their Holy Quran aaaaaalso calling it “communal harmony” & quiz contests would he hosted by siddharth basus derek o’briens gopinaths of vijay tv asking HINDUS to name the mother of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH).


Anonymous said...

Please WARN BJP NOT to get carried away by pro BJP & pro HINDU pro Narendra Modi anti Congress noises emanating from MUSLIMS of India.

The recent one from some jamaitee blah blah...GOSH make them QUIT please I don't WANT to even pronounce such gibberish.dauheeth, (how much I suffered memorising sirajuddaula hyderalitipusultan SAVAGES) wakkkffff , boardduu wakfooboarddoo, lashkaree , toibaaa, alkoidaaa. Simi for me always meant Simi Garewal & her elegant white & off white outfits. Not anymore.What a PAIN SIMI means MURDERERS of HINDUS...
I cannot take it anymore.

I CERTAINLY do NOT endorse what these DECEITFUL muslims say.

Sonia was not even born when partition took place. Why FULMINATE at Sonia unnecessarily ?

These CONGENITALLY BARBARIC blood thirsty MUSLIMS deny and deny AND DENY they are SYNONYMOUS with VIOLENT slayings of HINDUS & all NON MUSLIMS of this world. What "suffering" have they "undergone" under any regime any party in GODDAMNED India as ferociously alleged ?? This is worse than Pakistan to be brutally FORTHRIGHT. Had they been in Pakistan would not have bred & bred like parasites LOOTING HINDUS TEMPLES. Overcleverly ensconcing themselves in HINDUS' VEDIC BHARATH screaming indooomuslim baaibaiii thus DISPLACING us substantially & proliferating.

I would NEVER blame Sonia as she is in no way GUILTY. The CULPABLE THUGS are MUSLIMS. Did they adhere to their HINDU phobia ?? If so OUGHT to have refused a single paisa from HINDUS' TEMPLES. Sonia did not launch this TEMPLES LOOTING. Started by nehru the lecherous brother of Sheikh Abdullah , communists & "violent pacifist" m.k.gandhi.

Look at the GALLING AUDACITY of these MUSLIMS of India pole vaulting straight to pre 1947 days NOW when they are merrily & GRUESOMELY KILLING HINDU MUNNANI MEMBERS.

And cleverly targetting Sonia of congress. Sonia did not KILL Hindu Munnani Members. At least this much these fire & brimstone belching MUSLIM SAVAGES
should own up.

But will not. I know these TERRORISTS. They would say it is all JOOOOS conspiracy / HINDU MUNNANI MEMBERS killed thmselves to malign these pisssful muslim apostles of pisss & more PISSSSS. They would even say this is conspiracy by Praveen Togadia & Amit Shah & upper caste Hindus to tarnish the pissssloving muslims. Thisisnotislam....thisisnotislam...