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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Influx of netas to BJP has begun again

By Swapan Dasgupta

Vidya Charan Shukla who died last summer was one of the most hated figures of the Emergency. He was entrusted with the responsibility of regulating the flow of news through rigorous censorship and he carried out Indira Gandhi’s command with effective ruthlessness.

I didn’t know Shukla during his halcyon days, when he also acquired a reputation for being a bit of a lad. Arun Nehru introduced us during the early days of the Jan Morcha, wich subsequently morphed into the Janata Dal. What immediately struck me about Shukla was that he was always immaculately turned out. Indeed, I have met no other person who wore a dhoti so elegantly.

Unfortunately, his overpowering sartorial grace wasn’t good enough to obliterate the past. To my generation, Shukla and the Emergency were inseparable. This may explain my disgust when I found him sharing the dais with L.K. Advani at an election rally in 2004. Shukla, for those with short memories, contested the 2004 poll from Mahasamund as a BJP candidate. He lost and shortly after left the BJP to make his way back to the Congress.  

I was reminded of Shukla while observing the steady stream of Congress worthies switching sides effortlessly and proclaiming their undying faith in Narendra Modi. Apart from the usual galaxy of film-stars and other performers who have developed an irresistible urge to enter politics—just look at the candidate list of both the BJP and Trinamool Congress in West Bengal—the new converts  include hardened politicians like Rao Inderjit Singh, Purandeswari, Sonaram Chowdhury, Jagadambika Pal, Satpal Maharaj and the habitually fickle such as Jai Narain Nishad and Brij Bhushan Singh. And I am not even including the ex-babus.

Many of them have been ‘adjusted’—a wonderfully evocative expression to denote amorality—and others given assurances about the future. Actually, the BJP’s record of keeping pre-election promises is rather good. In 2004, despite the defeat, the party accommodated at least four high profile new entrants into the Rajya Sabha where their total contribution to the revival of the BJP was an enormous zero. However, within the political class, the BJP has a better reputation of being specially accommodative towards those who have earlier drunk from a secular cup. Whether this stems from a genuine desire to broaden the party’s social reach or is a function of Hindutva ‘dhimmitude’ is for social psychologists to ponder.

In narrow political terms, however, there is no doubt that a steady stream of in-bound traffic does much to boost morale and demoralise the opposition. More important, in the context of the Congress (and AAP) bid to suggest that India will suffer a bout of communal indigestion if Modi is voted to power, the newcomers help expose the secular-communal divide for what it really is: intellectual self-abuse. Ironically, it also helps break down the spurious perception that the BJP is a rigid ideological party. The commitment to a particular stream of thought may have defined the party at one stage of its evolution but political power invariably results in the dissolution of inherited certitudes. Unwittingly, new entrants have helped the BJP’s unquestioned passage from Hindu nationalism to Hindu republicanism. Under Modi, the BJP’s evolution as a right-of-centre party with a focus on governance is likely to be more pronounced. This would have happened in any case if the party had not unexpectedly lost the 2004 poll and been overwhelmed by a leadership crisis subsequently. The likelihood of a Modi victory in 2014 has revived a process that was abruptly left incomplete ten years ago.

The movement from the margins to the centre inevitably involves the accumulation of diverse social forces and, predictably, some garbage. In 1991, the first occasion the BJP started attracting talent from outside the RSS fraternity, there was an overweight of retired bureaucrats and military officers among the new entrants. They included the likes of Lt-Gen Jacob, Lt-Gen K.P. Candeth, Brajesh Mishra, S.C. Dixit and B.P. Singhal. What is further interesting that most of these individuals didn’t desert the party after 1991 and, indeed, played a role in the process that led to a BJP-led government at the Centre. The willingness of the BJP to mop up the remnants of the Janata Dal also played an important role in the larger social enrichment of the party. At least two facets of the present BJP—its hold over the middle classes and its significant presence among OBC voters—have their origin in the open-door approach of the 1990s.

By contrast, those who latched on to the BJP in 2004 in anticipation of another term for Atal Behari Vajpayee turned out to be birds of prey. Most of the umpteen film-stars and other celebrities quietly moved out of the party’s orbit once it was clear that the Congress was back in the saddle. They left behind a trail of resentment in the party, particularly among the old faithful who had stood by it loyally through days good and bad. This may have been a reason why the involvement of the BJP’s traditional supporters in the 2004 campaign was so perfunctory. At the same time, the rapid desertion of the newcomers after the May 2004 defeat created a mental block in the party against newcomers, a block that overlooked the earlier experience. From 2004 till the anointment of Modi in September 2013, the BJP was deprived of new blood.
Today, once again the BJP is witnessing a problem of plenty. Carefully handled, the process can devastate the Congress permanently while extending the BJP’s social reach. Ineptly managed, it could turn BJP into a party of rank opportunists. 

Sunday Pioneer, March 23, 2014


Anonymous said...

I would want Congress to exist.
Purged of its corruption & arrogance.

The reason I am a bit scared of Narendra Modi is his proximity to charlatan SSSRavishankar of art of living. His accepting a cheque from Nithyananda of lifebliss foundation, his endorsing of Ammachi & now the proximity with baba Ramdev. All these are tapping into already EXISTING Ayurveda , Patanjali's Yoga Sutrams recycling & repackaging as their own thus building their own empires.

India screams at America every second but wants to exploit the same Ayurveda etc for its own selfish objectives citing China as the competitor. Knowledge should benefit all. Be accessible to all.

Congress's P.Chidambaram whatever be his errors of commission at least NEVER went & hugged Ammachi like Anil Ambani , Abdul Kalam , MM.Joshi , Advani. Never accepted donations from Nithyanandas , never waited for obsequious darshans before art of living cultist.

Had P.Chidambaram quit congress when its ally tr balu & dmk wanted to go ahead with 'Sethu blah blah project he would have won the admiration & support of a lot of Hindus. As bjp ALSO I recall supported the same Sethu blah blah initially. It was Jayalalithaa who shot the proposal down declaring SriRam Sethu our precious Heritage.

I am also a hindu but this hobnobbing of Modi with various charlatans fills me with trepidation.

Anonymous said...

We all like to delude ourselves BJP is a hatke special party different from Congress. I am already getting disillusioned.

How could bjp field a worthless hemamalini ? Now Nagarjuna has approached through Venkaiah Naidu for his second wife Amala to be given bjp ticket. I know many would scream she belongs to Blue Cross but she is no Maneka Gandhi.

Most important this caring for animals , birds , Nature -all have always existed in Bharath. Ramana Bhagavan , Ramalinga Svamigal, various Kings who ruled over India.
So no need for amalas to recycle & peddle the same. Already hemamalini is one uber sanctimonious pretentious person preening herself as superior vegetarian with a lot of MALICE towards America , UK etc. Hobnobbing with Baba Ramdevs as his brand ambassador.

Andhra Pradesh has always had sickening besottment with tawdry movies. Is this what we take as Ram Rajya ??

Anonymous said...

BJP & hindus are very fond of screaming Ram Temple & hindooism hindutva.

Internalizing & steady ABIDANCE in VALUES that Sri.Ram , Seetha , Hanuman stood for is of paramount importance. Only then one would possess the credentials to utter Ram's NAME leave alone building a Temple.

This hemamalini is much worse than Soorpanaka Ravanan's sister. At least Soorpanaka was punished by Lakshmanan with the approval of Sri.Ram.

hemamalini converted to ISLAM just to steal a married Dharmendra. Her mother another Soorpanaka had arranged for Jeetendra who was going steady with an airhostess ( later married her after having a gala time with his "bread & butter Sridevi & Jayaprada" ( Quote from some Film magazine) as husband of hemamalini. Though both flirted heavily she ran & married Dharmendra without informing her mother. Giving birth to two daughters whose weddings , mehendi blah blah all were conducted uber ostentatiously. The same BJP's candidate hemamalini said " Though I was dating Dharamjee it was Feroz Khan who I coveted...had everything a woman could ask Western ( hear hear hindutva kool aid quaffers)..made me look ssssso beautiful in his Dharmathama movie....".

So she is the role model projected by bjp.

I prefer Sonia Gandhi to this alleged tambram scum. She travelled WITHOUT a train ticket WITHIN Tamil Nadu. Narendra Modi claims to frown down upon corruption:-((

Amala is half christian (phoren)Irish ...did lot of smutty movies with Nagarjuna married him as his second wife. Why fulminate at Rahul Gandhi & Sonia Gandhi then forever screaming Italian , Columbian girlfriend.......

Arjun the actor joined RSS building one more Temple for Hanuman.

No wonder I consistently maintain
Sri.Dawood Ibrahim is an ANGEL.

Anonymous said...

So far the only good news I read is Supreme Court has declared aadhaar card is NOT necessary AT ALL.

Now let us take an unbiased look at sanctimonious bjp. It screamed loud against "dynasty" of Congress.

What about bjp supporters & candidates ?

hemamalini dynasty.

amitabh bachan dynasty

salman khan dynasty

rajnikanth dynasty

nagarjuna dynasty

Consider this nagarjuna shaking hands with Modi as requested by venkaiah naidu. Son of another actor ( indians WORSHIP filmstars which is the WORST malady) who went to AmericAAAA to do some "management course". Returned & took to 'acting' which is but empty SIMULATION.

For such vain USELESS simulations indians NEVER complained/ questioned why pay in billions & crores for USELESS gyrations with tabus , sridevis , amalas , nagmas, snehas.....?? What a tragedy this AmericAAA returned "management grad" OUGHT to have asked this question. Suddenly this dumbskull nagarjuna wonders " 24 hr electricity & water in Gujarat whatttaYAAA my posh palatial bungalows ...NOW power cuts for two hrs.....will not put up with this injustice....(throws in some verbiage on infrastructure as now all of have become experts on discovering something called infrastructure) want to do something for the countrymen....yada yada.

It is this COLOSSAL idiot that gets introduced as some great mover & shaker by venkaiah naidu & Modi who we all presume to be the future prime minister is ALSO incapable of pondering over these but busy screaming about his security cover .....tomorrow hemamalini God FORBID is going to demand Z-plus security ..soon her daughters would make a foray into the same DYNASTY politics....

The contribution of indian filmstars is ZILCH. I do NOT want bjp to win AT ALL.

Sayan Sen said...

The members of the Indian Establishment,our ruling class,are quite adept in changing colours,to the extent of humbling a poor chameleon.They supported the Syndicate in 60s,Indira in early 70s,Indira & son(Sanjay) during Emergeny,Morarji & son(Kanti) after'77 & again back to Indira & sons(Sanjay & Rajiv) in 1980.So the aam aadmi is not surprised.It is only once in a while that Indians come across an Establishment figure like Nilekani who swim against the tide.
This article exposes the hollowness of Swapan babu's earlier claim of Modi to be a counter Establishment figure a la Reagan & Thatcher.Modi like Vajpayee is only too eager to co-opt the dirty old men & women of the much villified "Delhi Sultanate". :) Vajpayee had Brajesh Mishra as his linkman with the Establishment,is it Mishra's mentee N.K.Singh (Nandubabu) for Modi?Swapan babu, please tell.

Anonymous said...

I am not surprised as I am always wantonly misunderstood & my utterances misconstrued in my life.

Same is what Swapan Dasgupta is facing.

I am very much pro Narendra Modi , Jayalalithaa & Dawood Ibrahim. Together.

Fault is with anti Vedic people who are looking everywhere for even one whiff of difference of opinion with Modi & Jayalalithaa to jettison them altogether.

The stakes are that high for the CRIMINALS called evangelicals synonymous with congress , leftists , kejriwals , anna hazares & sayan sens included.

It is very important I share something very important as only now I suddenly recalled.

Several years ago (when I was totally unfamiliar with politicians' chicanery lisping chacha nehru children's day like other IDIOTS)I heard someone coming up with certain predictions. One ought NOT to make any prediction self fulfilling prophesies. As the fluidity is always there for all of us to take precautions , stay VIGILANT & THWART.

That person said congress would go to ANY lengths to install its own dynasty rule as that is what vested interests WITHOUT & WITHIN desire. So congress would engineer an accident killing Priyanka's husband Robert Vadhera thus manufacturing 'sympathy wave' & crowning priyanka as the pm candidate. BEWARE ! pchidambaram openly stated yesterday that it is congress dynasty alone that has the right to rule over us HINDUS.

I am quite sure Dawood Ibrahim & many MUSLIMS of India would be able to pay just that one price of HONOURING COWS & enforcing total ban on their slaughter & beef export. Rest also would follow by mutual consensus without bloodshed.

Whereas congress , lots of hindus themselves ( kollybolly , my faux relatives) , converted christians are beef eating / cow slaughter approving TREASONOUS scum.

Hence it makes tremendous sense to forge ties among Narendra Modi , Jayalalithaa & Dawood Ibrahim. The latter is NOT a 'terrorist'.

Terrorism is lot more nuanced.

Anonymous said...

CONgress party has to go. Exterminated totally.

christians have NOTHING to offer us VEDIC HINDUS. Already fugitives from PUNISHMENT for looting , stealing by inculturation. Most of our TEMPLES have been usurped by the christian terrorists.

Why pick on Dawood Ibrahim & Pervez Musharraf ??

LEARN from plucky ARABS. PBUH HAS to compulsorily follow their Prophet's name. HINDUS also have SAME STRICT rules which came into being by the WILLING volition of
various Hindu devotees who love their Gods & Goddesses.

What have we been abetting on the contrary? Most blasphemous expletives spewing hindu tr.balus his ally - pchidambarams who is UNTRUSTWORTHY , dmk , dk , congress along with kollybolly bomb blastable sleazeballs on HINDUS' Gods & Goddesses are ruling over us HINDUS.hemamalinis belong there NOT among the PIOUS HINDUS.

How could we & why should we fulminate at Dawood Ibrahim & Pervez Musharraf & CHINA??