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Sunday, April 20, 2014


By Swapan Dasgupta

The period between now and the late-afternoon of May 16 will be marked by two very different shows: the calculated somersaults of the grandees and the wails of some people crying ‘wolf’.

To my mind the process began on September 15 last year after a rally in Rewari (Haryana) where Modi demonstrated his crowd-pulling abilities. It got a boost when, quite unexpectedly and egged on by his son Chirag, Ram Vilas Paswan embraced the NDA. Since then the procession of politicians seeking to climb on to the bandwagon has just got longer and longer. That’s also because, after the Shabir Ali fiasco, the BJP took a conscious decision to stop the entry of the ex-MPs and sitting-MPs. I don’t think I will be revealing a closely guarded state secret of the BJP by letting out that the rump of the Congress Party in the Seemandhra region—those who didn’t join the YSR Congress earlier—was ready to defect en masse to the BJP. Unfortunately for them, the BJP put a freeze on lateral entries (but not grassroots inductions).

To believe that all those who changed their tune had some inner voice telling them to come to the assistance of Modi would presume that politicians are blessed with a spectacular measure of nobility. Such a presumption can safely be discounted, although there could well be the odd individual who responded to a higher calling.   

The political establishment in India tends to be parasitic in nature. It is not that ideologies and belief systems are absent—and these often take the form of lifelong loyalties—but that intellectual considerations are invariably overwhelmed by the proximity to political power. The established political figures that belatedly discovered the virtues of Modi did so because at some around November-December last year, he suddenly looked a winnable proposition. If by some chance Modi fails to breast the tape at the finishing line you can be sure that most of the migratory birds will undertake another journey. 

I recall a senior minister of the Atal Behari Vajpayee government once referring to a common friend who hadn’t contacted him since May 10, 2004—the day the NDA was voted out—who re-surfaced four months ago to make a pilgrimage to Gandhinagar and formally join the BJP. It is even being said that he will be rewarded with an important post if the NDA returns to power.

The mercenary facet of the scramble for the loaves and fishes of office shouldn’t be mistaken for an insistence on a pre-entry, closed shop approach. Governing a country as large and complex as India necessitates the involvement of a circle that goes far beyond those who slog it out in political parties and endure both victory and defeat. Unlike the Congress that has tasted ruled for some 50 year and has the requisite networks to handle power, the BJP is by comparison well-meaning innocents.

The biggest disadvantage Modi could face if he wins on May 16 is that there is very little of the Vajpayee era legacy he can bank on. Despite the shrill cries of saffronisation that resonated at the time, the Vajpayee Government used notables from the old establishment as its main props. The so-called chaddiwalas became an object of derision. 

That there has to be continuity in the political establishment is undeniable. Democracies don’t permit radical ruptures and nor would a total break with every aspect of the past be desirable. Modi has to effect a judicious balance between old experience and new enthusiasm. In doing so, however, he has also to ensure that the deep-rooted culture of venality that comes with the accommodation of the old doesn’t infect the new.

It is a difficult task and errors are bound to be made. But if Modi is not distracted by the extraneous considerations that derailed the Vajpayee government—the rush for social acceptability and the over-importance of the hugely capable but politically insensitive Brajesh Mishra—he could yet put the human resources at his disposal to optimum and effective use.

If he becomes PM, Modi will enjoy a honeymoon. The electorate’s infatuation with him will last for anything between a year and 18 months. However, the media honeymoon won’t even go beyond four months at the most. This isn’t because the media sees things that are invisible to the naked eye of the reader. The wariness of a PM Modi will be on account of three factors. First, the media is dominated by individuals with liberal, Left-of-centre inclinations who are more likely to sing praises of AAP than Modi. Secondly, the top dogs of the Fourth Estate will hate having been proved wrong by Modi. Anyone who shows the media as Gods with feet of clay isn’t going to be toast of the bars that go by the name of Press Clubs. And finally, the local media will take its cue from the foreign media that, quite uncharacteristically, has ended up being cheerleaders for one side. Will the likes of The Economist and the self-righteous Guardian, not to mention the know-alls who advise the State Department and the French foreign ministry, ever let on that their reading of India was wrong and a consequence of meeting the wrong type of people?

Since this week, the cry of media-freedom-in-danger has already started doing the rounds. The intensity of this alarmism will rise over the next three weeks and reach a crescendo on the evening of May 16. If Modi fails, watch the liberals lick their chops and celebrate. On the other hand, be equally prepared for threatened departures out of India and accused rapists and embezzlers asking for political asylum in the West. 


Prasanna S said...


I still remember how in the wake of Kandahar flight hijack the likes of NDTV etc pressurized the BJP government into releasing terrorists in exchange for passengers' lives. I do not know if the action was correct or not, but I am surprised how the same media did not pressurize the UPA for its lapses during 26/11 attacks.

To control such news traders, it is very necessary for the new government to have them come to negotiating table, at least for the cases of national interest as above. To do so, the government should thoroughly check the tax and other financial documents of each of these big news traders. I am sure none of them are above board in these matters, as is evident from the tax fraud allegations against NDTV. The government should use these proofs and legal instruments to put a break on the hyper-secularism and anti-nationalistic behavior of these crooks.


Anonymous said...

Extremely well written !!

" To believe that all those who changed their tune had some inner voice telling them to come to the assistance of Modi would presume that politicians are blessed with a spectacular measure of nobility. Such a presumption can safely be discounted, although there could well be the odd individual who responded to a higher calling".

So TRUE indeed.

It is worth recalling Veer Savarkar was the one who rightly pointed out whatever semblance of "freedom" was won in 1947 by HINDUS from heartless ruthless SUPERCILIOUS remorseless britain was NOT owing to the appeaser mk.gandhi AT ALL. But that of each and every PIOUS Hindu man and woman PRAYING sincerely to Lord Siva, Rama and Krishna.

mk.gandhi is overhyped figure.Only sophists and mishal hussains of bbc , shabana azmis like that APPEASER.

Narendra Modi's attraction is not due to his oratory. His oratory is BECAUSE of his SINCERE "feelings".

It is this "FEELING" that Swami Vivekananda emphasized as sine qua non for HINDUS of Bharath should they want their aspirations for a GLORIOUS Vedic Bharath to be fulfilled.

For the first time Narendra Modi has been able to articulate the angst of every PIOUS Hindu. Pious Bharath Loving Hindus are branded (sic) " right wing/ fascist/chaddiwalas/militant/hindutva/communal" by secular TERRORISTS and PARASITES within and secular adversaries WITHOUT (read britain).

When that physiotherapist christened 'nirbhaya' and her boyfriend were tossed out of the bus NAKED they were complaining "no one was willing to help them" among the people loitering around.

Why complain?? When some good intentioned HINDU ventures to give SANE advice the same bohemian indians branded him "pink chaddi/ Ram Sene" yada yada. Why would any SANE HINDU risk coming to the rescue of bohemians and their "individual liberties"?? Rape capitals are not built in a day.

It is very important NOT to forget that Goa's chief minister was AGAINST letting in Sri.Muthalik into BJP.

Goa is notorious for drugs , alcohol , debauchery ,churchianity oops "individual freedom".

Anonymous said...

''On the other hand, be equally prepared for threatened departures out of India and accused rapists and embezzlers asking for political asylum in the West''.

That would be SPLENDID.

What a BLESSING for BHARATH to be rid of its tarun tejpals, sanjay pintos, jennifer aruls,prannoy roys-the ENTIRE cacaphonous GODFORSAKEN media.

India is inept in dealing with them.Indian obsolete effete system of ''arresting'' them reminds me of similar arrests of spectrum rajas and kanimozhis.

I prefer granting TOTAL AMNESTY TO
Sri.Dawood Ibrahim and seeking the help of CHINA too in exterminating them all.

dmk, dk, congress, mulayams, tr.balus -all look like indians enjoying citizenship BUT are virulently treasonous.They have been aiding and abetting the agenda of evangelicals.getting rid of them and their supporters is much more top priority than going in search of their loot salted away in phoren banks.

Anonymous said...

Let us not waste a single tear for lots of aam janata of Tamil Nadu.

They are acutely aware of the corruption and plunder by dmk family, their Spectrum Raja. YET it is the same Spectrum raja that is contesting from Nilgiris Tamil Nadu.
I was appalled to read people there support him and are unfazed about his looting. It is the people who are asking (sic) "so what if Raja and dmk looted and are corrupt...what is wrong with corruption....we got what we wanted in this constituency because of this spectrum raja will vote for him".

This very attitude is highly reprehensible. This is the secret behind all pervasive corruption in India including Tamil Nadu.
No amount of bills being introduced is going to solve this problem.

In MahaBharatham , it is Vidhura(r)who tells upfront Dhritharshtra to "put an end to his favourite son Duryodhanan's life. Should you fail you will live to witness protracted WAR and suffering".

Similarly we have failed to nip this corruption at a formative stage. From parliament to every crevice we find nothing but corruption and people are comfortable with that.

Jayalalithaa is the Chief Minister no doubt. But it is extremely ALARMING to find support for dmk has not truly eroded. congress and communists have been jettisoned by people of Tamil Nadu. Reason is the support coming from evangelical MAFIA and all anti HINDU elements. It is well known to all dmk and dk are very friendly towards ghulam nabi azads and Iftar parties; dmk is synonymous with kollywood; dmk is very much pro evangelicals and anti Brahmins. The very anti Brahmin movement was started by evangelical MAFIA in Tamil Nadu.
Leading to a mass exodus of many of them to America etc.

Having usurped lots of HINDUs TEMPLES today it is the same christian GOONS that are agitating calling it "right to practise their faith". Utter balderdash.

There was NEVER any dearth of Gods, Goddesses and Spirituality in Bharath. Knavish church mafia came to usurp our Land , its resources , its RICHES. Inculturartion strategies constitute one among many in their panoply.

No wonder I could empathize wholeheartedly with The Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia when he called for "all the churches in ARAB countries to be torn down".

As a HINDU I NEVER endorse , NEVER endorsed this multi culti co existence with INIMICAL LIARS, THIEVES and CHEATS.

Let them quit Bharath for UK, Australia , Vatican etc to "practise their faiths". Lots of SIKHS and Hindus have been displaced only because of these christian parasites invading OUR legitimate spaces in OUR Bharath.

This is another reason I feel no resentment towards Pakistan when they crack down on converted christians in their midst. Unlike wimpy indian establishment wearing "secular" chaddis.

It is the same evangelical MAFIA that caused all problems for Tamilian HINDUS in Sri Lanka.
My suggestion is the most ahimsaic one. Once these converted christians are tossed onto the lap of britain , those HINDUS and SIKHS desiring to return home should be welcomed.

This is very important. Without doing this first , bringing in black money from Swiss banks is FUTILE. As the same money would be utilized for the benefit of the same INIMICAL parasites of us HINDUS.

This is the reason I keep emphasizing we need CHINA. CHINA knows the evangelicals chicanery.
CHINA never genuflects before britain.

Like idiots we are screaming about "territories in Arunachal Pradesh in China's possession". How could we be so BLIND and oblivious to our TEMPLES , our resources , water, HINDUS' Spiritual Scriptures, our educational institutions, health care, HINDUS' SriRAM Sethu -all already under the possession of christian mafia?? The enemies are WITHIN.

bkr said...

"On the other hand, be equally prepared for threatened departures out of India and accused rapists and embezzlers asking for political asylum in the West."

I would rather see them put through speedy trial and convicted to maximum possible sentences.

Anonymous said...

Even if Modi wins, MSM will continue to make ungodly amounts of money for spreading hatred towards Hindus in the name of liberalism.

What the masses need to realize is that negative publicity is also publicity for spin doctors. Social media is inundated with MSM's silly or obscene provocations which will continue because there is an audience that reacts. Its about time Indians wake up and IGNORE MSM if they want to win.

Sayan Sen said...

Dear Swapanbabu,you have consistently mentioned the wish,will and ability of Modi to prop up a swadeshi,grassroots "Counter Establishment" unlike Vajpayee-Brajesh Mishra who chose to co-opt the old Establishment.
My humble request is that with your "Delhi Establishment" connections,please elaborate on the possible combinations of the upcoming Modi cabinet.

Anonymous said...

Let's not forget, the media will quickly change tact to ride the wave if polls show expected results! They wouldn't antogonize a would be PM or party that can form the govt! That doesn't mean all that is said by Media about BJP and Modi can'be forgetten and their true intent to be against the 'interest' of the people come May16 should still be ascertained and fixed for India's good!

bindu said...

Modi government as you rightly pointed out will have to tread carefully. I hope they do: do the economy, governance and education, health things first.
I hope they dont: do Ayaodhya, Books rewriting, putting muslims in place at all.
I hope they can control expectations and miscief mongers who will try to give them a bad name.
I hope they encourage intellectuals and cultural organisations of the kind Congress patronizes for then the incumbents will have a greater stake in the Modi sarkar...

Anonymous said...

I am filled with the same weariness and ennui on litening very closely to these muslims' interviews and expectations who are alleged to be rallying behind Sri.Narendra Modi.

These muslims SELDOM change. I am all admiration for AMERICANS and ISRAEL who alone have gone threadbare into their "irreducible ideology" (KPS.GILL) simplifying the task for us the somnolent IDIOTS called hindus.

Forget skull cap. That is not of much consequence. Is shabana azmi wearing abhaya and head scarf ? But that she is one MILITANT jihadist cannot be disputed.

CORE issues like ban on COW slaughter , ban on BEEF production and export , Sri.RAM Temple in Ayodhya , scrapping of Sethusamudram project, uniform civil code - muslims are craftily avoiding taking an unequivocal stand on these. As CHO.Ramaswamy rightly pointed out , all over India these muslims are NOT supporting HINDUS and Sri.Narendra Modi at all.

The muslims of india are the craftiest. Will keep on extracting their pound of flesh. Today for both converted christians and muslims in the midst of HINDUS , the very word HINDU and our IDENTITY are unacceptable. Now bandy the word "pot pourri". Which is but the same secular/multiculti blah blah.

Why demonize Sri.Praveen Togadia of all ? I have personally seen HINDUS cannot live in the same locality with muslims ONLY because of their slaughtering of animals , non vegetarianism. So why blame Sri.Praveen Togadia ?

mani shankar aiyars, deve gowdas , karunanidhis and kamalhassans do NOT represent HINDUS.

Anonymous said...

Everything seldom reaches newspapers. But often I have heard Hindus telling wherever muslims swell up the HINDUS end up getting throttled. During their calls for namaz prayers they INSIST the minority HINDUS should turn off their devotional hymns being played even WITHIN their homes. Slowly the ostracism builds up. Ditto with christians gobbling up any territory WITHIN India. Kerala is one potent example. Nagaland is another.

That it is we the HINDUS who are the PERSECUTED is to be acknowledged by us HINDUS.

It is time we stop calling muslims and christians of India monorities. They are NOT. No wonder they are very fond of playing minority card a well worn victimizing ploy.

On the one hand we all call SP and Congress pro muslim parties. So why pick on 'muslims' alone in UP Bihar and their "plight" after some riots. Why nobody talks about HINDU casualties and their plight?

Let us not forget the muslims penchant for "conflagrations" and taking to swords , cleavers etc. Do not forget Moplah mayhem in Kerala. What did the appeaser mk. gandhi say then ? Not a word of condemnation. He defended the muslim killers telling " their religion teaches them to KILL they KILLED...". That is the secret behind muslims' soft corner towards that IDIOT mk.gandhi.

Imperceptibly already muslims have succeeded in turning Narendra Modi into "appeasing" mode. Transferring the onus of muslims' predicament on Hindus for the umpteenth time. One thing is very clear. They are going to remain ever petulant.

Sometimes I feel congress and SP understood their blackmailing strategies better.
Than callow BJP hindus.

Indian muslims cleverly use the word "rajneethi". No HINDU would be able to ensure prosperity and good rajneethi as long as muslims and christians continue to slaughter cows and calves , all animals , fish included.

Co existence is IMPOSSIBLE with such INIMICALS. The so called "development" "employment" for muslims and christians would only allow more money to flow into their hands with which they are going to slaughter more COWS and animals. Explosives would also be brought in.

In a nanosecond the muslims of Tamil Nadu jettisoned Jayalalithaa joining hands with dmk and congress. Reason?? That she did not badmouth BJP and Narendra Modi.

That is muslims mindset. HIGHLY detrimental to HINDUS alone. BJP should strengthen its ties with ISRAEL , Republicans of America, Japan and CHINA.

CHINA never puts up with jihadism and non conformism from a single muslim. CHINA is no sucker for pot pourri multi culti nonsense.

Anonymous said...

BJP should resist this temptation of seeking approval and acceptance from muslims of India. It is not as if Praveen Togadia is "polarizing". On CORE issues muslims of India have refused to consider HINDUS' demands and rights. They are over clever wanting to do away with the very word HIndu/Hindutva suddenly besotted with "development" mantra. The CORE issues always have MANIFESTED themselves only because HINDUS have been coerced into not bringing them up to keep appeasing these muslims.

Trust shahid siddiqui to glorify akbar the moghul ruler:-((

Akbar was extremely cunning . He wanted to convert entire Bharath into a theocratic state by promoting marriages between muslim men and hindu women. Call it love jihad or what you will it started long time ago. "Development" or any blah blah cannot exist in water tight compartment. Everything is seamless. MJ.Akbar was all praise for the RUTHLESS tyrant jyoti basu telling " he prevented communal riots in West Bengal". Well , lots of HINDUS had to pay the price to "prevent communal riots".
As Sarojini Naidu perspicaciously commented about mk.gandhi the APPEASER's fasts and fasting blackmailings.

Anonymous said...

The muslims of India KNOW they cannot throw their weight around in ARAB countries. They are the shrewdest like converted christians of India. Only among masochistic HINDUS they can have the cake and eat it too.

Whatever be the "development" Modi is expected to bring in would be short lived as long as CORE issues like ban on COW slaughter , Temples' management by HINDUS
etc are not addressed.

Who does not want to make money and luxuriate in this world? So have jumped on to development bandwagon.

It took an inordinately long time for muslims to comprehend jihadism does not work.
Conveniently blamed it on congress. Who asked these clever and shrewd muslims to endorse voteocracy all these years ?? When the same contentious issues manifest trust these muslims to turn around and pillory the same Narendra Modi.

When non muslims face deprivation , problems it is Insha Allah for them.
When they suffer "blame it on Jews/ Hindus/ Narendra Modi/Togadia/ America" for them.

Not a complicated mosaic.

"Irreducible ideology" as KPS.GILL summed it up succinctly.

Anonymous said...

I have been looking at the photographs of muslims allegedly eager to vote for Narendra Modi's BJP ONLY with a view to jumping onto the bandwagon of "development". And listening to them over and over.

Had I been in Narendra Modi's place I would have gone straight to Saudi Arabia , pleading before their ARAB Ruler, making a Full disclosure of all the CORE facts , requesting The Custodians of Holy Mosque in Saudi Arabia to take back all the muslims WITHIN India
and look after them. Period.

It was Sir.Winston Churchill's remarkably incisive reading of the muslims' mindset that was echoing inside me. When a muslim feigns friendship NEVER forget he is surreptitiously sharpening his knife aiming for your jugular. (not the exact words but the IMPORT is the same).

Thackeray of Shiv Sena was SPOT ON. He said " ...when a Hindu extends his hand as a friend to a fellow muslim understand that Hindu's hand is not going to come back". He said this while referring to pissful talks with Pakistan. But it is applicable to the muslims WITHIN also.

MJ.Akbar and Shahid Siddiqui's well worn excuses of "lack of education blah blah" for their VIOLENT conduct is not true.

GOD BLESS Robert Spencer and Hugh Fitzgerald and kindred Americans endowed with razor sharp intellect who have LONG busted away such mendacious arguments.

Slaughtering of animals in one RUTHLESS stroke is what all muslims learn from a formative age at home.

SAATHVIK Hindus like Praveen Togadias CANNOT even conceive of co existence with such people leave alone a "peaceful" co existence.

And why is Narendra Modi so keen on distancing himself from Sri.Praveen Togadias and Sri.Giriraj Singhs??

Is power that heady and seductive he has been meeting USELESS kollybolly film stars instead .

Anonymous said...

I am so shocked beyond words listening to muslims like MJ.Akbar and many in BJP repeating "muslims have nothing to fear from Hindus".

The entire statement is outrageously FLAWED.

IT is ALWAYS the HINDUS who have been living in mortal dread within Bharath . The very establishment including the DANGEROUS appeaser mk.gandhi wrought HAVOC for us HINDUS by mollycoddling our very INIMICALS muslims. So why is Modi afraid to acknowledge this FACT.

Our very constitution is ROTTEN, It is heavily damaging to HINDUS. And favouring our INIMICALS calling it "secular" constitution.

And it is so saddening to see Modi also falling into the same trap of continuing the same precarious juggling act of appeasing muslims converted christians , dmk and dk anti HIndu pro muslim pro christian atheists , buddhists citing the same rotten ambedkar's constitution which is actually british. NOT VEDIC. NOT one that upholds HINDUS Commandments in Vedas.

No wonder the uber shrewd MJ.Akbar so facilely said he was impressed when after a bomb blast Modi scolded both hindus and muslims and voila he jumped over from congress to bjp:-((

HINDUS have every right to defend themselves , their Temples , their ways of living , culture , FOOD , COWS everything. The establishment is ANTI HINDU. The very establishment is anti RAM. And how could this over intelligent MJ.Akbar equate belligerent MURDEROUS muslims with HINDUS??

Swami Vivekananda called the mohammedan slaughter of HIndus the "worst HOLOCAUST of HINDUS". Sage Aurobindo also warned Hindus to give up this fetish for hindu-muslim bhai bhai. He pointed out without mincing words "how can HINDUS ever co exist with muslims".

Muslims in Army eating laddoos during Janmashtami , Indian Armymen eating cakes during Christmas is NOT secularism.On a day to day basis this is how, for centuries we HINDUS have been lulled into one protracted slothful somnolence. And practically everything belonging to us HINDUS have been usurped by our very INIMICAL adversaries.

Let secular shobhaa des , manirathnams , kamalhassans ALSO QUIT India along with muslims and christians. I have no problem. shobhaa des would not be missed.

Lots of countries are there that can accommodate these muslims. Having lots of mosques. Serving lots of mutton and non vegetarian food.dmk , dk , tr.balus , communists and their supporters OUGHT to leave as they are avowedly anti VEDIC anti RAM.

Ditto for converted christians. Lots and lots of churches are there outside India. UK with its PLUNDERED LOOT from India can look after their needs empowering them.

Once the burden is more than halved the very demand for petrol, cooking gas , water, unemployment problems all would come to an end.

Dalai Lama has often joined hands with one militant muslim and never hesitates to pontificate to HINDUS from foreign soil. His foreign jaunts are paid by HINDUS. Not Richard Geres and Deepak Chopras.

CHINA is spot on in its assessment of buddhist monks. And pristine LAND belonging to SIKHS of PUNJAB has been gobbled up by these dalai lama group.

MJ.Akbar says by giving "one computer and one quran in the hands of muslims by Modi" milk and honey is going to flow in indiAA.

ALREADY these muslims are very very computer savvy. Computers are not going to prevent slaughter of COWS.

Suddenly he plays around with words Temples are cultural issues...development is poll issue.
NOT AT ALL. Everything is SEAMLESS.

Anonymous said...

Both muslims and christians of India hurriedly recall their original "Hindu" ancestry whenever a few plucky HINDUS like express HONESTLY our desire for them to QUIT Bharath leaving us in PEACE.

If they are THAT knowledgeable about Hindu ancestry how come for centuries have NEVER given up slaughtering of cows and calves , beef export and consumption , razing down of Temples and annihilation of HINDUS calling them "kafirs" ?? Same for christians.

Evangelicals have long bared their agenda. That (sic) all the resources of this world belongs to them and shall never give up occupying under some pretext or another.

I did have high hopes about bjp. But when I saw worthless SCUM hemamalini being fielded and Modi himself rushing to campaign for this SCUM riding roughshod over grassroots HINDUS who OUGHT to have been nominated I stand disenchanted of this Modi.

Not just this SCUM. Other kollybolly opportunists SCUM like rajnikanths , vijais etc are being courted by this Modi. Rajnikanth is one big convictionless opportunist. He has always licked the posterior of dmk karunanidhi. Plus was an invited by pchidambaram along with lecherous kamalhassan for his narcissistic book release.

In Tamil Nadu. Thus disgracing ELECTED Chief Minister Jayalalithaa.

Now the same rajnikanths , vijais, vijaykanths, nagarjunas etc calculating modi side of bread has THICK margarine spread (forget BUTTER today everything is FAUX and FAKE)have been courting him.

This is NO Ram Rajya.

Lata Shenava said...

an excellent article in the midst of the partisan, west/christian engineered propaganda that is intended to make us believe that the only issue that dominates 1.2 billion people is the Gujarat 2002 riots. never mind that there were 11 riots before that when Congress was in power.

but they have succeeded because with social networking reigning supreme combined with a lack of critical inquiry/emotional intelligence, my children (the youth) and the corporate particularly the Hindus (whom Rajiv M calls - British Sepoys and Madhu Kishwar calls ' the new colonisers') are all swayed by AAP. this is what Joseph Campbell calls the demise of sacred and the celebration of the profane. the non-Hindu will of course vote for who his priest and Mullah will say. with an agenda driven by the west, AK appears attractive to our "secular' western educated youth (Macaulay putras) with no thought to how this party is going to govern this diverse country without any experience or wisdom.

Stephen covey calls this youthful invincibility, where only rights are talked about and responsibilities are completely ignored. the Arab spring fiasco should teach us revolutions are easy, governance is hard work. i can understand with the youth, ( was young and foolish too once) but our India shining is what amazes me.

​ during the wendy doniger episode our ' intellectuals' cried hoarse , but how about taking to the streets for Ward Churchill thrown out of Colorado Univ for subversive writings (a native American whose tribe and civilisation have been reduced to less than 5% of the population).

​today in my country i am the so-called majority, but i feel hugely discriminated by this ' bending backwards' and selective fighting for rights in India. this is going to divide us hugely whatever little there is left of.

the divide is not between the Muslim and the Hindu but a conspiracy where the Divide and Rule policy of the west that since the 11th century have embarked on for 2 primary reasons (for academic evidence read Rajiv malhotra- breaking India & S Gurumurthy's articles)
1. plundering the wealth of the colonies. China and we were approx 65% of the world's GDP in 1750 and in 1950 post-colonisation were decimated to 6 and 1.6% respectively)
2. religious evangelisation: somebody should check the next (the recent census- they will go as Dalits) census to find out how many states go the North-east, Assam, jharkand, Kerala Mangalore and many more Way.

Anonymous said...

It was Gujarat that sent one TOXIC APPEASER called mk.gandhi. It was the appeaser LIAR deceitful mk.gandhi who prevented Sri.Sardar Vallabhai Patel from becoming Prime Minister of India. He knew what a dirty rotten scoundrel nehru was including his muslim origins. As the appeaser gandhi could not make Jinnah the PM , he settled upon another characterless muslim nehru.

Sarojini Naidu was SPOT On when she said mk.gandhi did NOT undergo any pain /torture/incarceration in prison like GENUINE HINDU FREEDOM FIGHTERS. BUT the diabolical gandigiri gandi CRUELLY conned LOTS and LOTS of gullible HINDUS into facing baton blows , incarceration in prison VEER SAVARKAR and many more (Balbir Punj knows many of their names & how apathetic this sadistic mk.gandhi was) sent Bhagat Singh to the gallows ,having a gala time with many women calling it his "experiments with celibacy" blah blah and busy spinning some crochet blah blah to present to the queen of britain.

Now comes one more COLOSSALLY dangerous appeaser called Modi from Gujarat. We all KNOW how diabolical these muslims WITHIN and WITHOUT India are. Do they not hold quiz contests , rapid fire rounds while deciding to KILL people gathered in malls (Kenya), shobhaa de's mummmmmmmbai in reciting from their Quran...and asking for the name of their Prophet's (PBUH) mother etc. Thus KILLING all non muslims gathered.

So much so mamata banerjee another DANGEROUS APPEASER decreed all people of West Bengal should compulsorily read up and memorize muslims' texts ???

Anonymous said...

Art of living diabolical cultist "self pimping avatard" ( A BRILLIANT AMERICAN's quote) has been desperately lobbying for Nobel peace prize by egging on his demented followers to do all requisite string pulling. Very close to democrats in America.

He is one BIG EMBEZZLER of Indian Bank craftily sending some other people to jail for his fraudulent embezzling. Conned Vijay Mallya siphoning off lots of money from him for FREE calling it "charities". He is as diabolical as other tax free ngos within India. Full of LIES. And he is the mentor cum guru of Modi the appeaser.

No wonder this "avatard" ssssravishankar has tweeted calling Sri.Praveen Togadia (sic)"medieval". Incidentally shobhaa de ALSO likes this "avatard" very much. Over clever this sssravishankar is as he is close to congress , bjp and various sundry parties plus democrats full of obama mania.
Most IIT NRI anti AMERICAN jingoistic IDIOTS called indians worship this fraudulent sssssravishankar. No wonder Modi has been thundering with hubris "we will do this...we will do that....soooooperpower....."

Anonymous said...

Everyone cheered when Modi ridiculed Sunanda Shashi Tharoor's wife.

How could the same sanctimonious Modi be oblivious to this ROTTEN tambram SCUM hemamalini ??

At least Sunanda did not posture to be a vestal virgin hooohaaaa vegetarian i alone can play Mira remakes possible......

hemamalini is one big characterless SLUT. Already her illegitimate daughter(s) have joined her dynasty politics in Mathura campaigning for modi making all GULLIBLE IDIOTS of India fall at their feet garlanding them and drinking water from a pitcher held by this bollywood SLUT. G

GOD FORBID , should she get elected would be enjoying all FREE perks along with sachin tendulkars, Z+++++ Black Cat Commandoes protection.. Already has PURCHASED a HOUSE for herself in Mathura telling everyone she is (sic) "Laxmi" of Mathura's Krishna.

Sonia emerges a SAINT.

Anonymous said...

For the umpteenth time I am TIRED of hearing the same dirge from appeasers like modi and his brigade

" Shias are safer among indooooos...shias please come and co exist with us......".

SHIAS , SUNNIS , AHMEDIYAS , shabana azmis , javed akthars , amir khans , ghulam nabi azads , shah rukh khans, farhan akthars , mahesh bhatts, aliya bhatts et etc PLEASE GET OUT of HINDUS' BHARATH.

Please sort out your squabbles in SAUDI ARABIA , NIGERIA , UK , IRAQ and IRAN...Egypt , Turkey, are spread all over. No more unemployment , no more reservations and quotas.....

As a HINDU who wholeheartedly supports VHP and Sri.Praveen Togadia , I beseech you to GET OUT of MY BHARATH.

This way PEACE is ENSURED for us HINDUS and you muslims bound by your Ummah. You are MOST welcome to take hemamalinis , kamalhassans, shobhaa des and lots of kollybolly womenfolk who simply cannot survive without you muslims.
Take modi the appeaser if you so desire.