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Sunday, November 23, 2014

My letter to the Times Lit Fest

Dear Bachi, 

I am sorry that you didn't reply to my sms query or to my earlier requests for a programme schedule. 

It is your Life Fest and the guest list is your undeniable prerogative. I can only choose to voice a small ethical concern by choosing to stay away. Thank you for inviting me to Mumbai but I feel I will be a misfit in such a Festival. 

My apologies for accepting the invitation and then changing my mind. 

With regards.



Jitendra Desai said...

May be on the blog you could have placed the PS giving more details about this "invite" for your regular readers.

Rajendraprasada Reddy said...

Mr.Dasgupta is correct. Ofcourse Times of India is not a left leaning newspaper like The Hindu. But Swapan concerns are important.

Anonymous said...

Great stand Swapan, I salute you for standing for the moral values.

Krishna said...

Dear Sir

Kudos for taking a stand in this matter.

I have long followed your column(s) and have admired you as among the most articulate and (not the same thing!) sensible journalists currently active.

Now I am also an admirer of the man behind the columns.

Krishnamoorthy V. Iyer
Ph.D candidate
Electrical Engineering, IIT Bombay

subhasis ghosh said...

No right thinking person would have been comfortable in a programme that included Tarun Tejpal. Correct decision by Mr,Dasgupta to stay away.